Sagar Pincodes

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Pincodes of Sagar

Sagar District, known for its diverse culture and natural beauty, is located in Madhya Pradesh, India. It encompasses a variety of landscapes, from lush forests to serene lakes. The district is rich in historical and cultural heritage, with numerous temples and historic sites. Sagar is also known for its vibrant markets and traditional handicrafts. Sagar Pincodes facilitate postal services and administrative functions. With its blend of history, culture, and natural wonders, Sagar District is a captivating destination in Madhya Pradesh.

Sagar Pincodes

Here is a list of Sagar Pincodes

No.LocationPincode District State
1Agariya470125SagarMadhya Pradesh
2Agasaud470113SagarMadhya Pradesh
3Amarmau470339SagarMadhya Pradesh
4Anantpura470227SagarMadhya Pradesh
5Atta470441SagarMadhya Pradesh
6Baheriya Kalan470223SagarMadhya Pradesh
7Baheriya Sahani470001SagarMadhya Pradesh
8Bahrol470442SagarMadhya Pradesh
9Baleh470227SagarMadhya Pradesh
10Bamnora470118SagarMadhya Pradesh
11Bamori Bika470228SagarMadhya Pradesh
12Banda Belai470335SagarMadhya Pradesh
13Banda Nagar470335SagarMadhya Pradesh
14Bandri470442SagarMadhya Pradesh
15Bansa470125SagarMadhya Pradesh
16Bara470335SagarMadhya Pradesh
17Baraj470335SagarMadhya Pradesh
18Bararu470001SagarMadhya Pradesh
19Barayatha470335SagarMadhya Pradesh
20Bardha470113SagarMadhya Pradesh
21Baretha470335SagarMadhya Pradesh
22Barha470113SagarMadhya Pradesh
23Barkheda Sikandar470227SagarMadhya Pradesh
24Baroda Rehli470228SagarMadhya Pradesh
25Baroda Sagar470001SagarMadhya Pradesh
26Barodia Kala470441SagarMadhya Pradesh
27Barodiya Nongar470117SagarMadhya Pradesh
28Basari470118SagarMadhya Pradesh
29Baxwaha470442SagarMadhya Pradesh
30Beldhana470226SagarMadhya Pradesh
31Besra470441SagarMadhya Pradesh
32Bhaisa470120SagarMadhya Pradesh
33Bhangarh470113SagarMadhya Pradesh
34Bhapel470120SagarMadhya Pradesh
35Bharchha470118SagarMadhya Pradesh
36Bidwas470221SagarMadhya Pradesh
37Bidwasan470115SagarMadhya Pradesh
38Bijora470226SagarMadhya Pradesh
39Bilagram470339SagarMadhya Pradesh
40Bilahra Raja470051SagarMadhya Pradesh
41Bildho470113SagarMadhya Pradesh
42Bina470113SagarMadhya Pradesh
43Bina Bazaria470113SagarMadhya Pradesh
44Bina Deori470226SagarMadhya Pradesh
45Bina Etawa470113SagarMadhya Pradesh
46Bina West colony470113SagarMadhya Pradesh
47Binaka470335SagarMadhya Pradesh
48Chakeri Bineka470337SagarMadhya Pradesh
49Chanauya Buzurg470232SagarMadhya Pradesh
50Chandamau470115SagarMadhya Pradesh
51Chandpur470227SagarMadhya Pradesh
52Chandrapur470119SagarMadhya Pradesh
53Chapra470232SagarMadhya Pradesh
54Chatubhata470221SagarMadhya Pradesh
55Chauka470339SagarMadhya Pradesh
56Chhapri470337SagarMadhya Pradesh
57Chhirari470227SagarMadhya Pradesh
58Chitora470051SagarMadhya Pradesh
59Chulla470232SagarMadhya Pradesh
60Dalppatpur470339SagarMadhya Pradesh
61Dehri470113SagarMadhya Pradesh
62Deori470226SagarMadhya Pradesh
63Deori Nadipar470226SagarMadhya Pradesh
64Deori Naharmau470221SagarMadhya Pradesh
65Dewal470113SagarMadhya Pradesh
66Dhana470228SagarMadhya Pradesh
67Dhana Naryaoli470115SagarMadhya Pradesh
68Dhanora470117SagarMadhya Pradesh
69Dongar Salaiya470226SagarMadhya Pradesh
70Dugasara470001SagarMadhya Pradesh
71Dungariya470125SagarMadhya Pradesh
72Emra470226SagarMadhya Pradesh
73Gadola Jageer470117SagarMadhya Pradesh
74Gadola Jawahar470118SagarMadhya Pradesh
75Gambhiriyia470004SagarMadhya Pradesh
76Garhakota470229SagarMadhya Pradesh
77Garhakota Nadipar470232SagarMadhya Pradesh
78Gaurjhamar470223SagarMadhya Pradesh
79Gehuras470125SagarMadhya Pradesh
80Ghambhiriyahat470120SagarMadhya Pradesh
81Ghana470339SagarMadhya Pradesh
82Ghoghra Khurd470335SagarMadhya Pradesh
83Girwar470001SagarMadhya Pradesh
84Gorakhurd470001SagarMadhya Pradesh
85Gugra470335SagarMadhya Pradesh
86Gunjora470232SagarMadhya Pradesh
87Gutori470339SagarMadhya Pradesh
88Gutori Pana470339SagarMadhya Pradesh
89Haldi470232SagarMadhya Pradesh
90Hilgan470228SagarMadhya Pradesh
91Hirankheda470119SagarMadhya Pradesh
92Hirapur470339SagarMadhya Pradesh
93Isurwara470115SagarMadhya Pradesh
94Jagthar470335SagarMadhya Pradesh
95Jaisinagar470125SagarMadhya Pradesh
96Jaitpur470226SagarMadhya Pradesh
97Jaitpur Doga470223SagarMadhya Pradesh
98Jaitpur Kachya470223SagarMadhya Pradesh
99Jalandhar470115SagarMadhya Pradesh
100Jaruakheda470115SagarMadhya Pradesh
101Jerai470115SagarMadhya Pradesh
102Jhila470119SagarMadhya Pradesh
103Jhiriya Adharpur470339SagarMadhya Pradesh
104Kandwa470335SagarMadhya Pradesh
105Kanera Gaund470120SagarMadhya Pradesh
106Kanera Neekhar470115SagarMadhya Pradesh
107Kanjiya470113SagarMadhya Pradesh
108Karaiya470125SagarMadhya Pradesh
109Karo R.s.470113SagarMadhya Pradesh
110Karrapur470337SagarMadhya Pradesh
111Kasal Pipariya470227SagarMadhya Pradesh
112Katangi470051SagarMadhya Pradesh
113Kerwana470337SagarMadhya Pradesh
114Kesli470339SagarMadhya Pradesh
115Kevlari Kalan470339SagarMadhya Pradesh
116Khaijra Harchand470117SagarMadhya Pradesh
117Khaijra Mafi470119SagarMadhya Pradesh
118Khaira470117SagarMadhya Pradesh
119Khairana470227SagarMadhya Pradesh
120Khataura Kalan470339SagarMadhya Pradesh
121Khera Udaet470001SagarMadhya Pradesh
122Khimlasa470118SagarMadhya Pradesh
123Khiriya Kala470441SagarMadhya Pradesh
124Khurai470117SagarMadhya Pradesh
125Khurai City470117SagarMadhya Pradesh
126Khurai Thawari470051SagarMadhya Pradesh
127Korja470113SagarMadhya Pradesh
128Kumarai470232SagarMadhya Pradesh
129Laloai470442SagarMadhya Pradesh
130Madi Jamuniya470223SagarMadhya Pradesh
131Magardha470335SagarMadhya Pradesh
132Maharajpur470226SagarMadhya Pradesh
133Mahuna470335SagarMadhya Pradesh
134Mahuna Gujar470119SagarMadhya Pradesh
135Mahuyakheda470051SagarMadhya Pradesh
136Malthone470441SagarMadhya Pradesh
137Manjala470001SagarMadhya Pradesh
138Manki Salaiya470119SagarMadhya Pradesh
139Mardanpur470120SagarMadhya Pradesh
140Masurhai470120SagarMadhya Pradesh
141Meerkhedi470119SagarMadhya Pradesh
142Mehar470442SagarMadhya Pradesh
143Mokalpur470221SagarMadhya Pradesh
144Muhli470227SagarMadhya Pradesh
145Mukarampur470117SagarMadhya Pradesh
146Muyarkhas470226SagarMadhya Pradesh
147Naindhara470335SagarMadhya Pradesh
148Narwa470339SagarMadhya Pradesh
149Naryaoliedso470122SagarMadhya Pradesh
150Naukheda470118SagarMadhya Pradesh
151Neemon470335SagarMadhya Pradesh
152Newtna470442SagarMadhya Pradesh
153Nirtala470117SagarMadhya Pradesh
154Padarai470125SagarMadhya Pradesh
155Padarai Buzurg470226SagarMadhya Pradesh
156Padaria470001SagarMadhya Pradesh
157Pamakhedi470004SagarMadhya Pradesh
158Papet470339SagarMadhya Pradesh
159Parasari Kalan470119SagarMadhya Pradesh
160Parsone470441SagarMadhya Pradesh
161Parsoriya470001SagarMadhya Pradesh
162Patauya470335SagarMadhya Pradesh
163Patha470339SagarMadhya Pradesh
164Pathariya Jogan470118SagarMadhya Pradesh
165Patna Buzurg470228SagarMadhya Pradesh
166Patna Khurai470223SagarMadhya Pradesh
167Peepra470115SagarMadhya Pradesh
168Pidruya470442SagarMadhya Pradesh
169Pipariaya Pachara470232SagarMadhya Pradesh
170Pipariya Kachhi470227SagarMadhya Pradesh
171Piprasar470113SagarMadhya Pradesh
172Pithoriya470442SagarMadhya Pradesh
173Purbautori470001SagarMadhya Pradesh
174Rahatgarh470119SagarMadhya Pradesh
175Rajuya470001SagarMadhya Pradesh
176Rajwas470442SagarMadhya Pradesh
177Rampur470223SagarMadhya Pradesh
178Rasena470226SagarMadhya Pradesh
179Rehli470227SagarMadhya Pradesh
180Rond470441SagarMadhya Pradesh
181Rurawan470339SagarMadhya Pradesh
182Sagar B i bazar470001SagarMadhya Pradesh
183Sagar Bada bazar470002SagarMadhya Pradesh
184Sagar Cantt470001SagarMadhya Pradesh
185Sagar Cavlari hill470001SagarMadhya Pradesh
186Sagar City470002SagarMadhya Pradesh
187Sagar Collectrate470001SagarMadhya Pradesh
188Sagar Gallamandi470002SagarMadhya Pradesh
189Sagar Gopalganj470001SagarMadhya Pradesh
190Sagar Jnpa470002SagarMadhya Pradesh
191Sagar Luxmipura470002SagarMadhya Pradesh
192Sagar Makronia camp470004SagarMadhya Pradesh
193Sagar Sadar bazar470002SagarMadhya Pradesh
194Sagar Shanichri470002SagarMadhya Pradesh
195Sagar Subhash nagar470002SagarMadhya Pradesh
196Sagar Tilli470001SagarMadhya Pradesh
197Sagar University470003SagarMadhya Pradesh
198Sagoni470442SagarMadhya Pradesh
199Sahajpur470339SagarMadhya Pradesh
200Sahawan470337SagarMadhya Pradesh
201Samnapur470051SagarMadhya Pradesh
202Sanodha470001SagarMadhya Pradesh
203Sarkhadi470125SagarMadhya Pradesh
204Satnai470117SagarMadhya Pradesh
205Sattadhana470120SagarMadhya Pradesh
206Sawal Khiriya470227SagarMadhya Pradesh
207Semra Lodhi470441SagarMadhya Pradesh
208Semrahat470442SagarMadhya Pradesh
209Sesai Saji470441SagarMadhya Pradesh
210Sewas470232SagarMadhya Pradesh
211Shahgarh470339SagarMadhya Pradesh
212Shahpur Magrone470669SagarMadhya Pradesh
213Shyampura470001SagarMadhya Pradesh
214Sidguya470004SagarMadhya Pradesh
215Sihora470120SagarMadhya Pradesh
216Silodha470117SagarMadhya Pradesh
217Simariya470226SagarMadhya Pradesh
218Singpur470226SagarMadhya Pradesh
219Singpur Sadguya470226SagarMadhya Pradesh
220Sothiya470001SagarMadhya Pradesh
221Surkhi470221SagarMadhya Pradesh
222Tada470001SagarMadhya Pradesh
223Teora470117SagarMadhya Pradesh
224Thikari470120SagarMadhya Pradesh
225Tigoda470339SagarMadhya Pradesh
226Tila Buzurg470120SagarMadhya Pradesh
227Tinsi470228SagarMadhya Pradesh
228Toda Tarafdar470125SagarMadhya Pradesh
229Udaypura470232SagarMadhya Pradesh
230Udaypura Tiwari470221SagarMadhya Pradesh
231Uldan470335SagarMadhya Pradesh
232Umra470232SagarMadhya Pradesh

About Sagar

Sagar District, situated in the heart of Madhya Pradesh, India, has its administrative center in the town of Sagar. This district covers an expansive area of 10,252 square kilometers and is home to a population of 2,378,458 as per the 2011 census. Notably, this represents a significant increase of 45%, equivalent to 732,260 residents, compared to its population of 1,646,198 in 1991.

Sagar district is characterized by a diverse demographic composition, with prominent communities including Sonis, Jains, and Yadavs. In terms of population, it ranks as the third most populous district in Madhya Pradesh, following Indore and Jabalpur. Additionally, the Tropic of Cancer passes through Sagar district, adding to its geographical significance.


The history of Sagar town traces its origins to around 1660 AD when Udan Shah, a descendant of Nihal Shah, constructed a small fort at the site of the present-day town. He also established a nearby village called Parkota Sagar. Later, in 1735, control of Sagar and its surrounding territory fell under the authority of Govind Pant Bundele, an officer serving under Peshwa Bajirao I. It was during this period that the present fort and a settlement beneath its walls were established.

In 1818, a significant portion of the district was ceded by Peshwa Baji Rao II to the British Government, and gradually, the rest of the current Sagar district came under British control between 1818 and 1860. In 1861, the Saugor and Nerbudda territories, along with Nagpur state, united to form a Commissioner’s Province known as Central Provinces. Sagar served as the headquarters of the Sagar Commissionership briefly until 1863-64 when it was merged with the Jabalpur Commissionership. In 1932, the Damoh district was added as a Sub-Division to Sagar. However, in 1956, Damoh Sub-Division was separated to form its own district, leaving the Sagar district with four tehsils: Sagar, Khurai, Rehli, and Banda.


Sagar District is situated in central India, within the state of Madhya Pradesh. It covers an area of approximately 10,252 square kilometers, making it a significant region. The district’s administrative hub is the town of Sagar.

Geographically, Sagar is characterized by its diverse terrain. It features fertile alluvial plains, which are suitable for agriculture. These plains are interspersed with hills, ravines, and rivers, creating a varied landscape.

One notable geographical feature is the presence of the Tropic of Cancer, which passes through Sagar District. This geographical marker holds significance in terms of the region’s location.

Sagar’s topography includes the Sonis, Jains, and Yadavs, who are prominent communities in the district. This diversity, both in terms of landforms and communities, contributes to the unique geographical identity of Sagar District in central India.


According to the 2011 census, Sagar District has a population of 2,378,458, ranking 188th in India out of 640 districts. The district has a population density of 232 people per square kilometer, with a sex ratio of 896 females for every 1000 males. The literacy rate stands at 77.52%, and approximately 29.80% of the population resides in urban areas.

In terms of language, during the 2011 Census of India, 55.38% of the district’s population spoke Hindi as their first language, while 42.93% spoke Bundeli.

At the time of the 2011 Census of India, 55.38% of the population in the district spoke Hindi and 42.93% Bundeli as their first language.


Which zone is Sagar in?

Sagar district is located in the north-central part of Madhya Pradesh and was known as "Saugar" during the British era. Positioned between 23°10' and 24°27' north latitude, and 78°4' and 79°21' east longitude, the district holds a central geographical position within the country.

Why is Sagar city famous?

Sagar University, established in 1946 and inaugurated by Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru, plays a significant role in Sagar's reputation across the state. It is believed that while gazing at the town of Sagar from the university's grounds, Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru coined the term 'Switzerland of Madhya Pradesh.'

Is Sagar district urban or rural?

Sagar district in Madhya Pradesh has a mix of urban and rural areas. Approximately 29.80% of its population lives in urban areas, while the majority resides in rural areas.

What are the major crops grown in Sagar?

The major crops grown in Sagar district of Madhya Pradesh include wheat, soybeans, maize (corn), chickpeas, pigeon peas, and various oilseeds like mustard and groundnuts. Agriculture is a significant part of the district's economy, and these crops contribute to its agricultural output.