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Pincodes of Rampur

Located in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, the historic city of Rampur is home to numerous localities. If you’re looking for their postal index numbers (PIN codes), look no further than our Rampur Pincodes directory. Rampur is renowned for its historical significance, magnificent architecture, and rich cultural legacy. In order to efficiently sort and deliver mail and packages, PIN codes are essential to the postal service. Every community in Rampur has its own PIN code, which makes it possible for postal services to precisely route and deliver mail to the correct destinations. Ensuring that your mail arrives on time requires that you use the correct PIN code.

Rampur Pincodes

Here is a list of Rampur Pincodes

1Aghapur244901RampurUttar Pradesh
2Ahmad Nagar kalan244927RampurUttar Pradesh
3Ahor244921RampurUttar Pradesh
4Ajit Pur244901RampurUttar Pradesh
5Anwaria Talibabad244921RampurUttar Pradesh
6Azim Nagar244927RampurUttar Pradesh
7Babura243701RampurUttar Pradesh
8Bakania244901RampurUttar Pradesh
9Bara Gaon244922RampurUttar Pradesh
10Bara Khas244901RampurUttar Pradesh
11Begamabad244921RampurUttar Pradesh
12Benazir244901RampurUttar Pradesh
13Bhainsori243701RampurUttar Pradesh
14Bhansia Jawalapuri244921RampurUttar Pradesh
15Bhawani Nagar244924RampurUttar Pradesh
16Bhonrka243701RampurUttar Pradesh
17Bhot244901RampurUttar Pradesh
18Bhot Baqqal244924RampurUttar Pradesh
19Bilaspur244921RampurUttar Pradesh
20Bilaspur Chini mill244923RampurUttar Pradesh
21C & m store244901RampurUttar Pradesh
22C.R.p. hq244901RampurUttar Pradesh
23Chamroa244901RampurUttar Pradesh
24Chandain244923RampurUttar Pradesh
25Chandela244921RampurUttar Pradesh
26Chikti Ramnagar244901RampurUttar Pradesh
27Civil Line rampur244901RampurUttar Pradesh
28Daryal244925RampurUttar Pradesh
29Deorania244927RampurUttar Pradesh
30Dhakia244922RampurUttar Pradesh
31Dhamorah243702RampurUttar Pradesh
32Dhaneli Uttari243701RampurUttar Pradesh
33Dhanupura244925RampurUttar Pradesh
34Dheeraj Nagar244925RampurUttar Pradesh
35Doondawala244924RampurUttar Pradesh
36Gangapur Purvi243701RampurUttar Pradesh
37Ghrampur Narendrapur244922RampurUttar Pradesh
38Godhi244923RampurUttar Pradesh
39Hamidabad244921RampurUttar Pradesh
40Hamirpur244927RampurUttar Pradesh
41Ialam Ganj244901RampurUttar Pradesh
42Ishanagar244921RampurUttar Pradesh
43Jiwai Kadim243701RampurUttar Pradesh
44Juthia244901RampurUttar Pradesh
45Jwala Nagar244901RampurUttar Pradesh
46Kakrawa244901RampurUttar Pradesh
47Kashipur244927RampurUttar Pradesh
48Kaushal Ganj244923RampurUttar Pradesh
49Kemri244901RampurUttar Pradesh
50Keorar243701RampurUttar Pradesh
51Kerenthi244922RampurUttar Pradesh
52Khamaria243701RampurUttar Pradesh
53Khandia244921RampurUttar Pradesh
54Khempur244924RampurUttar Pradesh
55Khod244927RampurUttar Pradesh
56Khod Sharif244924RampurUttar Pradesh
57Khusro Bag244901RampurUttar Pradesh
58Kira244901RampurUttar Pradesh
59Kiramcha243701RampurUttar Pradesh
60Koila244901RampurUttar Pradesh
61Koop243701RampurUttar Pradesh
62Kunwarpur244924RampurUttar Pradesh
63Lalpur Kalan244927RampurUttar Pradesh
64Lambakhera244925RampurUttar Pradesh
65Loha243701RampurUttar Pradesh
66M.B.rampur244901RampurUttar Pradesh
67Madhauli244901RampurUttar Pradesh
68Madhukar244922RampurUttar Pradesh
69Mahu Nagar244901RampurUttar Pradesh
70Mankara243701RampurUttar Pradesh
71Manpur244925RampurUttar Pradesh
72Maswasi244924RampurUttar Pradesh
73Mathuraour244901RampurUttar Pradesh
74Matkhera244921RampurUttar Pradesh
75Meerapur Meerganj244924RampurUttar Pradesh
76Meston Ganj244901RampurUttar Pradesh
77Mewla Kalan244925RampurUttar Pradesh
78Milak243701RampurUttar Pradesh
79Milak Khanam244921RampurUttar Pradesh
80Modipur244926RampurUttar Pradesh
81Mulla Khera244921RampurUttar Pradesh
82Mursaina244927RampurUttar Pradesh
83Naglia Aqil244927RampurUttar Pradesh
84Nanka Rani244924RampurUttar Pradesh
85Nankar244901RampurUttar Pradesh
86Narkhera244901RampurUttar Pradesh
87Nawabganj244921RampurUttar Pradesh
88Nipania244901RampurUttar Pradesh
89Paigamberpur244921RampurUttar Pradesh
90Panwaria244923RampurUttar Pradesh
91Param243701RampurUttar Pradesh
92Parshupura243701RampurUttar Pradesh
93Patti Basantpur243701RampurUttar Pradesh
94Patwai244901RampurUttar Pradesh
95Piagamberpur244924RampurUttar Pradesh
96Pipali Nayak244925RampurUttar Pradesh
97Pipalia Gopal244921RampurUttar Pradesh
98Punjab Nagar244901RampurUttar Pradesh
99Purana Ganj244901RampurUttar Pradesh
100Puswara244924RampurUttar Pradesh
101Ramnagar Latifpur244925RampurUttar Pradesh
102Rampur244901RampurUttar Pradesh
103Rampur Buzurg244923RampurUttar Pradesh
104Rampur Chowk244901RampurUttar Pradesh
105Rampur City244901RampurUttar Pradesh
106Rampur Distilliry244901RampurUttar Pradesh
107Rampur Secretariate244901RampurUttar Pradesh
108Rasdandia244921RampurUttar Pradesh
109Ratanpura244921RampurUttar Pradesh
110Rathonda243701RampurUttar Pradesh
111Rawana244922RampurUttar Pradesh
112Rawari Kalan244901RampurUttar Pradesh
113Rehmatganj244924RampurUttar Pradesh
114Roshan Bag road244901RampurUttar Pradesh
115Said Nagar244927RampurUttar Pradesh
116Saifni202417RampurUttar Pradesh
117Samodia244924RampurUttar Pradesh
118Shahabad244922RampurUttar Pradesh
119Silai Bara gaon243701RampurUttar Pradesh
120Simaria244921RampurUttar Pradesh
121Singhankhera244927RampurUttar Pradesh
122Suar244924RampurUttar Pradesh
123Swarg Farm244923RampurUttar Pradesh
124Tanda244922RampurUttar Pradesh
125Tanda Badli244925RampurUttar Pradesh
126Tehsil Rampur244901RampurUttar Pradesh
127Udmawala244925RampurUttar Pradesh
128Unchagaon244922RampurUttar Pradesh

About Rampur

Rampur district, situated in Uttar Pradesh, India, has Rampur town as its administrative center. It falls under the Moradabad division and spans an area of 2,367 square kilometers.


Rampur’s history is woven with tales of valor and cultural splendor. Established as a princely state in the 18th century, it was ruled by Nawabs known for their patronage of art, music, and education. Under Nawab Faizullah Khan’s reign, Rampur flourished as a hub of learning, fostering libraries and institutions that enriched knowledge. The British Raj recognized Rampur’s significance and its independent status. Post-independence, it merged into the Indian Union. Known for its rich heritage in music, Rampur stands renowned for the Gharana tradition, a distinct style of classical music nurtured by its rulers. Today, Rampur embraces its historical legacy, preserving its cultural treasures and continuing to be a vibrant center of art and tradition in Uttar Pradesh, India.


Rampur boasts diverse geography. The district rests amidst the lush plains of northern India, embraced by the Himalayan foothills. Rivers like the Kosi and the Ganges flow nearby, nurturing fertile lands ideal for agriculture. Its landscape unfolds with fields of sugarcane, wheat, and vegetables, contributing to the region’s agricultural prosperity. Rampur experiences a typical North Indian climate, with hot summers and cool winters. The district’s natural beauty is accentuated by its proximity to the Shivalik ranges, offering picturesque vistas. This diverse geography not only shapes Rampur’s identity but also sustains its agricultural richness, making it a vibrant part of the Uttar Pradesh landscape.


Rampur’s economy thrives on agriculture, industries, and trade. The fertile lands support farming, with crops like sugarcane, wheat, and vegetables being grown extensively. This agricultural richness provides livelihoods for many in the region. Rampur also hosts industries such as sugar mills, textile manufacturing, and small-scale enterprises, offering employment opportunities to locals.

Trade plays a significant role, with the district acting as a center for commercial activities. Its strategic location fosters trade connections, enabling the exchange of goods and services. Additionally, Rampur’s historical significance and cultural heritage attract tourists, contributing to its economy through tourism-related activities.

Overall, Rampur sustains a mixed economy, relying on agriculture, industries, trade, and tourism as pillars of its financial growth and development.


As per the 2011 Census of India, Rampur district recorded a population of 2,335,819, ranking 194th among India’s 640 districts, with a population density of 987 individuals per square kilometer. The sex ratio stood at 905 females for every 1000 males, and the literacy rate was 75.08%, with 25.20% residing in urban areas.

Islam is the primary religion in Rampur, with three out of five tehsils having a Muslim majority and one with a Muslim plurality. Hindus constitute the majority in rural regions, contrasting with Muslims predominantly residing in urban areas. Sikhs form a notable minority in Bilaspur and Suar tehsils, while Christians represent a smaller minority, mainly concentrated in Rampur city.

Regarding language, 73.85% spoke Hindi, 23.04% Urdu, and 2.54% Punjabi as their first language. Additionally, some Bengali speakers in Bilaspur tehsil originate from Partition refugee settlements in the district.



Is Rampur is a district?

Yes, Rampur is a district in the state of Uttar Pradesh, India. It is one of the administrative divisions of Uttar Pradesh and serves as both a town and the headquarters of the Rampur district.

What is the old name of Rampur?

The old name of Rampur was "Kushwaha Nagar" or "Kush Nagar." It was later renamed Rampur when it became a princely state under Nawab Faizullah Khan in the 18th century.

What language is spoken in Rampur?

In Rampur, the predominant language spoken is Hindi. However, Urdu and Punjabi are also spoken by certain sections of the population, reflecting the diverse linguistic landscape of the region.

What is Rampur District famous for?

Rampur District is renowned for its rich cultural heritage, especially its association with classical music through the Rampur-Sahaswan gharana. It's celebrated for its craftsmanship in metalwork and jewelry. Agriculturally, it stands out for sugarcane cultivation, and historically, it hosts significant architectural sites, attracting tourists and history enthusiasts alike.

What is the famous dish of Rampur?

Rampuri cuisine is renowned for its flavorful and aromatic dishes. One of the most famous dishes from Rampur is "Rampuri Korma." It's a rich, slow-cooked meat dish prepared with a blend of spices and a unique combination of flavors that make it a culinary delight in the region.