Satna Pincodes

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Pincodes of Satna

Satna district, located in Madhya Pradesh, India, is known for its rich cultural heritage and historical significance. It is home to various temples, including the famous Maihar Temple dedicated to Goddess Sharda. The district covers a diverse landscape, from the Vindhyachal Range to the fertile plains. Satna is an important industrial and educational hub, with various industries and educational institutions contributing to its growth. The district is known for its religious festivals and vibrant culture. Satna district encompasses several pin codes, making it a well-connected region in the state. Satna pincodes facilitate efficient postal services and connectivity within the region.

Here is a list of Satna Pincodes

No.LocationPincode District State
1Aber485226SatnaMadhya Pradesh
2Ahirgaon485775SatnaMadhya Pradesh
3Aira485115SatnaMadhya Pradesh
4Ajmain485772SatnaMadhya Pradesh
5Ama485447SatnaMadhya Pradesh
6Amadara485773SatnaMadhya Pradesh
7Amarpatan485775SatnaMadhya Pradesh
8Amatara485772SatnaMadhya Pradesh
9Amdarikala485446SatnaMadhya Pradesh
10Amkui485551SatnaMadhya Pradesh
11Argat485881SatnaMadhya Pradesh
12Arjunpur485331SatnaMadhya Pradesh
13Asilash Ashram485334SatnaMadhya Pradesh
14Asrar485775SatnaMadhya Pradesh
15Atra485446SatnaMadhya Pradesh
16Babupur485881SatnaMadhya Pradesh
17Bachwai485441SatnaMadhya Pradesh
18Badera485772SatnaMadhya Pradesh
19Badkhar485005SatnaMadhya Pradesh
20Badkhera485226SatnaMadhya Pradesh
21Bagha485001SatnaMadhya Pradesh
22Baheliabaht485115SatnaMadhya Pradesh
23Bairahana485226SatnaMadhya Pradesh
24Bairiha485111SatnaMadhya Pradesh
25Bakia485111SatnaMadhya Pradesh
26Bamhauri485221SatnaMadhya Pradesh
27Bamhraula485666SatnaMadhya Pradesh
28Bandhi485441SatnaMadhya Pradesh
29Barahana485666SatnaMadhya Pradesh
30Barakhurd485881SatnaMadhya Pradesh
31Baraundha485331SatnaMadhya Pradesh
32Barethiya485441SatnaMadhya Pradesh
33Barti485111SatnaMadhya Pradesh
34Barua485331SatnaMadhya Pradesh
35Basudha485447SatnaMadhya Pradesh
36Bathia485111SatnaMadhya Pradesh
37Beeda485775SatnaMadhya Pradesh
38Bela485115SatnaMadhya Pradesh
39Belhai485881SatnaMadhya Pradesh
40Belhata485113SatnaMadhya Pradesh
41Berma485773SatnaMadhya Pradesh
42Bhadanpur485772SatnaMadhya Pradesh
43Bhainswar485666SatnaMadhya Pradesh
44Bharhut485001SatnaMadhya Pradesh
45Bharjuna Kala485114SatnaMadhya Pradesh
46Bhatigawan485774SatnaMadhya Pradesh
47Bhatnawara485001SatnaMadhya Pradesh
48Bhenda485774SatnaMadhya Pradesh
49Bhiamau485331SatnaMadhya Pradesh
50Bhikhampur485778SatnaMadhya Pradesh
51Bhumkahar485001SatnaMadhya Pradesh
52Bigaudi485778SatnaMadhya Pradesh
53Bihara485111SatnaMadhya Pradesh
54Bihata485661SatnaMadhya Pradesh
55Binaika485773SatnaMadhya Pradesh
56Birnai485113SatnaMadhya Pradesh
57Birsinghpur485226SatnaMadhya Pradesh
58Bitma485226SatnaMadhya Pradesh
59Budherua485774SatnaMadhya Pradesh
60Chandai485221SatnaMadhya Pradesh
61Chandwar485881SatnaMadhya Pradesh
62Chhibaura485111SatnaMadhya Pradesh
63Chhirhai485881SatnaMadhya Pradesh
64Chitahara485331SatnaMadhya Pradesh
65Chorhata485775SatnaMadhya Pradesh
66Chormari485115SatnaMadhya Pradesh
67Chorwari485447SatnaMadhya Pradesh
68Chua485331SatnaMadhya Pradesh
69Chund Khurd485221SatnaMadhya Pradesh
70Chunha485551SatnaMadhya Pradesh
71Dagdiha485221SatnaMadhya Pradesh
72Deodaha485881SatnaMadhya Pradesh
73Deomaudaldal485111SatnaMadhya Pradesh
74Deora485115SatnaMadhya Pradesh
75Deorikala485666SatnaMadhya Pradesh
76Dhanwahi485772SatnaMadhya Pradesh
77Dhaurahara485441SatnaMadhya Pradesh
78Dighiakala485881SatnaMadhya Pradesh
79Domhai485226SatnaMadhya Pradesh
80Dubehi485774SatnaMadhya Pradesh
81Dureha485551SatnaMadhya Pradesh
82Gada485113SatnaMadhya Pradesh
83Gangwaria485446SatnaMadhya Pradesh
84Ganjan485111SatnaMadhya Pradesh
85Ganjas485881SatnaMadhya Pradesh
86Garhwa Kala485112SatnaMadhya Pradesh
87Ghorkat485226SatnaMadhya Pradesh
88Ghunwara485773SatnaMadhya Pradesh
89Ginjara485446SatnaMadhya Pradesh
90Gobri485774SatnaMadhya Pradesh
91Gora485778SatnaMadhya Pradesh
92Goraiya485881SatnaMadhya Pradesh
93Gorhai485881SatnaMadhya Pradesh
94Gorsari485881SatnaMadhya Pradesh
95Govindpur485881SatnaMadhya Pradesh
96Gudha485551SatnaMadhya Pradesh
97Gulwargujara485881SatnaMadhya Pradesh
98Hardua485334SatnaMadhya Pradesh
99Hardua Kala485446SatnaMadhya Pradesh
100Harrai485881SatnaMadhya Pradesh
101Hati485221SatnaMadhya Pradesh
102Hatia485221SatnaMadhya Pradesh
103Hilaundha485441SatnaMadhya Pradesh
104Hinauta Kala485774SatnaMadhya Pradesh
105Hinauti485881SatnaMadhya Pradesh
106Hiraundi485331SatnaMadhya Pradesh
107Ichaul485771SatnaMadhya Pradesh
108Itahara485773SatnaMadhya Pradesh
109Itma485881SatnaMadhya Pradesh
110Itmanaditeer485001SatnaMadhya Pradesh
111Jaitwara485221SatnaMadhya Pradesh
112Jamuani485226SatnaMadhya Pradesh
113Jamuna485115SatnaMadhya Pradesh
114Janardanpur485111SatnaMadhya Pradesh
115Jariyari485774SatnaMadhya Pradesh
116Jaso485551SatnaMadhya Pradesh
117Jathaha485881SatnaMadhya Pradesh
118Jhakhaura485226SatnaMadhya Pradesh
119Jhali485666SatnaMadhya Pradesh
120Jhand485115SatnaMadhya Pradesh
121Jhari485331SatnaMadhya Pradesh
122Jhingodar485551SatnaMadhya Pradesh
123Jhinna485115SatnaMadhya Pradesh
124Jhiriya485115SatnaMadhya Pradesh
125Jhukehi485773SatnaMadhya Pradesh
126Jura485774SatnaMadhya Pradesh
127Kadsara485447SatnaMadhya Pradesh
128Kailashpur485331SatnaMadhya Pradesh
129Kakalpur485115SatnaMadhya Pradesh
130Kakra Karhi485775SatnaMadhya Pradesh
131Kalbalia485226SatnaMadhya Pradesh
132Kandaila485111SatnaMadhya Pradesh
133Kandwari485881SatnaMadhya Pradesh
134Karhi Kala485447SatnaMadhya Pradesh
135Karhikala485661SatnaMadhya Pradesh
136Karhilami485115SatnaMadhya Pradesh
137Karigohi485226SatnaMadhya Pradesh
138Karra485881SatnaMadhya Pradesh
139Kathaha485778SatnaMadhya Pradesh
140Kelhaura485331SatnaMadhya Pradesh
141Khajuri Tal485775SatnaMadhya Pradesh
142Khamaria485112SatnaMadhya Pradesh
143Khamharia Khurd485447SatnaMadhya Pradesh
144Khanch485226SatnaMadhya Pradesh
145Kharemseda485775SatnaMadhya Pradesh
146Kharwahi485775SatnaMadhya Pradesh
147Khohi485331SatnaMadhya Pradesh
148Khutha485221SatnaMadhya Pradesh
149Kitha485221SatnaMadhya Pradesh
150Kondar485331SatnaMadhya Pradesh
151Kotar485226SatnaMadhya Pradesh
152Kothi485666SatnaMadhya Pradesh
153Kripalpur Harijan tola485113SatnaMadhya Pradesh
154Krishngarh485115SatnaMadhya Pradesh
155Kulgarhi485446SatnaMadhya Pradesh
156Kumhari485447SatnaMadhya Pradesh
157Kunwa485112SatnaMadhya Pradesh
158Kusendi485773SatnaMadhya Pradesh
159Lagargawan485001SatnaMadhya Pradesh
160Lakhaha485775SatnaMadhya Pradesh
161Lakhanwah485226SatnaMadhya Pradesh
162Latagaon485772SatnaMadhya Pradesh
163Loharaura485001SatnaMadhya Pradesh
164M G g v chitrakoot485334SatnaMadhya Pradesh
165Madai485447SatnaMadhya Pradesh
166Madhi485775SatnaMadhya Pradesh
167Madhogarh485113SatnaMadhya Pradesh
168Magraura485774SatnaMadhya Pradesh
169Mahadeva485001SatnaMadhya Pradesh
170Mahtain485331SatnaMadhya Pradesh
171Mahudar485115SatnaMadhya Pradesh
172Maihar485771SatnaMadhya Pradesh
173Majhgawa485221SatnaMadhya Pradesh
174Majhgawan485331SatnaMadhya Pradesh
175Majhtolwa485881SatnaMadhya Pradesh
176Mand485113SatnaMadhya Pradesh
177Mankisar485881SatnaMadhya Pradesh
178Marhikala485551SatnaMadhya Pradesh
179Marjadpur485881SatnaMadhya Pradesh
180Mauhar485666SatnaMadhya Pradesh
181Mauhari Katra485775SatnaMadhya Pradesh
182Mednipur485221SatnaMadhya Pradesh
183Mehuti485221SatnaMadhya Pradesh
184Mirgauti485881SatnaMadhya Pradesh
185Moodha485441SatnaMadhya Pradesh
186Nadan485774SatnaMadhya Pradesh
187Nagod485446SatnaMadhya Pradesh
188Nakaila485331SatnaMadhya Pradesh
189Nardaha485331SatnaMadhya Pradesh
190Narwarkala485774SatnaMadhya Pradesh
191Nawagaon485334SatnaMadhya Pradesh
192Nayagaon485221SatnaMadhya Pradesh
193New Deorajnagar485881SatnaMadhya Pradesh
194Obra485775SatnaMadhya Pradesh
195Padkhuri485111SatnaMadhya Pradesh
196Pagar Khurd485226SatnaMadhya Pradesh
197Pahadi485551SatnaMadhya Pradesh
198Pal485775SatnaMadhya Pradesh
199Pangara485447SatnaMadhya Pradesh
200Paraswahi485775SatnaMadhya Pradesh
201Pathar Kachhar485331SatnaMadhya Pradesh
202Pathara485778SatnaMadhya Pradesh
203Patihar485666SatnaMadhya Pradesh
204Patna485331SatnaMadhya Pradesh
205Patura485001SatnaMadhya Pradesh
206Patwara485446SatnaMadhya Pradesh
207Pawaiya485666SatnaMadhya Pradesh
208Pilikothi485336SatnaMadhya Pradesh
209Pindra485331SatnaMadhya Pradesh
210Pithurabad485001SatnaMadhya Pradesh
211Pondi485771SatnaMadhya Pradesh
212Pratappur485226SatnaMadhya Pradesh
213Rahikwara485446SatnaMadhya Pradesh
214Raigaon485441SatnaMadhya Pradesh
215Raikwar485775SatnaMadhya Pradesh
216Raipur485666SatnaMadhya Pradesh
217Rajapur485446SatnaMadhya Pradesh
218Rajarwara485441SatnaMadhya Pradesh
219Ramasthan485112SatnaMadhya Pradesh
220Ramgarh485778SatnaMadhya Pradesh
221Ramnagar485881SatnaMadhya Pradesh
222Rampur Baghelan485115SatnaMadhya Pradesh
223Rampur Gandhi gram485001SatnaMadhya Pradesh
224Ramvan485111SatnaMadhya Pradesh
225Raund485447SatnaMadhya Pradesh
226Remari485226SatnaMadhya Pradesh
227Richhahari485111SatnaMadhya Pradesh
228Sabhaganj485773SatnaMadhya Pradesh
229Sagauni485881SatnaMadhya Pradesh
230Sagmania485114SatnaMadhya Pradesh
231Sakaria485113SatnaMadhya Pradesh
232Sarain485113SatnaMadhya Pradesh
233Saria485881SatnaMadhya Pradesh
234Sarlanagar485772SatnaMadhya Pradesh
235Satna485001SatnaMadhya Pradesh
236Satna Birla vikas485005SatnaMadhya Pradesh
237Satna Civil line485001SatnaMadhya Pradesh
238Satna Jawahar nagar485001SatnaMadhya Pradesh
239Satna Kanwarnagar485005SatnaMadhya Pradesh
240Satna Semaria chowk485001SatnaMadhya Pradesh
241Satna Siding485114SatnaMadhya Pradesh
242Satna Tikuria tola485001SatnaMadhya Pradesh
243Semara485773SatnaMadhya Pradesh
244Semari485551SatnaMadhya Pradesh
245Semaria485115SatnaMadhya Pradesh
246Semarwara485446SatnaMadhya Pradesh
247Shahpur485331SatnaMadhya Pradesh
248Sharda Mata mandir485771SatnaMadhya Pradesh
249Shivpurwa485775SatnaMadhya Pradesh
250Shivrajpur485447SatnaMadhya Pradesh
251Shyamnagar485446SatnaMadhya Pradesh
252Sijehata485111SatnaMadhya Pradesh
253Silpari485115SatnaMadhya Pradesh
254Singhpur485331SatnaMadhya Pradesh
255Sitpura485441SatnaMadhya Pradesh
256Sohawal485441SatnaMadhya Pradesh
257Sonadi485881SatnaMadhya Pradesh
258Sonaura Kothar485775SatnaMadhya Pradesh
259Sonsura Kothar485775SatnaMadhya Pradesh
260Sonwari485771SatnaMadhya Pradesh
261Sukwaha485226SatnaMadhya Pradesh
262Sulkhama485881SatnaMadhya Pradesh
263Surdaha485446SatnaMadhya Pradesh
264Tala485778SatnaMadhya Pradesh
265Tapa485115SatnaMadhya Pradesh
266Teondhari485115SatnaMadhya Pradesh
267Tighra485226SatnaMadhya Pradesh
268Tighrakala485771SatnaMadhya Pradesh
269Tihai485226SatnaMadhya Pradesh
270Umarahat485447SatnaMadhya Pradesh
271Unchehara485661SatnaMadhya Pradesh
272Usrar485447SatnaMadhya Pradesh

About Satna

Satna District, located in central India within the state of Madhya Pradesh, is centered around the city of Satna, which serves as its administrative hub. With an expansive area covering 7,502 square kilometers, the district is home to a population of 2,228,935 as per the 2011 census. Notably, 20.63% of this population resides in urban areas, contributing to the district’s unique blend of urban and rural life. The population density of Satna District stands at 249 individuals per square kilometer, reflecting the diverse and dynamic nature of this region.


The history of Satna District, located in central India, spans over centuries. In the 3rd century CE, the region was part of the Gupta Empire, known for its cultural and architectural achievements. Over the years, it witnessed the rise and fall of various dynasties, including the Guptas, Pratiharas, and Chandelas.

During the medieval period, the region saw the influence of the Delhi Sultanate and the Mughal Empire. In the 18th century, the Marathas held sway over Satna and surrounding areas. However, in the early 19th century, the British East India Company took control of the region, marking the beginning of British colonial rule.

Satna District played a role in India’s struggle for independence, with notable leaders like Chandrashekhar Azad participating in the freedom movement. Post-independence, Satna became part of the newly formed state of Madhya Pradesh.

Throughout its history, Satna has been witness to various cultural and historical transitions, contributing to the rich tapestry of India’s heritage.


Satna district shares its borders with Uttar Pradesh to the north, Rewa to the east, Shahdol to the southwest, Umaria and Katni districts to the south, and Panna to the west. It is a part of the Rewa Division. The district is further divided into several tehsils, including Amarpatan, Maihar, Nagod, Uchehara, Raghuraj Nagar, Majhgawan, Ramnagar, Kotar, Birsinghpur, Rampur Baghelan, and Kothi.


In 2006, Satna was identified by the Ministry of Panchayati Raj as one of the 250 most underdeveloped districts in the country out of a total of 640. Currently, it is among the 24 districts in Madhya Pradesh that receive funding from the Backward Regions Grant Fund Programme (BRGF).


According to the 2011 census, Satna District has a population of 2,228,935, ranking it 203rd among all districts in India.  The sex ratio in Satna is 927 females for every 1000 males, and the literacy rate stands at 79.89%. Approximately 21.28% of the population resides in urban areas.

In the 2001 census, Satna district had a total population of 1,870,104, with 970,114 males and 898,534 females. The sex ratio was 926, and the population density was 249 people per square kilometer.

As of the 2011 Census of India, Hindi was the primary language for 76.10% of the population in the district, followed by Bagheli at 21.37%, and Bundeli at 1.10%.

Satna is home to various languages, including Bagheli, which shares a lexical similarity of 72-91% with Hindi and is spoken by approximately 7,800,000 people in Bagelkhand.


What is the old name of Satna?

The historical narrative of Satna district is intertwined with the region known as Baghelkhand. A significant portion of this region was under the rule of the Treaty of Rewa state, while in the western part, feudal chieftains held authority.

What is famous in Satna district?

Satna is renowned for its religious significance, with two prominent pilgrimage sites: Chitrakoot and Maihar. Ram Ghat, situated on the banks of the Mandakini River, holds special reverence among Lord Ram's devotees. It is considered a sacred place for seeking redemption from sins.

Which dialect is spoken in Satna?

In Satna, the predominant dialect spoken is Bagheli, which exhibits a lexical similarity of 72-91% with Hindi and is spoken by a significant portion of the population in Bagelkhand.

Which river flows from Satna Madhya Pradesh?

The Tamas River (also known as Tons River) flows through Satna in Madhya Pradesh.