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Pincodes of Ratlam

Ratlam, located in the northwestern part of the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, is known for its rich history and cultural heritage. It’s a significant industrial and commercial hub, famous for its gold jewelry, Ratlami sev (a spicy snack), and other local handicrafts. The city is well-connected by rail and road, making it an accessible destination. Ratlam is also recognized for its diverse population and vibrant festivals. Regarding administrative convenience, the city and its surrounding areas are divided into various sectors, each with a unique pincode. These Ratlam pincodes help in efficient postal service and ease of location identification.

Ratlam Pincodes

Here is a list of Ratlam Pincodes

No.LocationPincode District State
1Aamba457550RatlamMadhya Pradesh
2Advania457550RatlamMadhya Pradesh
3Alote457114RatlamMadhya Pradesh
4Alote Naya bzr457114RatlamMadhya Pradesh
5Alote R.s.457114RatlamMadhya Pradesh
6Amargarh457550RatlamMadhya Pradesh
7Amarpurkala457555RatlamMadhya Pradesh
8Ambapada457550RatlamMadhya Pradesh
9Amleta457222RatlamMadhya Pradesh
10Asawati457336RatlamMadhya Pradesh
11Bajna457555RatlamMadhya Pradesh
12Bajranggarh457555RatlamMadhya Pradesh
13Bangrod457111RatlamMadhya Pradesh
14Banjli457001RatlamMadhya Pradesh
15Banwada457336RatlamMadhya Pradesh
16Barawada457227RatlamMadhya Pradesh
17Baraylamataji457331RatlamMadhya Pradesh
18Barbodna457887RatlamMadhya Pradesh
19Bardiagoyal457118RatlamMadhya Pradesh
20Barkhedakalan457114RatlamMadhya Pradesh
21Baroda457222RatlamMadhya Pradesh
22Basindra457001RatlamMadhya Pradesh
23Bhadankala457555RatlamMadhya Pradesh
24Bhadwasa457222RatlamMadhya Pradesh
25Bhatibarodia457001RatlamMadhya Pradesh
26Bhim457114RatlamMadhya Pradesh
27Bhojakhedi457114RatlamMadhya Pradesh
28Bhutia457118RatlamMadhya Pradesh
29Bibrod457001RatlamMadhya Pradesh
30Bildi457001RatlamMadhya Pradesh
31Bilpank457441RatlamMadhya Pradesh
32Birmawal457441RatlamMadhya Pradesh
33Bodina457550RatlamMadhya Pradesh
34Borkheda457331RatlamMadhya Pradesh
35Chandragarh457555RatlamMadhya Pradesh
36Chhaoni Dodia457555RatlamMadhya Pradesh
37Chiklana457339RatlamMadhya Pradesh
38Chourasi Barayla457226RatlamMadhya Pradesh
39Dantodia457441RatlamMadhya Pradesh
40Devla457001RatlamMadhya Pradesh
41Devli457555RatlamMadhya Pradesh
42Dhamedi457331RatlamMadhya Pradesh
43Dhamnod457001RatlamMadhya Pradesh
44Dhanasuta457001RatlamMadhya Pradesh
45Dharad457441RatlamMadhya Pradesh
46Dhaturia457114RatlamMadhya Pradesh
47Dhikwa457441RatlamMadhya Pradesh
48Dhodhar Rs457339RatlamMadhya Pradesh
49Dhodharmalwa457339RatlamMadhya Pradesh
50Dhonswas457222RatlamMadhya Pradesh
51Dilipnagar457001RatlamMadhya Pradesh
52Gadhigamna457555RatlamMadhya Pradesh
53Ghatalia457001RatlamMadhya Pradesh
54Gondishankar457336RatlamMadhya Pradesh
55Guderkheda457331RatlamMadhya Pradesh
56Gulbalod457118RatlamMadhya Pradesh
57Gunawad457222RatlamMadhya Pradesh
58Harthali457001RatlamMadhya Pradesh
59Hasanpalia457222RatlamMadhya Pradesh
60Hatnara457331RatlamMadhya Pradesh
61Hatpiplia457118RatlamMadhya Pradesh
62Husaintekri457226RatlamMadhya Pradesh
63Isarthuni457001RatlamMadhya Pradesh
64Itawakalan457441RatlamMadhya Pradesh
65Itawakhurd457001RatlamMadhya Pradesh
66Jadwasa457339RatlamMadhya Pradesh
67Jadwasakalan457001RatlamMadhya Pradesh
68Jambukhadan457555RatlamMadhya Pradesh
69Jamuniashankar457118RatlamMadhya Pradesh
70Jaora457226RatlamMadhya Pradesh
71Jaora Choupati457226RatlamMadhya Pradesh
72Jaora Kutchery457226RatlamMadhya Pradesh
73Jaora N.chowk457226RatlamMadhya Pradesh
74Jaora Tower457226RatlamMadhya Pradesh
75Jhalwa457226RatlamMadhya Pradesh
76Kalalia457336RatlamMadhya Pradesh
77Kalukheda457339RatlamMadhya Pradesh
78Kanadia457114RatlamMadhya Pradesh
79Kanderwasa457222RatlamMadhya Pradesh
80Kaneri457001RatlamMadhya Pradesh
81Kangsi457001RatlamMadhya Pradesh
82Karadia457118RatlamMadhya Pradesh
83Karia457550RatlamMadhya Pradesh
84Karwakhedi457118RatlamMadhya Pradesh
85Kasari457114RatlamMadhya Pradesh
86Kelkachh457555RatlamMadhya Pradesh
87Khajuri Devda457114RatlamMadhya Pradesh
88Kharuakhurd457118RatlamMadhya Pradesh
89Kharwakalan457114RatlamMadhya Pradesh
90Kherda457555RatlamMadhya Pradesh
91Khokhra457550RatlamMadhya Pradesh
92Kunda457550RatlamMadhya Pradesh
93Lalakheda457226RatlamMadhya Pradesh
94Lasudia457226RatlamMadhya Pradesh
95Lasudia Surajmal457114RatlamMadhya Pradesh
96Lodh457118RatlamMadhya Pradesh
97Luhari457226RatlamMadhya Pradesh
98Lunera457001RatlamMadhya Pradesh
99Luni457114RatlamMadhya Pradesh
100Madhopur457118RatlamMadhya Pradesh
101Malwasa457001RatlamMadhya Pradesh
102Malwasi457001RatlamMadhya Pradesh
103Mamatkheda457226RatlamMadhya Pradesh
104Mandawal457114RatlamMadhya Pradesh
105Mandvi457336RatlamMadhya Pradesh
106Mangrol457441RatlamMadhya Pradesh
107Maota457333RatlamMadhya Pradesh
108Martandganj457336RatlamMadhya Pradesh
109Maukhedi457333RatlamMadhya Pradesh
110Minaoda457114RatlamMadhya Pradesh
111Moriya457339RatlamMadhya Pradesh
112Mundlakala457118RatlamMadhya Pradesh
113Mundlaram457226RatlamMadhya Pradesh
114Mundri457001RatlamMadhya Pradesh
115Nagra457001RatlamMadhya Pradesh
116Namli457222RatlamMadhya Pradesh
117Nandleta457331RatlamMadhya Pradesh
118Naugawa457001RatlamMadhya Pradesh
119Naveli457333RatlamMadhya Pradesh
120Nayan457001RatlamMadhya Pradesh
121Neharda457222RatlamMadhya Pradesh
122Nipania Lila457114RatlamMadhya Pradesh
123Palas457001RatlamMadhya Pradesh
124Palduna457222RatlamMadhya Pradesh
125Palsoda457001RatlamMadhya Pradesh
126Palsodi457001RatlamMadhya Pradesh
127Panched457222RatlamMadhya Pradesh
128Panchewa457333RatlamMadhya Pradesh
129Panthpiploda457118RatlamMadhya Pradesh
130Patan457114RatlamMadhya Pradesh
131Pingrala457339RatlamMadhya Pradesh
132Pipalkhunta457001RatlamMadhya Pradesh
133Piplia Jodha457339RatlamMadhya Pradesh
134Piplia Sisodia457114RatlamMadhya Pradesh
135Piploda457331RatlamMadhya Pradesh
136Pritamnagar457441RatlamMadhya Pradesh
137Rajapuramataji457555RatlamMadhya Pradesh
138Ranayra457333RatlamMadhya Pradesh
139Ranigaon457333RatlamMadhya Pradesh
140Ranisingh457001RatlamMadhya Pradesh
141Raoti457769RatlamMadhya Pradesh
142Ratlam457001RatlamMadhya Pradesh
143Ratlam City457001RatlamMadhya Pradesh
144Ratlam Collectorate457001RatlamMadhya Pradesh
145Ratlam Ghatla colony457001RatlamMadhya Pradesh
146Ratlam Ind.area457001RatlamMadhya Pradesh
147Ratlam Jawahar nagar457001RatlamMadhya Pradesh
148Ratlam Kasara bazar457001RatlamMadhya Pradesh
149Ratlam Naharpura457001RatlamMadhya Pradesh
150Ratlam Rly colony457001RatlamMadhya Pradesh
151Ratlam Stn.road457001RatlamMadhya Pradesh
152Ratlam Surajpole457001RatlamMadhya Pradesh
153Rattagarh457441RatlamMadhya Pradesh
154Rewas457226RatlamMadhya Pradesh
155Richha457114RatlamMadhya Pradesh
156Ringnod457336RatlamMadhya Pradesh
157Riyawan457333RatlamMadhya Pradesh
158Rojana457226RatlamMadhya Pradesh
159Rola457336RatlamMadhya Pradesh
160Sailana457550RatlamMadhya Pradesh
161Sakraoda457550RatlamMadhya Pradesh
162Sarsi457226RatlamMadhya Pradesh
163Sarwad457441RatlamMadhya Pradesh
164Sarwan457551RatlamMadhya Pradesh
165Sejawata457001RatlamMadhya Pradesh
166Semlia457222RatlamMadhya Pradesh
167Sherpur457331RatlamMadhya Pradesh
168Sherpurkhurd457114RatlamMadhya Pradesh
169Shivgarh457001RatlamMadhya Pradesh
170Shivpur457001RatlamMadhya Pradesh
171Simlaoda457441RatlamMadhya Pradesh
172Sujapur457333RatlamMadhya Pradesh
173Sukheda457333RatlamMadhya Pradesh
174Tal457118RatlamMadhya Pradesh
175Talidana457339RatlamMadhya Pradesh
176Talod457114RatlamMadhya Pradesh
177Tambolia457001RatlamMadhya Pradesh
178Thikria457555RatlamMadhya Pradesh
179Thumbguradia457114RatlamMadhya Pradesh
180Titari457001RatlamMadhya Pradesh
181Umar457001RatlamMadhya Pradesh
182Uparwada457226RatlamMadhya Pradesh
183Uplai457226RatlamMadhya Pradesh
184Vikramgarh457114RatlamMadhya Pradesh

About Ratlam

The Ratlam District, situated in the central region of Madhya Pradesh, India, has its administrative center in the town of Ratlam.


Formed after India’s independence in 1947, Ratlam District was primarily established from the territories of the princely states of Ratlam and Sailana. The rulers of these states were descendants of Maharaja Ratan Singh Rathore. Additionally, the district incorporated areas from Jaora State, established by the British in 1818, and Piploda State, initially a tributary of Jaora, later becoming an independent non-gunsalute state. Ratlam District became part of the newly formed state of Madhya Bharat. A key tourist destination in the district is the town of Sailana, famous for its cactus garden, palace, Kharmor Bird Sanctuary, and the Kedareshwar cave temples. Ratlam city is known for its local delicacies like Garadu (fried yam) and Sev, as well as its gold trade. The city also houses a DRM office of the Railway.


Covering an area of 4,861 square kilometers, Ratlam District is bordered by Mandsaur District to the north, Jhalawar District in Rajasthan to the northwest, Ujjain District to the east, Dhar District to the south, Jhabua District to the southwest, and Pratapgarh District in Rajasthan to the west. It consists of nine tehsils and encompasses 9 towns and 1,063 villages as of the 2001 census. Additionally, Ratlam District is a part of the Ujjain Division.


The 2011 census reports that Ratlam District’s population is 1,455,069, ranking it 342nd among India’s 640 districts. The district has a population density of 299 people per square kilometer. In terms of gender ratio, there are 973 females for every 1,000 males, and the literacy rate stands at 68.03%. Notably, 29.90% of the district’s population resides in urban areas. Language-wise, 42.33% of the district’s inhabitants speak Malvi as their first language, followed by 41.38% speaking Hindi, 13.59% Bhili, and 1.27% Urdu.


Why is Ratlam district famous?

Ratlam is renowned for its culinary delights, especially the famous salty snack 'Ratlami Sev' which has gained worldwide popularity. The city is also well-known for its high-quality Gold Jewelry and its vibrant Saree Market, both of which are highly regarded across India. Historically, during the British Raj, Ratlam was a part of the Malwa Agency in Central India.

Which language is spoken in Ratlam?

During the 2011 Census in India, it was recorded that in the district, Malvi was the first language for 42.33% of the population, while 41.38% primarily spoke Hindi. Additionally, 13.59% of the population spoke Bhili, and 1.27% communicated in Urdu as their first language.

What is the old name of Ratlam?

The old name of Ratlam was "Ratnapuri," which translates to "city of precious jewels."

Why is Ratlam famous for gold?

Ratlam is famous for its gold due to its long-standing tradition and expertise in gold jewelry craftsmanship. The city has a rich history of producing high-quality gold jewelry, which is known for its purity and intricate designs. The gold market in Ratlam is a significant part of the local economy and attracts customers not just from the surrounding areas but also from other parts of India, contributing to its fame in the gold industry.

Which river flows in Ratlam?

The major river to Ratlam is the Chambal River, which flows to the north of the district. The Mahi River also flows in the vicinity, to the southwest of Ratlam. These rivers are part of the larger river systems in the state of Madhya Pradesh and contribute significantly to the agriculture and ecology of the surrounding regions.