Shajapur Pincodes

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Pincodes of Shajapur

Shajapur district, nestled in the state of Madhya Pradesh, India, is characterized by its vibrant culture and historical significance. This region is marked by a diverse landscape, blending urban developments with rural charm. Key to its administrative efficiency are the unique pincodes, which are essential for precise mail delivery and geographical identification within the district. Shajapur pincodes not only streamline postal services but also assist in the systematic organization of the region’s various areas. Shajapur, with its blend of tradition and modernity, plays a vital role in the cultural and economic tapestry of Madhya Pradesh.

Shajapur Pincodes

Here is a list of Shajapur Pincodes

No.LocationPincode District State
1Abhaypur465001ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
2Agar Malwa465441ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
3Akodia465223ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
4Ala Umrod465001ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
5Alisiriya465333ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
6Amba465550ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
7Amla465447ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
8Amlay465335ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
9Arniya kalan465333ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
10Arniya khurd465333ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
11Awantipur Barodia465516ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
12Badagaon465445ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
13Bapcha465550ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
14Barda raoji465447ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
15Bardiason465110ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
16Barode465550ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
17Barodia Kumaria465226ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
18Behraval465337ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
19Berchha465110ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
20Berchha Datar465337ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
21Bhaisaygarh465339ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
22Bhaisrod465223ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
23Bhandavad465445ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
24Bharad465001ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
25Bhesoda465445ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
26Bhilkhedi465333ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
27Bhuria Khajuria465337ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
28Bijana465001ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
29Bijanagri465441ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
30Bijnakhedi465230ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
31Binaya465116ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
32Biyana465441ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
33Bolai465220ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
34Burlay465226ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
35Burnavad465226ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
36Chakrod465335ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
37Chhapariya465447ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
38Chitawad465227ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
39Choma Dak bangla465230ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
40Choslakulmi465110ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
41Dasta Khedi465220ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
42Dehandi465333ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
43Dehriyakulmi465440ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
44Dendla465110ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
45Devla Bihar465220ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
46Devli465116ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
47Dhabla ghosi465335ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
48Dhabla Dheer465337ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
49Dharola465445ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
50Dhillod465001ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
51Dogargaon465440ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
52Dudhana465226ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
53Dupada465001ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
54Farad465337ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
55Gangapur465447ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
56Gata465441ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
57Gelana465447ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
58Ghunsi465220ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
59Ghurasiya465441ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
60Gondalmau465445ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
61Gopipur465001ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
62Goyla465445ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
63Gulana465220ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
64Hadlaya Kala465223ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
65Hargankhedi465230ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
66Jabdiya Bheel465337ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
67Jamner465335ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
68Jhalara465550ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
69Jhokar465106ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
70Kadwala465227ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
71Kalapipal465337ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
72Kalapipal Gaon465337ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
73Kalisindh465220ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
74Kamalpur465337ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
75Kanad465230ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
76Kapaliya465106ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
77Karju465226ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
78Kethlay465223ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
79Kevda Khedi465227ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
80Khadi465113ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
81Khamlya465337ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
82Khardonkala465339ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
83Khardonkhurd465339ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
84Khatsur465116ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
85Khokra Kalan465339ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
86Khoria Nayta465110ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
87Khoriaama465226ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
88Killoda465227ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
89Kohadiya465230ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
90Kumariakhas465226ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
91Ladavad465220ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
92Lahori465220ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
93Lala465441ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
94Lasuldiya Gori465337ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
95Lasuldiya Malak465337ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
96Laturi gehlot465447ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
97Loharia465440ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
98Loharkheda465227ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
99Lotiakrishna465550ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
100Madana465227ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
101Madkota465550ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
102Mahudiya465441ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
103Makodi465113ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
104Maksi465106ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
105Malwasa465441ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
106Mandoda465226ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
107Manglaj465227ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
108Mansaya465337ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
109Mathurakhedi465230ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
110Mayapur mangrola465333ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
111Modi465447ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
112Mohammadpur Machnai465339ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
113Mohana465226ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
114Mohmmadkheda465223ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
115Morta465001ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
116Mortakhevdi465116ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
117Nalkheda465445ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
118Nandni465337ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
119Nipania dhakar465113ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
120Nipaniabajnath465441ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
121Nipaniya Hanuman465441ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
122Nipaniyakarju465226ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
123Pachlana465230ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
124Padliya465333ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
125Pagrawadkalan465116ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
126Palda465441ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
127Palkhedi465441ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
128Panch dehria465335ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
129Panwadi465001ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
130Patlawada465223ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
131Payli465447ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
132Pilwas465445ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
133Pipliaset465445ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
134Pipliyanagar465337ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
135Piploankala465441ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
136Pochaner465337ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
137Polai Kalan465116ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
138Polaikhrud465223ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
139Raipur465333ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
140Ranayal465337ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
141Ranibarod465223ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
142Ranth Bhanwar465110ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
143Rolakhedi465333ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
144Sajod465001ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
145Saliakhedi465440ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
146Salsalai465227ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
147Semalkhedi465447ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
148Semliya465339ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
149Shajapur465001ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
150Shajapur town465001ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
151Shajapur Kutchery465001ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
152Shivgarh465230ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
153Shujalpur city465331ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
154Shujalpur mandi465333ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
155Shyampura465447ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
156Siloda465335ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
157Simrol465113ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
158Sirpoi465441ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
159Soyat khurd465440ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
160Soyat Kalan465440ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
161Suigaon465445ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
162Sundersi465113ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
163Sunhera465001ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
164Susner465447ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
165Takhala465445ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
166Tanodiya465441ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
167Tikon465226ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
168Tilawad govind465110ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
169Tilawadmena465333ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
170Uchod465223ShajapurMadhya Pradesh
171Ugli465337ShajapurMadhya Pradesh

About Shajapur

Shajapur District, located in the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, has its headquarters in the town of Shajapur. Situated in the northwestern part of the state on the Malwa Plateau, it lies between the latitudes of 32″06′ and 24″19′ North and longitudes 75″41′ and 77″02′ East. The district is surrounded by Ujjain to the west, Dewas and Sehore to the south, and Rajgarh to the north, and is part of the Ujjain Division. Named after the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan, who visited in 1640, its original name was Shahjahanpur, later shortened to Shajapur. It has been a district since the formation of the Gwalior state.


Originally part of Gwalior State, Shajapur District joined the Indian government after 1947. It became part of Madhya Bharat and was later merged into Madhya Pradesh in 1956. The town of Sundarsi in Shajapur, situated by the Kalisindh River, is famous for its Mahakaleshwar Jyotirlinga temple, similar to the one in Ujjain. Legend links Sundarsi to Ujjain through the marriage of King Vikramaditya of Ujjain’s sister, Sundarabai, to Sundersi’s ruler Bhagwat Singh. Founded by King Sudarshan in 1032 BC, Sundarsi’s blend of history and spirituality, highlighted by the revered Mahakaleshwar temple, makes it a historically rich and spiritually significant location.


Shajapur District, located in central India’s Madhya Pradesh state, is predominantly situated on the Malwa Plateau. It lies within the coordinates of 32″06′ and 24″19′ North latitude and 75″41′ and 77″02′ East longitude. The district is characterized by its undulating topography, marked by flat expanses interspersed with gentle slopes. Bordered by Ujjain District to the west, Dewas and Sehore to the south, and Rajgarh to the north, Shajapur is an integral part of the Ujjain Division. The region is traversed by several rivers, with the Kalisindh River being particularly notable. Its geographical setting contributes to a diverse ecological landscape, hosting a mix of rural and urban settlements.


As of the 2011 census, Shajapur District had 1,512,681 people, making it the 330th most populated out of 640 districts in India. The area had 244 people living in each square kilometer. For every 1,000 males, there were 939 females, and 70.17% of the population could read and write.

When Agar Malwa district separated from Shajapur, the remaining population in Shajapur was 941,403. Out of these, 176,219 people (about 18.72%) lived in cities. The sex ratio in Shajapur was 931 females for every 1,000 males. In this district, everyone speaks Hindi.


Is Shajapur a district?

Shajapur District, located in the northwestern part of Madhya Pradesh, India, is categorized under the Central Madhya Pradesh Plateau-Ratlam Plateau Micro region as per the current regional classification system.

What is Shajapur famous for?

Originally named Shajahanpur, the city eventually adopted the shortened name of Shajapur. It also fell under the rule of the famous Maratha leader, Sindhia, at one point in history. Presently, Shajapur is celebrated not only for its historic fort but also for its numerous temples, some of which have stood for several decades and even centuries.

What is the old name of Shajapur?

During the 1981 census, Shajapur district, which is part of the Ujjain division, was recognized. The district gets its name from its central town, Shajapur, which was named in honor of Shahjahan, the Mughal Emperor, who stayed there in 1640. It's believed that the town was originally called Shahjahanpur before being shortened to Shajapur.

In which year Shajapur was declared as district?

Following the decline of the Mughal dynasty, Shahjahanpur became part of the Scindia state in 1732, undergoing numerous administrative transformations. It was during this time that the name of the city was shortened from “Shahjahanpur” to “Shajapur.” Additionally, a magnificent palace within the fort was constructed by Tarabai. In 1904, the area was officially designated as a district.