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Pincodes of Pilibhit

Pilibhit Pincodes: Discover the comprehensive list of Pilibhit’s postal codes for effortless navigation in this vibrant city. Explore the diverse range of pin codes covering every nook and cranny, facilitating precise location identification for deliveries, services, and navigation. From the bustling urban centers to serene outskirts, access the vital information you need with ease. Simplify your searches, expedite deliveries, and ensure accurate addressing through our meticulously curated database of Pilibhit’s pin codes. Find what you seek effortlessly, making every postal transaction seamless and efficient within Pilibhit’s expansive territory.

Pilibhit Pincodes

Here is a list of Pilibhit Pincodes

1Abhaipur262122PilibhitUttar Pradesh
2Ahirwara262201PilibhitUttar Pradesh
3Amaria262121PilibhitUttar Pradesh
4Amkhera262203PilibhitUttar Pradesh
5Amra Karoor262201PilibhitUttar Pradesh
6Amrita262201PilibhitUttar Pradesh
7Azampur Barkhera262201PilibhitUttar Pradesh
8Bahadurpur262203PilibhitUttar Pradesh
9Bahanpur262001PilibhitUttar Pradesh
10Bakania262202PilibhitUttar Pradesh
11Bamrauli262202PilibhitUttar Pradesh
12Banskhera262121PilibhitUttar Pradesh
13Baratbhoj262001PilibhitUttar Pradesh
14Barehpura262121PilibhitUttar Pradesh
15Barhera262201PilibhitUttar Pradesh
16Barkhera262203PilibhitUttar Pradesh
17Barkhera Chaturaha262201PilibhitUttar Pradesh
18Bauni262201PilibhitUttar Pradesh
19Behtim262202PilibhitUttar Pradesh
20Bhaden Kanja262202PilibhitUttar Pradesh
21Bhadsara262121PilibhitUttar Pradesh
22Bhagwantapur262122PilibhitUttar Pradesh
23Bhairo Kalan262122PilibhitUttar Pradesh
24Bhikaripur262001PilibhitUttar Pradesh
25Bhopatpura262203PilibhitUttar Pradesh
26Bifarcation262122PilibhitUttar Pradesh
27Bilsanda262202PilibhitUttar Pradesh
28Bisalpur262201PilibhitUttar Pradesh
29Bithora Kalan262001PilibhitUttar Pradesh
30Chandia Hazara262122PilibhitUttar Pradesh
31Chandoi262001PilibhitUttar Pradesh
32Chandpura262201PilibhitUttar Pradesh
33Chandupur262124PilibhitUttar Pradesh
34Churra262201PilibhitUttar Pradesh
35Dalelganj262001PilibhitUttar Pradesh
36Dang262001PilibhitUttar Pradesh
37Daulatpur262203PilibhitUttar Pradesh
38Deohana262201PilibhitUttar Pradesh
39Deoria Kalan262201PilibhitUttar Pradesh
40Dhakia262201PilibhitUttar Pradesh
41Dhuria Palia262122PilibhitUttar Pradesh
42Dudhia Khurd262122PilibhitUttar Pradesh
43Dunidam262302PilibhitUttar Pradesh
44Gajraula Kalan262001PilibhitUttar Pradesh
45Ganesh Ganj262001PilibhitUttar Pradesh
46Gehluiya262001PilibhitUttar Pradesh
47Ghajhera262201PilibhitUttar Pradesh
48Ghatampur262122PilibhitUttar Pradesh
49Ghungchai262122PilibhitUttar Pradesh
50Gobhia Sarai262122PilibhitUttar Pradesh
51Gulabtanda262122PilibhitUttar Pradesh
52Harrai262202PilibhitUttar Pradesh
53Harraipur262121PilibhitUttar Pradesh
54Imalia Gangi262201PilibhitUttar Pradesh
55Intgoan262201PilibhitUttar Pradesh
56Jahanabad262001PilibhitUttar Pradesh
57Jaitpur262001PilibhitUttar Pradesh
58Jallapur262201PilibhitUttar Pradesh
59Jamunia262124PilibhitUttar Pradesh
60Jatpura262001PilibhitUttar Pradesh
61Jeorah Kalyanpur262203PilibhitUttar Pradesh
62Jogither262203PilibhitUttar Pradesh
63Kadherchaura262122PilibhitUttar Pradesh
64Kali Nagar262124PilibhitUttar Pradesh
65Kalyanpur Khas262001PilibhitUttar Pradesh
66Kanakore262001PilibhitUttar Pradesh
67Kareli262202PilibhitUttar Pradesh
68Kargaina262121PilibhitUttar Pradesh
69Karnapur262122PilibhitUttar Pradesh
70Karrkhera262201PilibhitUttar Pradesh
71Karunapur Karoor262203PilibhitUttar Pradesh
72Kasganja262122PilibhitUttar Pradesh
73Katra Bazar262201PilibhitUttar Pradesh
74Kesarpur Saidpur243123PilibhitUttar Pradesh
75Khajuria Pachpera262203PilibhitUttar Pradesh
76Khakra262001PilibhitUttar Pradesh
77Khamaria Pull262001PilibhitUttar Pradesh
78Khandepur262201PilibhitUttar Pradesh
79Khundara262001PilibhitUttar Pradesh
80Kishni262201PilibhitUttar Pradesh
81Kumirkha262201PilibhitUttar Pradesh
82Lalauri Khera262001PilibhitUttar Pradesh
83Lalpur262001PilibhitUttar Pradesh
84Luhicha262201PilibhitUttar Pradesh
85Madhopur262201PilibhitUttar Pradesh
86Madhotanda262122PilibhitUttar Pradesh
87Madhupuri262203PilibhitUttar Pradesh
88Majhola262302PilibhitUttar Pradesh
89Maktul262001PilibhitUttar Pradesh
90Mala Colony262001PilibhitUttar Pradesh
91Meerpur Bahanpur262201PilibhitUttar Pradesh
92Meerpur Hamirpur262202PilibhitUttar Pradesh
93Mohammadpur Bhanja262201PilibhitUttar Pradesh
94Mudia Hulas262203PilibhitUttar Pradesh
95Mundalia262121PilibhitUttar Pradesh
96Narainpur262203PilibhitUttar Pradesh
97Naugawan Santosh262201PilibhitUttar Pradesh
98Naujalia Nakatia262122PilibhitUttar Pradesh
99Neoria262305PilibhitUttar Pradesh
100Neoria Mobile262305PilibhitUttar Pradesh
101Nizamdandi262001PilibhitUttar Pradesh
102Paharganj262201PilibhitUttar Pradesh
103Pandari262305PilibhitUttar Pradesh
104Pania Ramkishan262203PilibhitUttar Pradesh
105Parasi Ramkishan262203PilibhitUttar Pradesh
106Parewa Vaish262121PilibhitUttar Pradesh
107Parsia262203PilibhitUttar Pradesh
108Pauta Kalan262203PilibhitUttar Pradesh
109Pilibhit262001PilibhitUttar Pradesh
110Pilibhit Chowk ndedso262001PilibhitUttar Pradesh
111Pilibhit City262001PilibhitUttar Pradesh
112Pilibhit Kutchery262001PilibhitUttar Pradesh
113Pipalia262121PilibhitUttar Pradesh
114Piparia Agroo262001PilibhitUttar Pradesh
115Piperia Dulai262122PilibhitUttar Pradesh
116Piperia Mundan262203PilibhitUttar Pradesh
117Piperia Santosh262124PilibhitUttar Pradesh
118Pooranpur262122PilibhitUttar Pradesh
119Ram Nagar jagatpur262203PilibhitUttar Pradesh
120Ramnagra Colony262122PilibhitUttar Pradesh
121Rampura Fakire262122PilibhitUttar Pradesh
122Ranth262202PilibhitUttar Pradesh
123Rasiayankhanpur262201PilibhitUttar Pradesh
124Richhaula262001PilibhitUttar Pradesh
125Rohania262201PilibhitUttar Pradesh
126Roopur Kamaloo262001PilibhitUttar Pradesh
127Rudrapur262122PilibhitUttar Pradesh
128Sabalpur262122PilibhitUttar Pradesh
129Sakhaula262001PilibhitUttar Pradesh
130Sarauri262001PilibhitUttar Pradesh
131Sardar Nagar262001PilibhitUttar Pradesh
132Sehpura262203PilibhitUttar Pradesh
133Shahgarh262122PilibhitUttar Pradesh
134Shahi262001PilibhitUttar Pradesh
135Sherpur262122PilibhitUttar Pradesh
136Shivnagar262122PilibhitUttar Pradesh
137Simra Akbar ganj262203PilibhitUttar Pradesh
138Station Road pilibhit262001PilibhitUttar Pradesh
139Suhas262001PilibhitUttar Pradesh
140Sunpahar262302PilibhitUttar Pradesh
141Tirkunia262121PilibhitUttar Pradesh
142Udaikaranpur262122PilibhitUttar Pradesh

About Pilibhit

Pilibhit, a city in Uttar Pradesh’s Pilibhit district, lies in the northernmost part of Bareilly division within the Rohilkhand region. Nestled along the edge of the sub-Himalayan Plateau near the Sivalik Range and Nepal’s border, it boasts the Gomati River’s origin and abundant forests, marking it as one of North India’s richest forested zones. Revered as Bansuri Nagari, or the land of flutes, Pilibhit was historically renowned for crafting and exporting around 95% of India’s flutes, adding to its cultural and economic significance.


The Pilibhit forests, known for their diverse wildlife including tigers, bears, and various bird species, became a sanctuary for endangered cats with a proposal initiated in 2005. This proposal, forwarded to the Indian government in April 2008, led to its official declaration as a habitat for these cats in September 2008. The area’s unique ecosystem, characterized by expansive open spaces and abundant prey, facilitated this designation. Local lore intertwines with history, as tales link Pilibhit to the reign of King Mayurdhwaj or Moredhwaj, a devout follower of Lord Krishna and a trusted ally of Arjun, echoing his presence in the ancient Hindu epic, Mahabharata.


As of the 2011 India census, Pilibhit District housed 2,037,225 people, ranking 46th in Uttar Pradesh. Pilibhit City held 197,455 individuals, with 52.94% males and 47.06% females. Its 63.58% literacy rate, below the national average, saw male literacy at 73.46% and female at 52.43%. Around 14.58% were under 6 years old. Poverty levels in Pilibhit relate to social identity, livelihood sources, land ownership, and education levels. A study by NGO Nav Bharat Nirman found a strong link between education and poverty, notably affecting scheduled castes and tribes, where SC households below the poverty line decreased from 60% in 1999–2000 to 45.23% in 2007–08.


Pilibhit, nestled between 28°64′ and 29°53′ north latitude and 79°57′ to 81°37′ east longitude, spans 68.76 km². Its northern border meets Udham Singh Nagar of Uttarakhand and Nepal, while Shahjahanpur lies south. Lakhimpur Kheri briefly flanks its east, enveloped further by Shahjahanpur, while its western edge connects with Bareilly. As of 2007, the district covered 3504 km², ranking 46th in the state, while Pilibhit city itself spans 68.76 km². The city, with 2365.11 people per km², boasts a higher density compared to the district’s average of 469.51 people per km² according to the Central Statistical Organisation.


Pilibhit thrives on sugarcane cultivation, hosting a sugar factory as its nucleus. Renowned for flute craftsmanship, it was once a hub for 95% of India’s flutes, primarily using bamboo sourced from Assam’s Barak Valley. Previously, a direct narrow-gauge line connected Assam to Pilibhit, transporting 10-ft bamboo stalks effortlessly. However, changes dismantled sections of this line, rerouting bamboo through a complex journey: from Silchar to Jiribum via narrow and broad-gauge lines to Bareilly, before reloading onto narrow gauge for the final stretch into Pilibhit. Despite obstacles, the artistry and agricultural essence persist in this industrious district.


Why is Pilibhit so famous?

Pilibhit, aka Bansuri Nagari, was famed for crafting and exporting 95% of India's flutes. This article includes Indic text showcasing its rich flute-making heritage.

What is the Pilibhit story?

The film delves into village life near Pilibhit Tiger Reserve, showcasing real struggles. It unveils impoverished villagers' sacrifice of elders to tigers, aiming for government compensation.

Why is Pilibhit famous for flute?

Pilibhit thrives for its exceptional bamboo flutes—crafted predominantly by skilled Muslim artisans—showcasing a range from straight-blow to side-blown varieties, revered for their top-notch quality and craftsmanship.

What is the nature of Pilibhit?

The habitat boasts Saal Forests, expansive grasslands, and marshes nourished by river floods. The reserve's edge is marked by the 22 km (14 mi) Sharda Sagar Dam.

Which religion is practiced in Pilibhit district?

Hinduism comprises 60.83% (77,855) of the population, followed by Muslims at 36.62% (46,873), with Christians, Sikhs, and others forming smaller percentages in this demographic distribution.