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Pincodes Ropar Rupnagar

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Ropar Rupnagar Pincodes

Here is a list of Ropar Rupnagar Pincodes

No.LocationPincode District State
1Anand Pur sahib140118Ropar RupnagarPunjab
2Baddi Jhallian140111Ropar RupnagarPunjab
3Bajrur140119Ropar RupnagarPunjab
4Ballamgarh140108Ropar RupnagarPunjab
5Bandelhari140125Ropar RupnagarPunjab
6Barsalpur140102Ropar RupnagarPunjab
7Barwa140117Ropar RupnagarPunjab
8Basali140117Ropar RupnagarPunjab
9Bass Bhabour140126Ropar RupnagarPunjab
10Bassi Gujran140112Ropar RupnagarPunjab
11Bazidpur140111Ropar RupnagarPunjab
12Behrampur140125Ropar RupnagarPunjab
13Behrampur Bet140111Ropar RupnagarPunjab
14Behrampur Zimidari140108Ropar RupnagarPunjab
15Bela140111Ropar RupnagarPunjab
16Bhairon Majra140111Ropar RupnagarPunjab
17Bhaku Majra140112Ropar RupnagarPunjab
18Bhallan140126Ropar RupnagarPunjab
19Bhallari140126Ropar RupnagarPunjab
20Bhallian140111Ropar RupnagarPunjab
21Bhamnara140101Ropar RupnagarPunjab
22Bhanam140126Ropar RupnagarPunjab
23Bhanupali140133Ropar RupnagarPunjab
24Bhaowal140119Ropar RupnagarPunjab
25Bharatgarh140114Ropar RupnagarPunjab
26Bharatgarh Canal colony140114Ropar RupnagarPunjab
27Bhoje Majra140111Ropar RupnagarPunjab
28Chaklan140102Ropar RupnagarPunjab
29Chamkaur Sahib140112Ropar RupnagarPunjab
30Chanauli140117Ropar RupnagarPunjab
31Collegeroad Ropar140001Ropar RupnagarPunjab
32Daroli140133Ropar RupnagarPunjab
33Dhamana140119Ropar RupnagarPunjab
34Dhangrali140101Ropar RupnagarPunjab
35Dher140133Ropar RupnagarPunjab
36Dhobeta140124Ropar RupnagarPunjab
37Dumna140102Ropar RupnagarPunjab
38Factory Area nangal140126Ropar RupnagarPunjab
39Fertilizer Factory nangal140126Ropar RupnagarPunjab
40Ganugwal140123Ropar RupnagarPunjab
41Gardley140114Ropar RupnagarPunjab
42Ghanauli140113Ropar RupnagarPunjab
43Gohlani140126Ropar RupnagarPunjab
44Hafizabad140111Ropar RupnagarPunjab
45Jandbari140133Ropar RupnagarPunjab
46Jatana140111Ropar RupnagarPunjab
47Jatauli140117Ropar RupnagarPunjab
48Jhaj140117Ropar RupnagarPunjab
49Jhallian Khurd140001Ropar RupnagarPunjab
50Jhandian140119Ropar RupnagarPunjab
51Jhinjari140116Ropar RupnagarPunjab
52Kahanpur Khui140117Ropar RupnagarPunjab
53Kainaur140102Ropar RupnagarPunjab
54Kalwan140117Ropar RupnagarPunjab
55Katlaur140112Ropar RupnagarPunjab
56Katta Sabour140117Ropar RupnagarPunjab
57Khamera140133Ropar RupnagarPunjab
58Khera Kalmout140117Ropar RupnagarPunjab
59Kheri Salabatpur140111Ropar RupnagarPunjab
60Kiratpur Sahib140115Ropar RupnagarPunjab
61Kotla Nihang140001Ropar RupnagarPunjab
62Kotla Power house140116Ropar RupnagarPunjab
63Labour Colony nangal140124Ropar RupnagarPunjab
64Lodhi Majra140113Ropar RupnagarPunjab
65Lutheri140102Ropar RupnagarPunjab
66Makari140117Ropar RupnagarPunjab
67Makrauna Kalan140102Ropar RupnagarPunjab
68Malikpur140001Ropar RupnagarPunjab
69Manakpur140125Ropar RupnagarPunjab
70Mangewal140123Ropar RupnagarPunjab
71Massewal140115Ropar RupnagarPunjab
72Mian Pur140108Ropar RupnagarPunjab
73Minisectt Ropar140001Ropar RupnagarPunjab
74Mojowal140126Ropar RupnagarPunjab
75Morinda140101Ropar RupnagarPunjab
76Nangal Dam140124Ropar RupnagarPunjab
77Nangal Nikku140124Ropar RupnagarPunjab
78Nangal Sirsa140113Ropar RupnagarPunjab
79Nangal Talwara140124Ropar RupnagarPunjab
80Nangal Township140124Ropar RupnagarPunjab
81Nuhon Colony ropar140113Ropar RupnagarPunjab
82Nurpur Bedi140117Ropar RupnagarPunjab
83Paharpur Samloh140116Ropar RupnagarPunjab
84Pathreri Jattan140108Ropar RupnagarPunjab
85Phool Khurd140001Ropar RupnagarPunjab
86Pratap Nagar nangal140125Ropar RupnagarPunjab
87Purkhali140108Ropar RupnagarPunjab
88Rangilpur140108Ropar RupnagarPunjab
89Rattangarh Ii140101Ropar RupnagarPunjab
90Rauli Jhinjri140117Ropar RupnagarPunjab
91Rollumajra140102Ropar RupnagarPunjab
92Ropar140001Ropar RupnagarPunjab
93Saheri140101Ropar RupnagarPunjab
94Sainfalpur140108Ropar RupnagarPunjab
95Samana Kalan140102Ropar RupnagarPunjab
96Sandhwan140112Ropar RupnagarPunjab
97Sector 2 naya nangal140126Ropar RupnagarPunjab
98Singh Bhagwantpur140108Ropar RupnagarPunjab
99Sukhshal140126Ropar RupnagarPunjab
100Swamipur140126Ropar RupnagarPunjab
101Takhatgarh140119Ropar RupnagarPunjab
102Thaluh140123Ropar RupnagarPunjab
103Thana140117Ropar RupnagarPunjab
104Thermal Plant colony ropar140001Ropar RupnagarPunjab
105Tibba Taparian140119Ropar RupnagarPunjab

About Ropar Rupnagar

Rupnagar, formerly Ropar, stands as a significant city and municipal council in Punjab‘s Rupnagar district. This newly formed fifth Divisional Headquarters of Punjab encompasses Rupnagar, Mohali, and adjoining districts, marking a vital regional center. With its historical richness, it’s a key site linked to the Indus Valley civilization. Positioned about 43 km northwest of Chandigarh, it’s bordered by Himachal Pradesh to the north and Shahid Bhagat Singh Nagar district to the west. The city hosts various historical and religious landmarks, including revered gurdwaras like Gurudwara Bhatha Sahib, Gurdwara Bhubour Sahib, Gurdwara Solkhian, and Gurudwara Tibbi Sahib.


The ancient town of Rupnagar derives its name from Raja Rokeshar, honoring his son Rup Sen during the 11th century. Situated along the Ghaggar-Hakra beds, Rupnagar holds significance as an Indus Valley site. Hosting an Archaeological Museum since 1998, it showcases excavated relics, marking the first Harappan site in Independent India. Unveiling a cultural timeline from Harappan to medieval eras, the exhibits feature valuable remnants, including Harappan artifacts, Chandragupta’s gold coins, and assorted copper and bronze tools. These excavations offer a captivating glimpse into the rich historical legacy of Rupnagar, encapsulating its evolution through the ages


As per the 2011 India census, Rupnagar boasted a population of 56,038, with males comprising 52.8% and females 47.2%. The region exhibited an impressive average literacy rate of 82.19%, surpassing the national average of 74.04%. Notably, male literacy stood at 87.50%, while female literacy was recorded at 76.42%. These statistics underscored Rupnagar’s commitment to education, showcasing a commendable effort in fostering literacy across genders, significantly exceeding the country’s average literacy rates and reflecting a concerted push toward inclusive educational development.


Rupnagar sits at 30.97°N 76.53°E, boasting an elevation averaging 260 meters (850 feet). Nestled alongside the Satluj River, the town enjoys a scenic backdrop with the sprawling Shivalik hill range gracing the river’s opposing bank. This picturesque setting offers a blend of riverfront tranquility and the majestic presence of the Shivalik hills. The town’s strategic location by the riverbank, coupled with the stunning natural landscape, adds to its allure, making Rupnagar a captivating destination embraced by nature’s beauty.


Rupnagar district is subdivided into 5 Tehsils: Sri Anandpur Sahib, Sri Chamkaur Sahib, Rupnagar, Nangal, and Morinda. These Tehsils further encompass 5 Blocks, including Sri Anandpur Sahib, Sri Chamkaur Sahib, Rupnagar, Nurpur Bedi, and Morinda. Additionally, there’s a Sub Tehsil named Nurpur Bedi. The district boasts 5 Municipal Councils/Nagar Panchayats: Sri Anandpur Sahib, Rupnagar, Nangal, Morinda, and a Nagar Panchayat in Sri Chamkaur Sahib. This division provides administrative structure and governance across the district’s various regions, ensuring efficient management and civic services.


Is Ropar and Rupnagar same?

Rupnagar, once Ropar, lies 42 km from Chandigarh, Punjab's capital. It borders Nawanshahar, Mohali, and Fatehgarh Sahib districts in the state.

What is Ropar famous for?

Ropar, a historic site of the ancient Indus civilization, sits along a rail line tracing the Sutlej's path into Himachal Pradesh, inhabited for millennia.

Is Rupnagar and Mohali same?

Mohali, headquarters of Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar district, Punjab, emerged from Rupnagar in 2006. It, with Chandigarh and Panchkula, constitutes the Chandigarh tricity.

How far is Ropar from Chandigarh?

Ropar to Chandigarh spans 45 km. For directions, route map, and estimated travel time, consult navigation tools or maps indicating the optimal driving route.

Why is Ropar called Roopnagar?

Rupnagar district, named after its headquarters Rupnagar (formerly Ropar), traces its roots to Raja Rokeshar founding it in the 11th century, naming it after his son Rup Sen.