Shivpuri Pincodes

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Pincodes of Shivpuri

Shivpuri District, nestled in the heart of Madhya Pradesh, India, is renowned for its historical significance and natural beauty. The district’s administrative hub is the town of Shivpuri, known for its lush greenery and rich cultural heritage. Spanning across various towns and villages, each area in Shivpuri pincodes, simplify postal services and help in easy identification. With its blend of history, culture, and picturesque landscapes, Shivpuri is a notable district, its identity reinforced by these distinct Shivpuri pincodes.

Shivpuri Pincodes

Here is a list of Shivpuri Pincodes

No.LocationPincode District State
1Achhroni473585ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
2Aijwara473770ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
3Ainchwara473793ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
4Akajhiri473781ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
5Algi473665ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
6Amhara473781ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
7Amola473660ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
8Amolpatha473880ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
9Atalpur473885ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
10Badarwas473995ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
11Badera473670ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
12Badhora473660ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
13Bagwasa473775ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
14Bamhari473638ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
15Bamore473885ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
16Bamore Damron473670ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
17Bamore Kalan473781ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
18Bamorkalan473585ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
19Bamra473775ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
20Bangawan473660ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
21Bansgarh473662ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
22Bara473638ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
23Barai473885ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
24Barod473770ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
25Barodi Sadak473551ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
26Behgawa473662ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
27Benhta473774ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
28Berad473793ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
29Bhadauta473770ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
30Bhangarh473638ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
31Bhansda Khurd473660ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
32Bharsula473585ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
33Bhatnawar473785ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
34Bhesrawan473775ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
35Bhonti473993ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
36Bijrawan473585ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
37Bijroni473770ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
38Bilhari473665ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
39Bilwara Mata473793ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
40Budadongar473885ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
41Budhonrajapur473995ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
42Burda473793ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
43Chak Kamalpur473638ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
44Chakrana473775ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
45Chharch473775ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
46Chhirwaha473670ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
47Chhitipur473665ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
48Chhitri473662ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
49Chinod473660ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
50Collectorate Bhawan shiv473551ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
51Dabarbhat473665ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
52Dabia Jagan473990ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
53Dabiakala473995ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
54Dabra Dinara473665ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
55Damron Kalan473665ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
56Dargawa473670ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
57Deharwara473774ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
58Dehrog473774ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
59Deokheda473995ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
60Deokho473990ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
61Dhala473670ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
62Dhand473665ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
63Dhigwas473865ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
64Dhihala473662ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
65Dholagarh473638ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
66Dinara473665ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
67Doni473662ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
68Dulhara473775ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
69Endar473770ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
70Gajigarh473793ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
71Gajora473995ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
72Galthuni473775ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
73Ganeshkheda473670ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
74Ganeshkjeda473774ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
75Gangora473551ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
76Garentha473995ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
77Garibarod473551ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
78Gondari473793ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
79Gopalpura473793ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
80Gudar473990ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
81Harinagar473995ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
82Hateda473865ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
83Himmatpur473665ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
84I.T.b.p shivpuri473551ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
85Jagatpur473774ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
86Jhanda473662ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
87Jhiri473775ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
88Jorai473793ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
89Jujhai473880ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
90Kachhauwa473995ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
91Kafar473585ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
92Kakraua473793ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
93Kakraua Thuni473670ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
94Kali Pahari473585ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
95Kalipahadi Mathure473665ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
96Kalipahadi Meda473880ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
97Kanker473638ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
98Karahi473662ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
99Karar Kheda473995ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
100Karera473660ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
101Karmaj Kalan473551ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
102Karotha473660ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
103Karsena473638ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
104Karya473774ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
105Katthamil Shivpuri473638ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
106Khadicha473662ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
107Khandi473638ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
108Khaniyadhana473990ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
109Kharai473774ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
110Kharai Jalim473793ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
111Khareh473781ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
112Khatka473793ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
113Khatora473583ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
114Kherwas473995ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
115Khirkit473585ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
116Khod473670ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
117Khorghar473551ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
118Khudawli473665ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
119Kilawani473774ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
120Kolaras473770ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
121Kota473551ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
122Kuchlon473665ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
123Kumhrraondi473990ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
124Kunwarpur473638ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
125Kutwara473781ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
126Kyara473585ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
127Labheda473995ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
128Lalpur473660ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
129Lamkana473665ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
130Lewa473774ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
131Lukwasa473885ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
132Machaoli473660ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
133Mada473781ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
134Madwasa473770ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
135Magroni473865ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
136Mahadeva473775ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
137Malaoni473995ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
138Manpura473670ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
139Mathna473781ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
140Mehloni473775ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
141Mehroli473990ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
142Mohini473865ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
143Mohra473774ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
144Muhari473585ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
145Munderi473638ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
146Mungaoli473660ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
147Nadora473793ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
148Nand473995ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
149Naoli473670ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
150Narahi473660ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
151Naraua473880ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
152Narwar473880ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
153Pachaoli473781ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
154Padora473781ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
155Pahada Khurd473781ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
156Papredu473662ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
157Parichha473775ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
158Peeronth473770ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
159Pichhore473995ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
160Pipal Kheda473995ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
161Piparghar473775ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
162Piparsama473551ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
163Pipra473585ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
164Pipra Pichhore473670ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
165Pipro473995ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
166Piproda Ubari473995ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
167Pohari473775ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
168Pura473990ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
169Rahi473995ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
170Rai473774ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
171Raishree473551ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
172Rajgarh473774ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
173Ramgarh473770ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
174Rampur Dhamkan473880ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
175Rannod473781ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
176Ranthkheda473775ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
177Rewai473995ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
178Sad473660ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
179Sajai473781ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
180Sakhnor473774ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
181Salaiya473660ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
182Salaiya Damron473665ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
183Samoha473660ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
184Satanwada473638ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
185Sehdora473665ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
186Sehore473865ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
187Semri473995ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
188Sesai473774ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
189Shergarh473880ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
190Shivprui City473551ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
191Shivpuri473551ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
192Sila Nagar473990ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
193Silanagar473660ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
194Sinawalkala473990ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
195Singhniwas473551ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
196Sirsaud473551ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
197Sonher473880ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
198Subhashpura473638ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
199Sunaj473781ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
200Sunari473662ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
201Surwaya473551ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
202T.C.karera473662ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
203Teela473660ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
204Thanra473665ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
205Tharkheda473880ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
206Tharra Darroni473551ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
207Theh473638ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
208Tongra473551ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
209Umri Kala473670ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
210V.R.colony shivpuri473551ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
211Veera473781ShivpuriMadhya Pradesh

About Shivpuri

Located in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, Shivpuri District has its administrative center in the town of Shivpuri. The district is served by National Highway 3 (NH-3), which passes through it.


Shivpuri District was known as Narwar District, and was a part of the former princely state of Gwalior, with Shivpuri serving as its district headquarters. After independence in 1947 and the subsequent integration of princely states into the Indian Union, Shivpuri District was reformed. It expanded to include the small princely state of Khaniadhana in the southeast, parts of Datia state in the northeast, and the majority of the Pauri estate in the northwest. Initially, Shivpuri District was a part of Madhya Bharat, a state formed after independence, which later merged into Madhya Pradesh in 1956, giving the district its current form.


Shivpuri District in Madhya Pradesh, bordered by Ashoknagar and Guna to the south, Morena, Gwalior, and Datia to the north, Uttar Pradesh’s Jhansi to the east, and Rajasthan’s Kota to the west, is part of the Malwa Plateau. This area is known for its small hills and dense deciduous forests. Key towns include Shivpuri, Karera, and Akoda, with significant water bodies like the Madikheda and Mohini Pickup Reservoirs. The Sind River, rising in Badarwas Tehsil and joining the Yamuna, is the main river. The district’s drainage system is divided into four sub-basins, encompassing tributaries of the Parwati, Kuno, Betwa, and Mahuar Rivers, shaping its diverse landscape.


In 2006, Shivpuri was identified by the Ministry of Panchayati Raj as one of India’s 250 most underdeveloped districts among a total of 640. It is currently among the 24 districts in Madhya Pradesh that are beneficiaries of financial support from the Backward Regions Grant Fund Programme (BRGF).


As of the 2011 census, Shivpuri district’s population stood at 1,726,050, ranking it 280th in India out of 640 districts. The district has a density of 168 people per square kilometer. There are 877 women for every 1,000 men, and the literacy rate is 63.73%. About 17.12% of its population resides in urban areas. During the 2011 Census of India, 96.52% of Shivpuri’s population reported Hindi as their primary language, while 2.33% spoke Bundeli.


Shivpuri District is organized into eight tehsils, which are further segmented into 614 panchayats and 1459 villages. This includes 1409 revenue villages, 133 deserted villages, and 15 forest villages. The tehsils in Shivpuri District are:

1. Shivpuri Tehsil
2. Pohari Tehsil
3. Kolaras Tehsil
4. Badarwas Tehsil
5. Karera Tehsil
6. Narwar Tehsil
7. Pichore Tehsil
8. Khaniyadana Tehsil
9. Bairad Tehsil


Why is Shivpuri famous?

Shivpuri is renowned for its elegant marble chhatris, adorned with intricate designs, constructed by the Scindia dynasty. These architecturally exquisite chhatris are situated in a meticulously detailed setting, located deep within the Madhav National Park.

How many villages are there in Shivpuri district?

Shivpuri District is organized into eight tehsils. These tehsils are further broken down into 614 panchayats and a total of 1459 villages, including 1409 revenue villages, 133 deserted villages, and 15 forest villages.

What is the old name of Shivpuri?

Shivpuri, a historic and holy town in Madhya Pradesh, was formerly called Sipri. Its history extends back to the Mughal era. The thick forests surrounding Shivpuri were once used as hunting grounds by royalty.

What is special in Shivpuri?

Famous for its lush greenery and forests, Shivpuri was once the summer retreat of the Scindia family, rulers of Gwalior. Notably, the Indian freedom fighter Tatya Tope was executed in Shivpuri in 1859.

Which river flows in Shivpuri?

The Kuno River, a tributary of the Chambal, originates in Shivpuri district and flows northwards to Morena, where it merges with the Chambal River. The Betwa, also known as Vetravati, begins in Raisen district and winds through Raisen, Vidisha, Guna, Shivpuri, and Jhansi districts. The Mata Tila Dam is built on this river.