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Pincode of Sholinganallur

Sholinganallur Pincode 600119 is situated in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India’s southern region. Recognized for its swift urbanization, IT parks, and close proximity to the picturesque East Coast Road (ECR), Sholinganallur presents a lively fusion of residential neighborhoods and business spaces. Because of its advantageous location close to major IT hubs like OMR and SEZ, tech professionals tend to favor this neighborhood. With its abundance of retail centers, educational facilities, and recreational amenities, Sholinganallur offers its citizens a well-rounded urban experience. Major routes make it accessible, and the ECR improves connection. Sholinganallur, with Pincode 600119, is a bustling, connected neighborhood in Chennai that provides a contemporary urban lifestyle.

Sholinganallur Pincode

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NoLocationPincode District State
1Sholinganallur600119KanchipuramTamil Nadu

About Sholinganallur

Sholinganallur, Pincode 600119, is a prosperous neighborhood in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India’s southern region. It has developed into a dynamic and sought-after location over time, distinguished by its quick urbanization, IT prominence, and energetic way of life.


The economy, population, and infrastructure of Sholinganallur have grown rapidly due to the presence of information technology business parks and special economic zones (SEZs), primarily catering to the residential sector. Other IT-based suburbs including Taramani, Perungudi, and Siruseri encircle Solinganalloor. Global financial corporations will be housed in a Financial City being built at Solinganalloor by the Tamil Nadu government’s TIDCO. Due to the presence of numerous IT companies and a sizable workforce (about 200,000 workers), Solinganalloor has emerged as Chennai’s IT corridor.


The neighborhood is home to numerous churches, mosques, and temples. The Sholinganallur Prathyangira Devi Temple, which draws devotees from over the city, is the town’s most well-known feature. The temple is midway down the ECR and OMR connection road, close to the Sholinganallur intersection.

Educational Institutions

A range of educational establishments, such as coaching centers, colleges, and schools, are located in Sholinganallur, guaranteeing that locals may provide their kids with a top-notch education.

Commercial Development

A large number of shopping centers, supermarkets, eateries, and retail stores have been built in the neighborhood. Convenience is increased for residents by the abundance of dining and retail options available.

Recreational Amenities

Sholinganallur has parks, sports facilities, and fitness centers as examples of its recreational offerings. The picturesque beaches accessible by the neighboring ECR expand the alternatives for entertainment and leisure.

Cultural Vibrancy

The happy coexistence of people from different areas and backgrounds in Sholinganallur is a reflection of Chennai’s cultural variety. Religious holidays, festivals, and cultural events give the community life.


Sholinganallur, like many other fast developing regions, has difficulties with waste management, traffic congestion, and infrastructure development. In an effort to address these problems and enhance general living conditions, local authorities are actively working.


Is Sholinganallur part of Chennai or Kanchipuram?

In the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, the taluk of Sholinganallur is a part of Chennai's city district.

Why is Sholinganallur famous?

The temples in Sholinganallur become the center of religious passion and devotion during Navratri.

Is Sholinganallur a good place to live?

Overall, Sholinganallur meets the criteria for being a fantastic site for homebuyers to invest in while enjoying a sustainable lifestyle that is surrounded by excellent infrastructure, convenience, and a generally safe and secure place to live in Chennai thanks to its exceptional accessibility, connectivity, and range of amenities.

Is Metro available in Sholinganallur?

One of the three lines in the Chennai Metro Phase 2 Project is the Red Line, also known as Line 5. The line that is now under construction runs from Sholinganallur to Madhavaram Milk Colony. There will be 45 stations along the line, with 6 subterranean, 1 at grade, and 38 elevated.

Which area comes under Sholinganallur?

The East Coast Road in Sholinganallur is home to the residential areas of Akkarai, Panaiyur, Rajiv Gandhi Nagar, MGR Nagar, Ganesh Nagar, and Uthandi (ECR Toll Plaza).