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Pincodes of Rewa

Rewa District, located in the northeastern part of Madhya Pradesh, India, is known for its rich cultural heritage and historical significance. The district is characterized by a varied landscape that includes plains, hills, and forest areas. Rewa is famous for its white tigers, with the first white tiger named ‘Mohan’ found in the region. The district is divided into various sectors, each identified by unique Rewa pincodes, which facilitate efficient postal services and help in easy geographical navigation. Rewa’s historical and natural attractions make it an interesting destination in Madhya Pradesh.

Rewa Pincodes

Here is a list of Rewa Pincodes

No.LocationPincode District State
1Ajgarha486003RewaMadhya Pradesh
2Akauri486556RewaMadhya Pradesh
3Amiliya486115RewaMadhya Pradesh
4Amilki486550RewaMadhya Pradesh
5Amilkoni486001RewaMadhya Pradesh
6Amwa486446RewaMadhya Pradesh
7Andwa486223RewaMadhya Pradesh
8Anjora486001RewaMadhya Pradesh
9Ataria486445RewaMadhya Pradesh
10Atraila486117RewaMadhya Pradesh
11Baba Ki barauli486223RewaMadhya Pradesh
12Babaiya486445RewaMadhya Pradesh
13Badagaon486226RewaMadhya Pradesh
14Badagaon kothar486445RewaMadhya Pradesh
15Badhara486445RewaMadhya Pradesh
16Badraon486001RewaMadhya Pradesh
17Badwar486553RewaMadhya Pradesh
18Bagadha Pidhihan486440RewaMadhya Pradesh
19Baheradabar486331RewaMadhya Pradesh
20Bahuribandh486446RewaMadhya Pradesh
21Bahuti486331RewaMadhya Pradesh
22Baikunthpur486441RewaMadhya Pradesh
23Bakshera486440RewaMadhya Pradesh
24Bandhwa486115RewaMadhya Pradesh
25Bans486117RewaMadhya Pradesh
26Bansa486550RewaMadhya Pradesh
27Bara486445RewaMadhya Pradesh
28Barahadi486114RewaMadhya Pradesh
29Barahata486331RewaMadhya Pradesh
30Barahula486447RewaMadhya Pradesh
31Baraon486441RewaMadhya Pradesh
32Barati486123RewaMadhya Pradesh
33Barsaita486553RewaMadhya Pradesh
34Basahat486226RewaMadhya Pradesh
35Basrehi486447RewaMadhya Pradesh
36Beeda486446RewaMadhya Pradesh
37Belwa Badgaiyan486441RewaMadhya Pradesh
38Belwapaikan486114RewaMadhya Pradesh
39Bhaluha486340RewaMadhya Pradesh
40Bhamra486445RewaMadhya Pradesh
41Bhanigawan486223RewaMadhya Pradesh
42Bharigawan486341RewaMadhya Pradesh
43Bhatlo486550RewaMadhya Pradesh
44Bhir486340RewaMadhya Pradesh
45Bhita486553RewaMadhya Pradesh
46Bholgarh486450RewaMadhya Pradesh
47Bhungawan486223RewaMadhya Pradesh
48Bichharahta486331RewaMadhya Pradesh
49Bihra486445RewaMadhya Pradesh
50Bijhauli486335RewaMadhya Pradesh
51Biradei486335RewaMadhya Pradesh
52Birkham486446RewaMadhya Pradesh
53Budhiya486114RewaMadhya Pradesh
54Busaul486445RewaMadhya Pradesh
55Chachai486001RewaMadhya Pradesh
56Chak486226RewaMadhya Pradesh
57Chakdahi486445RewaMadhya Pradesh
58Champagarh486223RewaMadhya Pradesh
59Chandai486226RewaMadhya Pradesh
60Chandpur486001RewaMadhya Pradesh
61Chaukhadda486001RewaMadhya Pradesh
62Chaukhandi486447RewaMadhya Pradesh
63Chaura486226RewaMadhya Pradesh
64Chitgarh486445RewaMadhya Pradesh
65Chorahata486001RewaMadhya Pradesh
66Dabhaura486556RewaMadhya Pradesh
67Dagardua486115RewaMadhya Pradesh
68Damodar garh486331RewaMadhya Pradesh
69Delhi486441RewaMadhya Pradesh
70Deogaon486111RewaMadhya Pradesh
71Deokhar486447RewaMadhya Pradesh
72Deora486445RewaMadhya Pradesh
73Deorihangaon486340RewaMadhya Pradesh
74Deorisengran486340RewaMadhya Pradesh
75Deotalab486341RewaMadhya Pradesh
76Dewas486441RewaMadhya Pradesh
77Dhakhara486226RewaMadhya Pradesh
78Dhangan486341RewaMadhya Pradesh
79Dhausad486335RewaMadhya Pradesh
80Dhawa tiwariyan486335RewaMadhya Pradesh
81Dhawaiya486114RewaMadhya Pradesh
82Dhera486333RewaMadhya Pradesh
83Dighwar486123RewaMadhya Pradesh
84Dihiya486550RewaMadhya Pradesh
85Doha486441RewaMadhya Pradesh
86Dondar486556RewaMadhya Pradesh
87Duara486338RewaMadhya Pradesh
88Dubahai Khurd486111RewaMadhya Pradesh
89Dubgawan486111RewaMadhya Pradesh
90Dulahara486001RewaMadhya Pradesh
91Dwari486123RewaMadhya Pradesh
92Farahada486333RewaMadhya Pradesh
93Gada-137486223RewaMadhya Pradesh
94Gada-138486223RewaMadhya Pradesh
95Gangeo486111RewaMadhya Pradesh
96Garh486115RewaMadhya Pradesh
97Garhi soharwa486001RewaMadhya Pradesh
98Garhwa486117RewaMadhya Pradesh
99Gauri486331RewaMadhya Pradesh
100Ghooman486556RewaMadhya Pradesh
101Ghopi486111RewaMadhya Pradesh
102Golahata486445RewaMadhya Pradesh
103Gondari486117RewaMadhya Pradesh
104Gondkala486001RewaMadhya Pradesh
105Gorgaon486114RewaMadhya Pradesh
106Govindgarh486550RewaMadhya Pradesh
107Gurh486553RewaMadhya Pradesh
108Handia486115RewaMadhya Pradesh
109Hanumana486335RewaMadhya Pradesh
110Hardi486553RewaMadhya Pradesh
111Hardi Badi486441RewaMadhya Pradesh
112Hardi Saon486446RewaMadhya Pradesh
113Hardoli486556RewaMadhya Pradesh
114Hardua486445RewaMadhya Pradesh
115Harrai badi486445RewaMadhya Pradesh
116Hata486335RewaMadhya Pradesh
117Hatwa486441RewaMadhya Pradesh
118Hinauta486446RewaMadhya Pradesh
119Hinauti486117RewaMadhya Pradesh
120Itma486447RewaMadhya Pradesh
121Jadua486445RewaMadhya Pradesh
122Jaldar486553RewaMadhya Pradesh
123Jamu486441RewaMadhya Pradesh
124Jamui486117RewaMadhya Pradesh
125Janakhai486223RewaMadhya Pradesh
126Janeh486001RewaMadhya Pradesh
127Jawa486223RewaMadhya Pradesh
128Jay Pee puram486450RewaMadhya Pradesh
129Jaypee Nagar486450RewaMadhya Pradesh
130Jhalwar486445RewaMadhya Pradesh
131Jodauri486441RewaMadhya Pradesh
132Jodhpur486338RewaMadhya Pradesh
133Jonha486447RewaMadhya Pradesh
134Joraut486111RewaMadhya Pradesh
135Judmaniya486341RewaMadhya Pradesh
136Kachoor486450RewaMadhya Pradesh
137Kailashpur486335RewaMadhya Pradesh
138Kakarha486226RewaMadhya Pradesh
139Kakredi486445RewaMadhya Pradesh
140Kalwari486117RewaMadhya Pradesh
141Kanauja486005RewaMadhya Pradesh
142Kanchanpur486441RewaMadhya Pradesh
143Kandaila486441RewaMadhya Pradesh
144Kankar486117RewaMadhya Pradesh
145Kapsa486446RewaMadhya Pradesh
146Karaundi486553RewaMadhya Pradesh
147Kashiyargaon486117RewaMadhya Pradesh
148Katki486440RewaMadhya Pradesh
149Katra486117RewaMadhya Pradesh
150Keoti486117RewaMadhya Pradesh
151Khadda486446RewaMadhya Pradesh
152Khair486440RewaMadhya Pradesh
153Khaira486001RewaMadhya Pradesh
154Khaira Kankesra486123RewaMadhya Pradesh
155Khajha486223RewaMadhya Pradesh
156Khajuha Kala486553RewaMadhya Pradesh
157Khamaria Chaubey486445RewaMadhya Pradesh
158Kharhari486440RewaMadhya Pradesh
159Kharihan486001RewaMadhya Pradesh
160Kharra486115RewaMadhya Pradesh
161Khatkhari486331RewaMadhya Pradesh
162Khaur486005RewaMadhya Pradesh
163Khodwani486335RewaMadhya Pradesh
164Konigadehara486447RewaMadhya Pradesh
165Koniyakala486223RewaMadhya Pradesh
166Korigawan486340RewaMadhya Pradesh
167Kota486556RewaMadhya Pradesh
168Kotrakala486001RewaMadhya Pradesh
169Kotwa486556RewaMadhya Pradesh
170Kuiyakala486123RewaMadhya Pradesh
171Kulbaheria486333RewaMadhya Pradesh
172Kumhra Judwani486445RewaMadhya Pradesh
173Kundanpur457555RewaMadhya Pradesh
174Kushwar486445RewaMadhya Pradesh
175Kuthila486223RewaMadhya Pradesh
176Lalgaon486117RewaMadhya Pradesh
177Lalitpur486550RewaMadhya Pradesh
178Lasa486335RewaMadhya Pradesh
179Laulachh486445RewaMadhya Pradesh
180Laxmanpur486440RewaMadhya Pradesh
181Lohi486005RewaMadhya Pradesh
182Look486447RewaMadhya Pradesh
183Maddepur486450RewaMadhya Pradesh
184Madhi486111RewaMadhya Pradesh
185Mado486441RewaMadhya Pradesh
186Madri486117RewaMadhya Pradesh
187Madwa486550RewaMadhya Pradesh
188Mahmoodpur486111RewaMadhya Pradesh
189Mahsaon486553RewaMadhya Pradesh
190Mahsua486114RewaMadhya Pradesh
191Majhgawan486335RewaMadhya Pradesh
192Majhigawan486226RewaMadhya Pradesh
193Majhiyar486440RewaMadhya Pradesh
194Mangawan486111RewaMadhya Pradesh
195Mangi486226RewaMadhya Pradesh
196Manikwar486123RewaMadhya Pradesh
197Mankahari486440RewaMadhya Pradesh
198Matima486441RewaMadhya Pradesh
199Mau486001RewaMadhya Pradesh
200Mauganj486331RewaMadhya Pradesh
201Misirgawan486331RewaMadhya Pradesh
202Moharba486446RewaMadhya Pradesh
203Mudaria486331RewaMadhya Pradesh
204Mukundpur486550RewaMadhya Pradesh
205Nadna486441RewaMadhya Pradesh
206Naigarhi486340RewaMadhya Pradesh
207Naudhia486114RewaMadhya Pradesh
208Naudhiya486341RewaMadhya Pradesh
209Naunkala486335RewaMadhya Pradesh
210Nawagaon486111RewaMadhya Pradesh
211Neega486550RewaMadhya Pradesh
212Negura486223RewaMadhya Pradesh
213Nipania486001RewaMadhya Pradesh
214Pachpahra486111RewaMadhya Pradesh
215Padar486333RewaMadhya Pradesh
216Padariya486123RewaMadhya Pradesh
217Padra486114RewaMadhya Pradesh
218Padri486226RewaMadhya Pradesh
219Pahadi486331RewaMadhya Pradesh
220Paharkha486115RewaMadhya Pradesh
221Paikangaon486115RewaMadhya Pradesh
222Paipakhara486450RewaMadhya Pradesh
223Palhan486441RewaMadhya Pradesh
224Panni486333RewaMadhya Pradesh
225Panti486335RewaMadhya Pradesh
226Pantibadi486553RewaMadhya Pradesh
227Panwar486556RewaMadhya Pradesh
228Parasi486115RewaMadhya Pradesh
229Parasiya486223RewaMadhya Pradesh
230Pariharinpurwa486447RewaMadhya Pradesh
231Patauta486553RewaMadhya Pradesh
232Patehara486447RewaMadhya Pradesh
233Pathari486001RewaMadhya Pradesh
234Pathat486447RewaMadhya Pradesh
235Patiyari486223RewaMadhya Pradesh
236Patulkhi486331RewaMadhya Pradesh
237Phool486331RewaMadhya Pradesh
238Phulha486115RewaMadhya Pradesh
239Piprahi486335RewaMadhya Pradesh
240Purani Jagir486446RewaMadhya Pradesh
241Purauna486447RewaMadhya Pradesh
242Purwa486445RewaMadhya Pradesh
243Ragauli486445RewaMadhya Pradesh
244Raghunathganj486338RewaMadhya Pradesh
245Raghurajgarh486111RewaMadhya Pradesh
246Rahat486446RewaMadhya Pradesh
247Raipur Karchulion486114RewaMadhya Pradesh
248Raipur Sonauri486226RewaMadhya Pradesh
249Rajadhau486331RewaMadhya Pradesh
250Rajgarh486001RewaMadhya Pradesh
251Ramnai486114RewaMadhya Pradesh
252Rampur teonther486340RewaMadhya Pradesh
253Ratahara486003RewaMadhya Pradesh
254Ratangawan486333RewaMadhya Pradesh
255Raura486114RewaMadhya Pradesh
256Rausar486001RewaMadhya Pradesh
257Rehi486001RewaMadhya Pradesh
258Rewa486001RewaMadhya Pradesh
259Rewa Ag college486001RewaMadhya Pradesh
260Rewa Apsu486003RewaMadhya Pradesh
261Rewa Bansagar coloney486005RewaMadhya Pradesh
262Rewa Bicchiya road486001RewaMadhya Pradesh
263Rewa Chauhatta486001RewaMadhya Pradesh
264Rewa Chirahula486001RewaMadhya Pradesh
265Rewa City486001RewaMadhya Pradesh
266Rewa Engineering college486001RewaMadhya Pradesh
267Rewa Ghoghar mohalla486001RewaMadhya Pradesh
268Rewa Medical college486001RewaMadhya Pradesh
269Rewa Uprahaty486001RewaMadhya Pradesh
270Rewa Venkat bhawan486001RewaMadhya Pradesh
271Rithi486553RewaMadhya Pradesh
272Rupauli486446RewaMadhya Pradesh
273Sadahana486001RewaMadhya Pradesh
274Sagara486338RewaMadhya Pradesh
275Sagra486440RewaMadhya Pradesh
276Sansarpur486441RewaMadhya Pradesh
277Sarai Unmulan486117RewaMadhya Pradesh
278Saraisenger486338RewaMadhya Pradesh
279Sarui486001RewaMadhya Pradesh
280Sathini486440RewaMadhya Pradesh
281Semariya486445RewaMadhya Pradesh
282Shahpur486441RewaMadhya Pradesh
283Shivrajpur486340RewaMadhya Pradesh
284Shukulgawan486123RewaMadhya Pradesh
285Silpari486338RewaMadhya Pradesh
286Sirmour486001RewaMadhya Pradesh
287Sirsa486111RewaMadhya Pradesh
288Sitapur486333RewaMadhya Pradesh
289Sitlaha486223RewaMadhya Pradesh
290Sohagi486226RewaMadhya Pradesh
291Soharwa486001RewaMadhya Pradesh
292Sonaura486003RewaMadhya Pradesh
293Sonauri486226RewaMadhya Pradesh
294Sonversa486117RewaMadhya Pradesh
295Suji486123RewaMadhya Pradesh
296Sujwar486441RewaMadhya Pradesh
297Sukwar486446RewaMadhya Pradesh
298Supiya486550RewaMadhya Pradesh
299Sura486114RewaMadhya Pradesh
300Sursa486114RewaMadhya Pradesh
301Tamarabasi486001RewaMadhya Pradesh
302Tamradesh486123RewaMadhya Pradesh
303Tangha486223RewaMadhya Pradesh
304Teoni486111RewaMadhya Pradesh
305Teonthar486001RewaMadhya Pradesh
306Thp Sirmour486001RewaMadhya Pradesh
307Tighara486445RewaMadhya Pradesh
308Tikar486550RewaMadhya Pradesh
309Tikuri Unmulan486115RewaMadhya Pradesh
310Tilkhan486441RewaMadhya Pradesh
311Ulahikhurd486123RewaMadhya Pradesh
312Umari486001RewaMadhya Pradesh
313Umari Govindpur486226RewaMadhya Pradesh
314Unchi Auni486223RewaMadhya Pradesh
315Vasigada486331RewaMadhya Pradesh

About Rewa

Rewa district, situated in the central region of Madhya Pradesh, India, has its administrative center in the city of Rewa. Known as the ‘Land of White Tigers,’ Rewa gained fame when the first White Tiger was discovered in 1951 by Maharaja Martand Singh in the Govindgarh jungle nearby. Historically, Rewa served as the capital of the former state of Vindhya Pradesh.


Rewa District, boasts a rich history intertwined with the legacy of the Baghel Rajputs. The district’s name is derived from its capital city, Rewa, meaning ‘sandy land’. It was part of the Mauryan Empire and later saw Gupta rule. The region gained prominence under the Baghel Rajputs, who established their rule in the 13th century.


Rewa District in Madhya Pradesh is bordered by Uttar Pradesh, Sidhi, Shahdol, and Satna, covering 6,240 km² as part of the Rewa Division. The district is characterized by the Rewa plateau, known as uprihar, bounded by the Kaimur Range and Binjh pahar. It includes the Huzur, Sirmour, and Mauganj tehsils, descending from over 450 meters in the south to about 100 meters at Teonther tehsil in the north.

The district’s diverse terrain features alluvial plains, hills, ravines, and several rivers like the Tons (or Tamas) and Son, tributaries of the Ganges, with the Bichiya River running through Rewa city. Notable waterfalls include the 127-meter Chachai Falls, 98-meter Keoti Falls, 145-meter Odda Falls, Bahuti Falls, and 70-meter Purwa Falls. Rewa’s landscape, enriched with natural beauty, also encompasses small towns such as Manikwar, Mauganj, Mangawan, and Hanumana.

The most notable event in Rewa’s history was the discovery of the first white tiger, Mohan, in 1951 by Maharaja Martand Singh in the Govindgarh forest. This discovery put Rewa on the global map and led to it being dubbed the ‘Land of White Tigers’.

Throughout history, Rewa has been known for its cultural richness and architectural heritage, including forts and temples. After India’s independence, Rewa, initially the capital of Vindhya Pradesh, was integrated into Madhya Pradesh, continuing its legacy as a significant district in central India.


As of the 2011 census, Rewa District in Madhya Pradesh has a population of 2,365,106, placing it 191st out of 640 districts in India. The district has a density of 374 individuals per square kilometer and a gender ratio of 930 females per 1000 males. The literacy rate stands at 73.42%, with 16.73% of the population residing in urban areas.

Religiously, Rewa is predominantly Hindu, with 95.93% of the population adhering to the faith. Islam is the second most followed religion at 3.61%. Other religions like Christianity, Jainism, Sikhism, and Buddhism have minimal presence, each below 0.1%. A negligible percentage follows other religions or declares no specific religious affiliation.

Regarding languages, Bagheli is the primary language for 65.01% of the population, while 34.34% speak Hindi.


On which river is Rewa situated?

The name "Rewa" is derived from the River Rewa, which is the mythological name for the Narmada River. Historically, this river has been a crucial trade route, playing a significant role in commerce and communication since ancient times. The strategic importance of the Narmada River has contributed to the historical and economic development of the region surrounding Rewa.

Which district is under Rewa division?

Rewa Division, one of the administrative divisions of Madhya Pradesh, India, encompasses several districts. As of my last update in April 2023, the districts under Rewa Division are: 1. Rewa District 2. Satna District 3. Sidhi District 4. Singrauli District

How many villages are there in Rewa district?

Rewa district is divided into 11 tehsils and 33 RI Circles. Additionally, there are 463 Patwari Halkas in the district, covering a total of 2805 villages. This administrative framework plays a crucial role in managing local governance, land records, revenue collection, and the implementation of various developmental schemes at the grassroots level.

What is Rewa district famous for?

Rewa is famously known as the 'Land of White Tigers', especially due to the first white tiger named 'Mohan' being captured here by Maharaja Martand Singh in 1951 in the Govindgarh forest. This discovery brought international attention to the district.

What is the famous dish of Rewa?

One of the famous dishes of Rewa, a district in Madhya Pradesh, is Daal Bafla. This dish is a part of the traditional cuisine of the region and is quite similar to the popular Rajasthani dish, Dal Bati. Daal Bafla consists of baked wheat balls (bafla) which are then boiled and served with rich and spicy lentil curry (daal). It is often accompanied by generous servings of ghee (clarified butter), which enhances its flavor. This hearty and comforting dish reflects the culinary traditions of the region and is a staple in local celebrations and everyday meals.

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