Saharanpur Pincodes

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Pincodes of Saharanpur

Welcome to our Saharanpur Pincodes directory, which is your trustworthy resource for learning the postal index numbers (PIN codes) of different neighborhoods in the ancient city of Saharanpur, which is situated in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. Saharanpur is well known for its thriving industries, historical sites, and diversity of cultures. In order to ensure that mail and packages are sorted and delivered efficiently, PIN codes are essential to the postal system. Every community in Saharanpur has a distinct PIN code, which helps postal services route and deliver mail to the right places. Ensuring that your mail arrives on time requires that you use the correct PIN code.

Saharanpur Pincodes

Here is a list of Saharanpur Pincodes

1A.Chand247451SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
2Aghiana247342SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
3Ahmedpur247451SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
4Alipura247232SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
5Ambehta247340SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
6Ambehta Shekhan247554SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
7Amboli247554SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
8Anantmau247452SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
9Anwarpur Baroli247129SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
10B. majbatta247554SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
11Babail Buzurg247120SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
12Babupur247554SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
13Bachiti247551SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
14Badheri Ghoghu247001SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
15Badhi247342SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
16Badshahi Bagh247122SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
17Bahera247453SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
18Baliakheri247001SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
19Banderjud247662SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
20Banhera Khas247554SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
21Bansdei247341SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
22Bargaon247554SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
23Bartha Kayastha247231SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
24Bastam247554SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
25Beenpur247341SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
26Behat247121SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
27Bhabsi247452SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
28Bhaila Kalan247554SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
29Bhankla247451SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
30Bhari247452SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
31Bhuradev247121SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
32Biharigarh247662SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
33Budhakhera247231SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
34Buggawala247662SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
35Bus Stand deoband247554SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
36Chakwali247451SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
37Chandena Koli247554SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
38Chauradev247769SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
39Chauri247232SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
40Chilkana247231SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
41Chutmalpur247662SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
42Darul Uloom, deoband247554SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
43Deoband247554SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
44Dhaiki247340SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
45Dhakdei247001SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
46Dhangera247551SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
47Dhikka Kalan247232SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
48Dhorala247340SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
49Diwalheri247554SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
50Dudhla247341SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
51Faizabad247121SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
52Gaderheri247232SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
53Gagalheri247769SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
54Gangdaspur247554SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
55Gangoh247341SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
56Ghaloli247554SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
57Ghatera247451SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
58Ghunna247120SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
59Gopali247554SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
60Gudamb247451SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
61Gunarsa247554SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
62Halalpur247001SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
63Halwana247662SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
64Harora247769SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
65Harpal247001SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
66Hassanpur247001SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
67Induatrial Estate, deoband247554SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
68Islamnagar247451SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
69Jandhera Samaspur247451SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
70Jandheri247452SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
71Jandkhera247451SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
72Jaroda Jatt247554SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
73Jaroda Panda247453SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
74Jasmour247121SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
75Jatonwala247121SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
76Jhabiran247232SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
77Jharwan247341SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
78Kailashpur247001SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
79Kalsia247120SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
80Kaluwala Jahanpur247129SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
81Kamboh Majra247121SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
82Kankarkui247001SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
83Kasimpur247121SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
84Kenduki247554SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
85Khadlana247341SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
86Khajnawar247129SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
87Khajoorwala247551SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
88Khajuri Akbarpur247769SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
89Khera Afgan247340SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
90Khera Mugal247551SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
91Kheri Shikohpur247662SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
92Khudana247452SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
93Khurrampur247129SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
94Khushalipur247662SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
95Kota247551SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
96Kulsath247554SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
97Kunda Kalan247341SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
98Kurdi Khera247129SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
99Kuri247554SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
100Lakhnaur247551SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
101Lakhnauti247341SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
102Lashkarpur247662SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
103Mahengi247452SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
104Malhipur247001SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
105Mavi Kalan247001SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
106Miragpur247554SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
107Mirjapur Poll247121SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
108Mohand247662SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
109Mohanpur247341SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
110Mora247453SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
111Mussail247120SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
112Muzaffrabad247129SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
113Nagal247551SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
114Nagrajpur247001SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
115Nakur247342SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
116Nalhera Gujjar247451SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
117Nanauta247452SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
118Nasrullahgarh247342SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
119Naya Gaon247453SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
120Nazirpura247001SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
121Niyamatpur247129SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
122Pahansu247451SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
123Paharpur247551SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
124Pandoli247551SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
125Paniyali Kasimpur247551SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
126Phandpuri247001SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
127Pheraheri247001SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
128Pilakhni247232SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
129Prasar Kendra, rampur247451SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
130Ptc247002SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
131Pundain247001SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
132Punwarka247120SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
133Qutubpur247232SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
134Raipur247232SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
135Rampur247451SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
136Randeva247340SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
137Randheri247340SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
138Randol247120SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
139Rangail247341SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
140Raniyala Dayalpur247340SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
141Rankhandi247554SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
142Rehri Tajpur247120SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
143Ruhalki247121SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
144S.Hariya247001SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
145Sabdalpur247001SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
146Sadholi Quadeem247121SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
147Sadholi Qudeem247001SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
148Saharanpur247001SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
149Sakhan Khurd247554SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
150Salempur Bhukheri247001SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
151Salhapur247342SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
152Samaspur Naugaon247121SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
153Sanpla Khatri247554SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
154Sansarpur247129SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
155Saraswati Nagar247554SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
156Sarsawa247232SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
157Sarsina247554SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
158Shahjahanpur247232SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
159Shekhpura Qudeem247001SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
160Sherpur247451SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
161Sherpur Khanazadpur247662SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
162Shimlana247453SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
163Simbhalki Gujjar247662SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
164Sirsaka247342SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
165Sona Arjunpur247451SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
166Sorana247232SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
167Sugar Mill, sarsawa247232SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
168Tabur247342SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
169Talhapur247129SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
170Talheri Buzurg247554SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
171Tanko Sunderpur247662SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
172Tansipur247551SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
173Telipura247232SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
174Thaska247453SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
175Tikrol247452SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
176Titron247343SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
177Tiwaya247001SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
178Toderpur247231SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
179Umahikalan247451SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
180Umrikalan247451SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
181Unali247001SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
182Veera Kheri247340SaharanpurUttar Pradesh

About Saharanpur

Saharanpur district, situated in the northern part of Uttar Pradesh, India, is the northernmost among the state’s districts. Positioned near the foothills of the Shivalik range, it shares borders with Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, and Uttarakhand. Known as an agricultural hub, the district lies within the Doab region. Saharanpur serves as the district headquarters and is also the administrative center of the Saharanpur Division. Additionally, prominent towns in the district include Behat, Deoband, Gangoh, and Rampur Maniharan.


Saharanpur’s history weaves a tale of cultural amalgamation and historical significance. Its roots trace back to ancient times when it was part of various empires, including the Mauryas and Guptas. In medieval times, it was under the rule of the Mughals, witnessing prosperity and architectural development. Later, it became a significant center during the reign of the Nawabs of Saharanpur.

The arrival of the British in the 19th century marked a turning point, leading to modernization and infrastructural developments. Saharanpur emerged as a vital hub for trade and commerce due to its strategic location. Post-independence, it continued to thrive, contributing to Uttar Pradesh’s cultural and economic landscape.

Today, Saharanpur stands as a blend of its historical legacy and contemporary progress, boasting architectural remnants and cultural heritage while embracing growth and diversity in northern India.


Saharanpur lies approximately 130 kilometers  south-southeast from Chandigarh and 170 kilometers north-northeast from Delhi. With an average elevation of 284 meters, it sits in a strategic location. The district shares borders with Yamunanagar and Karnal districts of Haryana to the west, Sirmaur district of Himachal Pradesh to the northwest, Dehradun district of Uttarakhand to the north, Haridwar district of Uttarakhand to the east, and Muzaffarnagar and Shamli districts to the south.

As the northernmost district of Uttar Pradesh, Saharanpur is delimited by the Yamuna River to the west and the southern slopes of the Sivalik Hills to the north. Below the Sivalik lies the Bhabhar region, succeeded by the Terai. To the west, khadir land along the Yamuna generates two tributaries: the Budhi and Saindh rivers.


As per the 2011 census, Saharanpur district recorded a population of 3,466,382, ranking 92nd among India’s 640 districts, with a population density of 939 individuals per square kilometer. The sex ratio stood at 887 females for every 1000 males, and the literacy rate reached 72.03%, with 30.77% residing in urban areas.

Over 56% of the population practices Hinduism, while Islam is the second-largest religion, with over 44.95% adherents. Sikhism is followed by 0.54% of the population. Hindus predominantly reside in rural areas, whereas Muslims form the majority in urban regions within the district.

During the 2011 Census of India, Hindi was the first language for 80.90% of the district’s population, while Urdu was spoken by 18.57% as their primary language.


Which district is Saharanpur in?

Saharanpur city was granted the status of Saharanpur Nagar Nigam on October 1, 2009, becoming the 13th municipal corporation in Uttar Pradesh. Additionally, it serves as the administrative center for both Saharanpur District and Saharanpur Division.

Why is Saharanpur famous?

Saharanpur thrives as a growing commercial center, excelling in wholesale and retail trade, agro-based industries, and various industrial goods. Renowned for its agricultural output, the region specializes in products like sugar, mangoes, and rice.

What is the language of Saharanpur?

In Saharanpur, the primary language spoken is Hindi. However, Urdu is also commonly spoken by a significant portion of the population.

What is the famous dish of Saharanpur?

One of the famous dishes of Saharanpur is the delectable Vada Pav, a delightful street food consisting of a deep-fried potato fritter served in a bread bun, often accompanied by chutney and fried green chilies.

Which industry is Saharanpur famous for?

Saharanpur is renowned for its flourishing woodcraft industry. The city specializes in intricately carved wooden furniture, artifacts, and handicrafts, showcasing exquisite craftsmanship that attracts attention both nationally and internationally.