Sehore Pincodes

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Pincodes of Sehore

Sehore District, located in Madhya Pradesh, India, is a region known for its natural beauty and cultural heritage. With diverse landscapes and a rich history, Sehore offers a unique blend of tradition and modernity. The district is characterized by its lush greenery, serene lakes, and numerous temples. Sehore is also known for its agricultural significance, contributing to the region’s economy. Explore the vibrant culture, beautiful surroundings, and historical sites that make Sehore a captivating destination. Sehore pincodes represent specific areas within this extremely beautiful region of Madhya Pradesh, India.

Sehore Pincodes

Here is a list of Sehore Pincodes

No.LocationPincode District State
1Aabidabad466111SehoreMadhya Pradesh
2Aamon466448SehoreMadhya Pradesh
3Aarya466115SehoreMadhya Pradesh
4Ahmedpur466665SehoreMadhya Pradesh
5Aipur Ashta466116SehoreMadhya Pradesh
6Akola466554SehoreMadhya Pradesh
7Amirganj466446SehoreMadhya Pradesh
8Amlaha466113SehoreMadhya Pradesh
9Arniyaganji466221SehoreMadhya Pradesh
10Aroliya466116SehoreMadhya Pradesh
11Ashta466116SehoreMadhya Pradesh
12Ashta Fort466116SehoreMadhya Pradesh
13Badiyakhedi466001SehoreMadhya Pradesh
14Bager466116SehoreMadhya Pradesh
15Baibori466331SehoreMadhya Pradesh
16Baijnath466125SehoreMadhya Pradesh
17Bairagarhkhuman466651SehoreMadhya Pradesh
18Baktal466001SehoreMadhya Pradesh
19Baktara466448SehoreMadhya Pradesh
20Balagaon466331SehoreMadhya Pradesh
21Bamulia466111SehoreMadhya Pradesh
22Bamuliyabhati466116SehoreMadhya Pradesh
23Baneta466554SehoreMadhya Pradesh
24Barkheda466116SehoreMadhya Pradesh
25Barkheda Hasan466665SehoreMadhya Pradesh
26Basudev466331SehoreMadhya Pradesh
27Bayan466445SehoreMadhya Pradesh
28Bedakhedi466114SehoreMadhya Pradesh
29Bhadakui466331SehoreMadhya Pradesh
30Bhanwarikalan466221SehoreMadhya Pradesh
31Bhaukhedi466115SehoreMadhya Pradesh
32Bhoura466116SehoreMadhya Pradesh
33Bijlone466001SehoreMadhya Pradesh
34Bijori466001SehoreMadhya Pradesh
35Bilkisganj466111SehoreMadhya Pradesh
36Bishankhedi466115SehoreMadhya Pradesh
37Bordikalan466115SehoreMadhya Pradesh
38Borkheda466331SehoreMadhya Pradesh
39Brijisnagar466115SehoreMadhya Pradesh
40Budhni T.n.466445SehoreMadhya Pradesh
41Budni Ghat466445SehoreMadhya Pradesh
42Chakaldi466446SehoreMadhya Pradesh
43Chandbad jageer466665SehoreMadhya Pradesh
44Charnal466665SehoreMadhya Pradesh
45Chhapar466116SehoreMadhya Pradesh
46Chhatri466661SehoreMadhya Pradesh
47Chhipaner466331SehoreMadhya Pradesh
48Chhitgaonmoji466331SehoreMadhya Pradesh
49Chinch466331SehoreMadhya Pradesh
50Chupadiya466114SehoreMadhya Pradesh
51Dabri466115SehoreMadhya Pradesh
52Deevadia466115SehoreMadhya Pradesh
53Dhabla466111SehoreMadhya Pradesh
54Dhamnda466113SehoreMadhya Pradesh
55Dhoulpur466331SehoreMadhya Pradesh
56Dhuradakalan466120SehoreMadhya Pradesh
57Digwad466331SehoreMadhya Pradesh
58Dimawar466331SehoreMadhya Pradesh
59Dobi466554SehoreMadhya Pradesh
60Dolatpur466115SehoreMadhya Pradesh
61Doraha466661SehoreMadhya Pradesh
62Dungariya466554SehoreMadhya Pradesh
63Dupadiya466116SehoreMadhya Pradesh
64Foodra466116SehoreMadhya Pradesh
65Gavakheda466114SehoreMadhya Pradesh
66Gillor466331SehoreMadhya Pradesh
67Gopalpur466331SehoreMadhya Pradesh
68Guradi466115SehoreMadhya Pradesh
69Guradiyavarma466118SehoreMadhya Pradesh
70Gwali466118SehoreMadhya Pradesh
71Hakimabad466116SehoreMadhya Pradesh
72Harrajkhedi466116SehoreMadhya Pradesh
73Hasnabad466001SehoreMadhya Pradesh
74Heerapur466111SehoreMadhya Pradesh
75Ichawar466115SehoreMadhya Pradesh
76Itarshi466331SehoreMadhya Pradesh
77Jahajpura466445SehoreMadhya Pradesh
78Jamoniya Fathepur466115SehoreMadhya Pradesh
79Janpur Bavdiya466001SehoreMadhya Pradesh
80Jasmat466120SehoreMadhya Pradesh
81Jatakheda466001SehoreMadhya Pradesh
82Jawaharkheda466554SehoreMadhya Pradesh
83Jawar466221SehoreMadhya Pradesh
84Jhalki466115SehoreMadhya Pradesh
85Jharkheda466661SehoreMadhya Pradesh
86Jontala466448SehoreMadhya Pradesh
87Joshipur466445SehoreMadhya Pradesh
88Kachnariya466651SehoreMadhya Pradesh
89Kajlaas466221SehoreMadhya Pradesh
90Kannod466116SehoreMadhya Pradesh
91Khachrod466117SehoreMadhya Pradesh
92Khadi466119SehoreMadhya Pradesh
93Khadli466446SehoreMadhya Pradesh
94Khaikheda466445SehoreMadhya Pradesh
95Khajuriya Kasam466120SehoreMadhya Pradesh
96Khajuriyakalan466651SehoreMadhya Pradesh
97Khamaliya466001SehoreMadhya Pradesh
98Khandwa466651SehoreMadhya Pradesh
99Kheri466446SehoreMadhya Pradesh
100Kotri466114SehoreMadhya Pradesh
101Kulaskalan466111SehoreMadhya Pradesh
102Kurawar466116SehoreMadhya Pradesh
103Kurinayapura466331SehoreMadhya Pradesh
104Ladkui466331SehoreMadhya Pradesh
105Lasudiakhas466114SehoreMadhya Pradesh
106Loraskhurd466125SehoreMadhya Pradesh
107Magarda466665SehoreMadhya Pradesh
108Mahodiya466001SehoreMadhya Pradesh
109Maina466125SehoreMadhya Pradesh
110Manjharkui466446SehoreMadhya Pradesh
111Mardanpur466446SehoreMadhya Pradesh
112Metwada466118SehoreMadhya Pradesh
113Mograram466001SehoreMadhya Pradesh
114Molukhedi466114SehoreMadhya Pradesh
115Mugli466116SehoreMadhya Pradesh
116Muktarnagar466651SehoreMadhya Pradesh
117Mundlakhurd466001SehoreMadhya Pradesh
118Mungavli466001SehoreMadhya Pradesh
119Murawar466221SehoreMadhya Pradesh
120Muskara466113SehoreMadhya Pradesh
121Nandgaon466331SehoreMadhya Pradesh
122Nandner466448SehoreMadhya Pradesh
123Naplakhedi466001SehoreMadhya Pradesh
124Narsinghkheda466115SehoreMadhya Pradesh
125Nasrllaganj466331SehoreMadhya Pradesh
126Nimota466331SehoreMadhya Pradesh
127Nipaniakalan466114SehoreMadhya Pradesh
128Nipaniya466001SehoreMadhya Pradesh
129Nougaon466120SehoreMadhya Pradesh
130Paatan466445SehoreMadhya Pradesh
131Pachama466001SehoreMadhya Pradesh
132Panguradiya466445SehoreMadhya Pradesh
133Paraswada466554SehoreMadhya Pradesh
134Pilikarar466445SehoreMadhya Pradesh
135Piplaani466331SehoreMadhya Pradesh
136Rehti466446SehoreMadhya Pradesh
137Rithwad466331SehoreMadhya Pradesh
138Salkanpur466446SehoreMadhya Pradesh
139Sardarnagar466554SehoreMadhya Pradesh
140Satrana466331SehoreMadhya Pradesh
141Sehore466001SehoreMadhya Pradesh
142Sehore City466001SehoreMadhya Pradesh
143Sehore Englishpura466001SehoreMadhya Pradesh
144Sehore Ganjbajariya466001SehoreMadhya Pradesh
145Sehore Mandi466001SehoreMadhya Pradesh
146Sehore Rak466001SehoreMadhya Pradesh
147Sehore Town466001SehoreMadhya Pradesh
148Semalpani466331SehoreMadhya Pradesh
149Semlijadid466115SehoreMadhya Pradesh
150Semradangi466001SehoreMadhya Pradesh
151Semrikatkuna466446SehoreMadhya Pradesh
152Sewda466125SehoreMadhya Pradesh
153Shahganj466554SehoreMadhya Pradesh
154Shyampur466651SehoreMadhya Pradesh
155Siddikganj466120SehoreMadhya Pradesh
156Siradi466651SehoreMadhya Pradesh
157Sonthi466651SehoreMadhya Pradesh
158Sonthiya466331SehoreMadhya Pradesh
159Soyat466446SehoreMadhya Pradesh
160Sudamapuri466331SehoreMadhya Pradesh
161Tiladiya466331SehoreMadhya Pradesh
162Torniya466115SehoreMadhya Pradesh
163Uljhawan466111SehoreMadhya Pradesh
164Veerpur Kolardem466111SehoreMadhya Pradesh

About Sehore

Sehore District, located in central India, is a part of Madhya Pradesh state and falls under the jurisdiction of Bhopal Division, with its administrative center in the town of Sehore.


Sehore District in Madhya Pradesh, India, has a rich history that dates back centuries. In ancient times, it was known as ‘Sheetalpuri,’ a place of serenity and significance. The region witnessed the rule of various dynasties, including the Mauryas, Guptas, and Rajputs.

During medieval times, it was part of the Malwa Sultanate and later became a prominent center of the Mughal Empire. The district’s history also includes the Maratha influence, followed by British colonial rule.

In 1947, Sehore, like many other regions, gained independence from British rule and became part of the newly formed state of Madhya Pradesh. Today, it stands as a vibrant district with a blend of historical and modern elements, contributing to the cultural and administrative landscape of the state.


Sehore District, situated in the heart of Madhya Pradesh, India, boasts a diverse geographical landscape. It spans across an area characterized by rolling hills, fertile plains, and significant river systems. The district’s topography varies from the Vindhyan Plateau in the north to the fertile plains in the south.

Several rivers, including the Betwa, Kolar, and Barna, traverse the district, contributing to its agricultural richness. These water bodies not only support agriculture but also add to the natural beauty of the region.

The climate of Sehore District is characterized by distinct seasons, with hot summers, a monsoon season bringing ample rainfall, and cool winters. This climatic variation influences the region’s agriculture, with crops like wheat, soybean, and gram being prominently cultivated.

Sehore’s geographical diversity, coupled with its proximity to the state capital, Bhopal, makes it an important part of Madhya Pradesh’s landscape, both in terms of agriculture and administration.


As of the 2011 census, Sehore District had a population of 1,311,332, ranking it 373rd among all Indian districts. The population density in the district was approximately 199 people per square kilometer. The sex ratio in Sehore was 918 females for every 1,000 males, and the literacy rate stood at 71.11%. About 18.95% of the population resided in urban areas.

Regarding language, the 2011 Census of India reported that Hindi was the primary language for 95.38% of the district’s population. Urdu was spoken by 2.31%, and Malvi was the first language for 1.46% of the residents in the district.



Which district is Sehore in?

Sehore, situated in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, serves as both a city and a municipality within Sehore District. This urban center also functions as the administrative headquarters of the district and is conveniently positioned along the Bhopal-Sehore-Indore highway, approximately 38 kilometers away from Bhopal.

Why is Sehore district famous?

Sehore district boasts a wealth of captivating tourist destinations, including cultural and historical sites like temples, mosques, churches, and gurudwaras. Among its renowned historical landmarks are the tomb of Kunwar Chan Singh, the Saru-maru caves, Talpura, and the impressive Ginnorgarh fort.

How many blocks are there in Sehore district?

The 8 blocks in Sehore district, Madhya Pradesh: 1. Sehore 2. Ashta 3. Ichhawar 4. Rehti 5. Budhni 6. Bilkhiria 7. Nasrullaganj 8. Shahganj

What is the special food of Sehore?

Kachouri, a nutritious breakfast dish, is a local favorite in Sehore, especially renowned in the Malwa region. Additionally, Daal Bati or Bafla, a traditional meal, enjoys popularity across urban and rural areas of Sehore.