Seoni Pincodes

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Pincodes of Seoni

Seoni District, in central India’s Madhya Pradesh, is known for its verdant landscapes and rich wildlife. A key administrative and cultural hub, it’s famous as the inspiration for Rudyard Kipling’s “The Jungle Book.” The district is dotted with numerous towns and villages, each identified by distinct Seoni pincodes, facilitating easy navigation and postal services. Its diverse flora and fauna, coupled with a vibrant local culture, make Seoni a unique blend of natural beauty and cultural heritage, attracting visitors and researchers alike.

Seoni Pincodes

Here is a list of Seoni Pincodes

No.LocationPincode District State
1Adegaon480887SeoniMadhya Pradesh
2Aloniya480882SeoniMadhya Pradesh
3Amagarh480771SeoniMadhya Pradesh
4Amgaon480661SeoniMadhya Pradesh
5Anjania480884SeoniMadhya Pradesh
6Antara480667SeoniMadhya Pradesh
7Ari480771SeoniMadhya Pradesh
8Ashta480667SeoniMadhya Pradesh
9Atari480667SeoniMadhya Pradesh
10Ataria480997SeoniMadhya Pradesh
11Babaira480661SeoniMadhya Pradesh
12Badalpar480661SeoniMadhya Pradesh
13Baghai480994SeoniMadhya Pradesh
14Baglai480994SeoniMadhya Pradesh
15Baigapiparia480888SeoniMadhya Pradesh
16Bakhari480882SeoniMadhya Pradesh
17Bakoda Seoni480884SeoniMadhya Pradesh
18Bakodi480882SeoniMadhya Pradesh
19Balpur480997SeoniMadhya Pradesh
20Bamhani480667SeoniMadhya Pradesh
21Bamhanwada480886SeoniMadhya Pradesh
22Bamhodi480661SeoniMadhya Pradesh
23Banathar480996SeoniMadhya Pradesh
24Bandeli480994SeoniMadhya Pradesh
25Bandol480882SeoniMadhya Pradesh
26Banjari480888SeoniMadhya Pradesh
27Banki480882SeoniMadhya Pradesh
28Barela480997SeoniMadhya Pradesh
29Barelaghat480999SeoniMadhya Pradesh
30Barghat480667SeoniMadhya Pradesh
31Baroda480999SeoniMadhya Pradesh
32Behrai480667SeoniMadhya Pradesh
33Belpeth480661SeoniMadhya Pradesh
34Bewhari480997SeoniMadhya Pradesh
35Bhimgarh480884SeoniMadhya Pradesh
36Bhimgarh Project480884SeoniMadhya Pradesh
37Bhoma480990SeoniMadhya Pradesh
38Bhongakheda480882SeoniMadhya Pradesh
39Binjhawada480661SeoniMadhya Pradesh
40Birholi480771SeoniMadhya Pradesh
41Bordai480661SeoniMadhya Pradesh
42Borikala480667SeoniMadhya Pradesh
43Budhenakala480667SeoniMadhya Pradesh
44Chakki Khamariya480661SeoniMadhya Pradesh
45Chamari(khurd)480887SeoniMadhya Pradesh
46Chandarpur480880SeoniMadhya Pradesh
47Chandori(khurd)480882SeoniMadhya Pradesh
48Chawadi480661SeoniMadhya Pradesh
49Chhapara480884SeoniMadhya Pradesh
50Chhinda480994SeoniMadhya Pradesh
51Chhindbarri480990SeoniMadhya Pradesh
52Chhui480990SeoniMadhya Pradesh
53Chutka480990SeoniMadhya Pradesh
54Dankakadi480888SeoniMadhya Pradesh
55Darasikala480771SeoniMadhya Pradesh
56Dargada480888SeoniMadhya Pradesh
57Deogaon480884SeoniMadhya Pradesh
58Deori480888SeoniMadhya Pradesh
59Deorikala480886SeoniMadhya Pradesh
60Dhapara480771SeoniMadhya Pradesh
61Dharnakala480667SeoniMadhya Pradesh
62Dhobisarra480661SeoniMadhya Pradesh
63Dhuma480888SeoniMadhya Pradesh
64Dhutera480991SeoniMadhya Pradesh
65Dighori480882SeoniMadhya Pradesh
66Diwari480997SeoniMadhya Pradesh
67Dobh480994SeoniMadhya Pradesh
68Dokarranjhi480991SeoniMadhya Pradesh
69Dondiwada480771SeoniMadhya Pradesh
70Durenda480996SeoniMadhya Pradesh
71Fulara480661SeoniMadhya Pradesh
72Ganeri480999SeoniMadhya Pradesh
73Ganesh Ganj480886SeoniMadhya Pradesh
74Gangai480886SeoniMadhya Pradesh
75Gangatola480994SeoniMadhya Pradesh
76Ghansore480997SeoniMadhya Pradesh
77Ghatpipariya480999SeoniMadhya Pradesh
78Ghotkheda480997SeoniMadhya Pradesh
79Ghurwara480888SeoniMadhya Pradesh
80Gohana480882SeoniMadhya Pradesh
81Gokalpur480771SeoniMadhya Pradesh
82Gondegaon480667SeoniMadhya Pradesh
83Gopalganj480661SeoniMadhya Pradesh
84Gorakhpur480887SeoniMadhya Pradesh
85Gwaria480994SeoniMadhya Pradesh
86Hardoli480884SeoniMadhya Pradesh
87Hathnapur480661SeoniMadhya Pradesh
88Hinotiya480990SeoniMadhya Pradesh
89Imaliya Raitwar480887SeoniMadhya Pradesh
90Jaitpur Kala480661SeoniMadhya Pradesh
91Jam480661SeoniMadhya Pradesh
92Jeonara480667SeoniMadhya Pradesh
93Jewnara480996SeoniMadhya Pradesh
94Jhiri480887SeoniMadhya Pradesh
95Jhittarra480996SeoniMadhya Pradesh
96Jhurki480997SeoniMadhya Pradesh
97Kahani480999SeoniMadhya Pradesh
98Kalarbanki480882SeoniMadhya Pradesh
99Kanhan Piparia480990SeoniMadhya Pradesh
100Kanhiwada480990SeoniMadhya Pradesh
101Karanpur480886SeoniMadhya Pradesh
102Kareli480886SeoniMadhya Pradesh
103Karirat480661SeoniMadhya Pradesh
104Kedarpur480997SeoniMadhya Pradesh
105Kekdai480667SeoniMadhya Pradesh
106Keolari480994SeoniMadhya Pradesh
107Keolari Kheda480994SeoniMadhya Pradesh
108Kesalekala480667SeoniMadhya Pradesh
109Khairapalari480991SeoniMadhya Pradesh
110Khairlanji480994SeoniMadhya Pradesh
111Khairnara480888SeoniMadhya Pradesh
112Khamaria Bazar480997SeoniMadhya Pradesh
113Khamaria Gosai480886SeoniMadhya Pradesh
114Khami480996SeoniMadhya Pradesh
115Khandasa480881SeoniMadhya Pradesh
116Khapa Bazar480991SeoniMadhya Pradesh
117Kharsaru480994SeoniMadhya Pradesh
118Khatiya480997SeoniMadhya Pradesh
119Khawasa480881SeoniMadhya Pradesh
120Khunt480667SeoniMadhya Pradesh
121Khursara480996SeoniMadhya Pradesh
122Khut-khamaria480888SeoniMadhya Pradesh
123Kindarai480997SeoniMadhya Pradesh
124Kohka480994SeoniMadhya Pradesh
125Korai480880SeoniMadhya Pradesh
126Kudari Maghgaon480991SeoniMadhya Pradesh
127Kumhada480994SeoniMadhya Pradesh
128Lakhnadon480886SeoniMadhya Pradesh
129Lopa480991SeoniMadhya Pradesh
130Madhi480887SeoniMadhya Pradesh
131Malara480667SeoniMadhya Pradesh
132Manegaon480997SeoniMadhya Pradesh
133Marbodi480661SeoniMadhya Pradesh
134Mehta480999SeoniMadhya Pradesh
135Mohbarra480996SeoniMadhya Pradesh
136Mohgaon Kachhi480887SeoniMadhya Pradesh
137Mohgaon Kala480886SeoniMadhya Pradesh
138Mugwani Kala480661SeoniMadhya Pradesh
139Nagandeori480888SeoniMadhya Pradesh
140Nandora480667SeoniMadhya Pradesh
141Nayegaon480771SeoniMadhya Pradesh
142Neewari480771SeoniMadhya Pradesh
143Paddikona480997SeoniMadhya Pradesh
144Pahadi480997SeoniMadhya Pradesh
145Palari-chhidiya480661SeoniMadhya Pradesh
146Pandiwada480996SeoniMadhya Pradesh
147Pandiya Chhapara480996SeoniMadhya Pradesh
148Panjara480991SeoniMadhya Pradesh
149Parasiya480887SeoniMadhya Pradesh
150Patan480887SeoniMadhya Pradesh
151Pathadeori480888SeoniMadhya Pradesh
152Pindrai480881SeoniMadhya Pradesh
153Pindrai- Buttey480880SeoniMadhya Pradesh
154Pindraikala480667SeoniMadhya Pradesh
155Pipardahi480661SeoniMadhya Pradesh
156Piparia Bhasunda480999SeoniMadhya Pradesh
157Piparia Bhoma480990SeoniMadhya Pradesh
158Pipariya Kala480991SeoniMadhya Pradesh
159Piparwani480881SeoniMadhya Pradesh
160Pondi-jaharmau480882SeoniMadhya Pradesh
161Poniya480667SeoniMadhya Pradesh
162Purwamal480886SeoniMadhya Pradesh
163Rajola480661SeoniMadhya Pradesh
164Ramli480880SeoniMadhya Pradesh
165Riddi480881SeoniMadhya Pradesh
166Rumal480996SeoniMadhya Pradesh
167Sadak Seoni480884SeoniMadhya Pradesh
168Sajpani-dhanora480999SeoniMadhya Pradesh
169Sakri480996SeoniMadhya Pradesh
170Salhe-khurd480667SeoniMadhya Pradesh
171Salhekosmi480667SeoniMadhya Pradesh
172Salhepani480997SeoniMadhya Pradesh
173Sanaidongari480888SeoniMadhya Pradesh
174Sarekha480991SeoniMadhya Pradesh
175Sarekha Kala480996SeoniMadhya Pradesh
176Seoni480661SeoniMadhya Pradesh
177Seoni Barapathar480661SeoniMadhya Pradesh
178Seoni Budhwari bazar480661SeoniMadhya Pradesh
179Seoni City480661SeoniMadhya Pradesh
180Sihora480886SeoniMadhya Pradesh
181Sikara480997SeoniMadhya Pradesh
182Sillore480661SeoniMadhya Pradesh
183Sindaria480661SeoniMadhya Pradesh
184Sirmangani480886SeoniMadhya Pradesh
185Sonkhar480996SeoniMadhya Pradesh
186Sukla480771SeoniMadhya Pradesh
187Suktara480661SeoniMadhya Pradesh
188Sunwara480884SeoniMadhya Pradesh
189Takalakala480771SeoniMadhya Pradesh
190Tali480994SeoniMadhya Pradesh
191Tekari480771SeoniMadhya Pradesh
192Tighra480661SeoniMadhya Pradesh
193Tinduwa480994SeoniMadhya Pradesh
194Turia480881SeoniMadhya Pradesh
195Udepani480990SeoniMadhya Pradesh
196Ugli480996SeoniMadhya Pradesh
197Vijaypani480661SeoniMadhya Pradesh

About Seoni

Seoni District, located in central India, is a part of the state of Madhya Pradesh. The district’s administrative center is the town of Seoni.


Seoni District, nestled in the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, boasts a rich historical tapestry. This region, historically influenced by various dynasties, was significantly shaped during the Gond era. The Gonds, an indigenous tribe, left an indelible mark on the district’s cultural and historical landscape. In the 18th century, Seoni witnessed the rise of the Maratha Empire, marking a pivotal moment in its history. This period saw architectural and administrative developments that contributed to the district’s growth.

The British colonial era brought another significant chapter, with Seoni being incorporated into the Central Provinces and Berar. The district gained further prominence due to its mention in Rudyard Kipling’s famed “The Jungle Book,” which was inspired by the lush forests and wildlife of the region. Post-independence, Seoni has continued to evolve, balancing its rich historical heritage with modern developments, and remains a vital part of Madhya Pradesh’s cultural and historical identity.


Seoni, located in southeastern Madhya Pradesh, India, is part of the Mahakoshal region. It shares its borders with Jabalpur to the north, Narsinghpur and Chhindwara to the west, Nagpur in Maharashtra to the south, and Balaghat and Mandla to the east. The district, covering 8,758 km², is a significant part of the Satpura tableland and predominantly forested, known for its picturesque landscapes and fertile valleys.

The region’s geography is diverse: the north and west feature the Lakhnadon and Seoni plateaus, with elevations between 1,800 and 2,000 feet, known for their moderate climate and clear, well-cultivated lands. The eastern area encompasses the Wainganga’s watershed and basin, while the southwest has the rocky Dongartal strip.

Geologically, Seoni’s north is characterized by trap hills, and the south by crystalline rock. The soil varies from rich black cotton in the plateau regions to more siliceous and clay-rich types in the south.

The Wainganga River, along with its tributaries Sagar, Theli, Bijna, and Thanwar, dominates the area’s hydrography, complemented by the Timar and Sher, tributaries of the Narmada. The district, with an annual rainfall averaging 53 inches, predominantly cultivates rice, wheat, maize, chickpeas, and soybean.


The Seoni district is administratively segmented into eight tehsils, namely Barghat, Chhapara, Dhanora, Ghansaur, Keolari, Kurai, Lakhnadon, Seoni Rural, and Seoni Nagar. Within the district, there are 1,579 villages governed under 645 Gram Panchayats. Additionally, Seoni district is organized into six revenue divisions: Seoni, Lakhanadon, Ghansaur, Keolari, Barghat, and Kurai.


In 2006, Seoni was identified by the Ministry of Panchayati Raj as one of India’s 250 most underdeveloped districts, out of a total of 640. It is included among the 24 districts in Madhya Pradesh that are beneficiaries of the Backward Regions Grant Fund Programme (BRGF). The introduction of railway connectivity in Seoni has boosted its agricultural trade. The Seoni railway station, along with its goods yard, plays a crucial role as a key hub for the export of agricultural products.


The 2011 census reported that Seoni District’s population was 1,379,131, ranking it 355th in India among 640 districts. With a density of 157 people per square kilometer, the district exhibits a sex ratio of 984 females to every 1000 males and a literacy rate of 73.01%. About 11.88% of its population resides in urban areas.

Religiously, Hindus constitute 83.03% of the population, while Muslims account for 5.78%. Other religions, primarily various indigenous Adivasi beliefs such as Koya Punem, represent 9.81%. There are also 7,300 Buddhists and 4,900 Jains.

Language-wise, during the 2011 Census, 86.76% of the district’s inhabitants spoke Hindi as their first language, followed by 6.91% speaking Gondi, 1.83% Powari, 1.77% Marathi, and 1.36% Urdu.




What is the Seoni district famous for?

Seoni District, located in the state of Madhya Pradesh, India, is renowned for several reasons: Natural Beauty and Wildlife, Pench National Park, Tribal Culture, Agriculture, and Historical and Religious Sites. Seoni is famous for its lush landscapes and rich biodiversity. It is part of the setting for Rudyard Kipling's classic novel "The Jungle Book," which draws inspiration from the deep forests and wildlife of this region.

What language do they speak in Seoni?

According to the data from the 2011 Census of India, the linguistic distribution in Seoni District was as follows: the majority of the population, 86.76%, spoke Hindi as their first language. This was followed by 6.91% of the population speaking Gondi, a significant language for the local indigenous communities. Additionally, 1.83% of the residents spoke Powari, 1.77% communicated in Marathi, and 1.36% of the population used Urdu as their primary language. This linguistic diversity reflects the multicultural and multiethnic composition of the district.

Is Seoni urban or rural?

Seoni District is predominantly a rural demographic district. A substantial 88.12% of its population, amounting to 1,215,241 individuals, reside in rural areas. This rural population is almost evenly split between genders, with 612,314 males and 602,927 females. In contrast, the urban population constitutes only 11.88% of the district's total population, totaling 163,890 people. Within this urban demographic, there are 83,565 males and 80,325 females. This data highlights the rural-centric nature of Seoni District, with a significant majority of its inhabitants living in rural settings, while a smaller fraction resides in urban areas.

What is the name of the forest in Seoni?

The most famous forest in Seoni District is the Pench National Park, which is a significant part of the Pench Tiger Reserve. This forested area gained widespread recognition due to its association with Rudyard Kipling's "The Jungle Book." The Pench forest, straddling the border between Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra, is known for its rich biodiversity, including a significant tiger population, and is a key area for wildlife conservation in India. The lush landscapes and diverse fauna of Pench National Park make it a prime example of the natural beauty and ecological significance of the forests in Seoni District.