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Pincodes of Shrawasti

Welcome to our directory of Shrawasti Pincodes, your go-to resource for learning the postal index numbers (PIN codes) of different locations in the picturesque Shrawasti district, which is found in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. Shrawasti is renowned for its rich cultural legacy, historical significance, and scenic beauty. The postal system relies heavily on PIN codes to efficiently sort and deliver mail and packages. Postal services in Shrawasti are able to precisely route and deliver mail to its intended recipients because each locality is given a distinct PIN code. To guarantee that your mail is delivered on time, you must enter the correct PIN.

Shrawasti Pincodes

Here is a list of Shrawasti Pincodes

1Aggapur271831ShrawastiUttar Pradesh
2Akbarapur Semra271831ShrawastiUttar Pradesh
3Amrahwa271801ShrawastiUttar Pradesh
4Amwa271831ShrawastiUttar Pradesh
5Babhni271840ShrawastiUttar Pradesh
6Bachkahwa271840ShrawastiUttar Pradesh
7Badal Pur271840ShrawastiUttar Pradesh
8Bairagijot271831ShrawastiUttar Pradesh
9Balapur271845ShrawastiUttar Pradesh
10Banthihwa271831ShrawastiUttar Pradesh
11Beerpur271840ShrawastiUttar Pradesh
12Bhagwanpur Bhaisahi271801ShrawastiUttar Pradesh
13Bhangha271831ShrawastiUttar Pradesh
14Bhartha Rosan garh271840ShrawastiUttar Pradesh
15Bhinga271831ShrawastiUttar Pradesh
16Bhutaha271845ShrawastiUttar Pradesh
17Bishunapur271840ShrawastiUttar Pradesh
18Chahalwa271831ShrawastiUttar Pradesh
19Chandarkha Bujurga271801ShrawastiUttar Pradesh
20Chaugoin271801ShrawastiUttar Pradesh
21Chetia Murar271835ShrawastiUttar Pradesh
22Dhanuhi271845ShrawastiUttar Pradesh
23Dharsawan271835ShrawastiUttar Pradesh
24Dikuali271801ShrawastiUttar Pradesh
25Doobkalan271801ShrawastiUttar Pradesh
26Dudhwania271831ShrawastiUttar Pradesh
27Ekgharwa271831ShrawastiUttar Pradesh
28Fatuhapur271801ShrawastiUttar Pradesh
29Gabbapur271840ShrawastiUttar Pradesh
30Ganeshpur271845ShrawastiUttar Pradesh
31Gilaula271835ShrawastiUttar Pradesh
32Gopala Sarai271801ShrawastiUttar Pradesh
33Gothwa271831ShrawastiUttar Pradesh
34Gulara271840ShrawastiUttar Pradesh
35Hariharpur Rani271831ShrawastiUttar Pradesh
36Hasnapur271831ShrawastiUttar Pradesh
37Hempur271840ShrawastiUttar Pradesh
38J.H.singh271801ShrawastiUttar Pradesh
39Jabdi271840ShrawastiUttar Pradesh
40Jaichandpur271835ShrawastiUttar Pradesh
41Jamdan271801ShrawastiUttar Pradesh
42Janki Nagar271831ShrawastiUttar Pradesh
43Jogin Bharia271831ShrawastiUttar Pradesh
44Jokhwa Bazar271831ShrawastiUttar Pradesh
45K.C. bhari271831ShrawastiUttar Pradesh
46Kalkalwa271801ShrawastiUttar Pradesh
47Kanibojhi271801ShrawastiUttar Pradesh
48Katha271835ShrawastiUttar Pradesh
49Kathara Bazar271801ShrawastiUttar Pradesh
50Katkuiya271840ShrawastiUttar Pradesh
51Khajurar271845ShrawastiUttar Pradesh
52Khargaura Janoob271845ShrawastiUttar Pradesh
53Kotwa271831ShrawastiUttar Pradesh
54Laxmanpur Bazar271831ShrawastiUttar Pradesh
55Laxmanpur Kothi271801ShrawastiUttar Pradesh
56Laxmanpur Semrahniya271801ShrawastiUttar Pradesh
57Machhrihwa271831ShrawastiUttar Pradesh
58Madara271845ShrawastiUttar Pradesh
59Madhwapur271840ShrawastiUttar Pradesh
60Maharu Murtiha271801ShrawastiUttar Pradesh
61Mahdeiya271845ShrawastiUttar Pradesh
62Manoharapur271845ShrawastiUttar Pradesh
63Medikiya271840ShrawastiUttar Pradesh
64Motipur271840ShrawastiUttar Pradesh
65Mujehna271831ShrawastiUttar Pradesh
66Nasirganj271801ShrawastiUttar Pradesh
67Naubasta271831ShrawastiUttar Pradesh
68Parasrampur271831ShrawastiUttar Pradesh
69Parsa Deharia271831ShrawastiUttar Pradesh
70Patna271801ShrawastiUttar Pradesh
71Patna Khargaura271831ShrawastiUttar Pradesh
72Pure Gokul singh271831ShrawastiUttar Pradesh
73Pure Prasad271840ShrawastiUttar Pradesh
74Pure Wale271840ShrawastiUttar Pradesh
75Puredeen Namgarh271845ShrawastiUttar Pradesh
76Raideeh271835ShrawastiUttar Pradesh
77Ramgarhi271831ShrawastiUttar Pradesh
78Ramnagra271801ShrawastiUttar Pradesh
79Rampur Painda271835ShrawastiUttar Pradesh
80Ranipur271840ShrawastiUttar Pradesh
81Samari Chak pihani271831ShrawastiUttar Pradesh
82Semgarha271835ShrawastiUttar Pradesh
83Shahpur Bara271835ShrawastiUttar Pradesh
84Shahpur Bargadwa271840ShrawastiUttar Pradesh
85Shahpur Kathotia271801ShrawastiUttar Pradesh
86Shankarpur271840ShrawastiUttar Pradesh
87Shikari Chanda271801ShrawastiUttar Pradesh
88Sirsia271840ShrawastiUttar Pradesh
89Siswara271835ShrawastiUttar Pradesh
90Sitkahana271801ShrawastiUttar Pradesh
91Sonbarsa271840ShrawastiUttar Pradesh
92Sonrai271845ShrawastiUttar Pradesh
93Sonwan271801ShrawastiUttar Pradesh
94Srawasti271845ShrawastiUttar Pradesh
95Taal Baghaura271840ShrawastiUttar Pradesh
96Takiya271845ShrawastiUttar Pradesh
97Tendwa Mahanth271845ShrawastiUttar Pradesh
98Titiharia271840ShrawastiUttar Pradesh
99Tulsipur271801ShrawastiUttar Pradesh
100Vijaypur Sisawan271835ShrawastiUttar Pradesh

About Shrawasti

About Aizwal

Aizwal, the thriving capital of Mizoram, India, was formally established on February 25, 1890. This vibrant city, with a population of 293,416, stands as the largest urban hub within the state. As the epicenter of administration, Aizawl proudly houses crucial government institutions, including the state assembly house and civil secretariat. A rich tapestry of culture is woven into its population, reflecting the diverse ethnic Mizo communities that call Aizawl home. This dynamic metropolis not only embodies the heart of Mizoram but also serves as a testament to the harmonious coexistence of its people, who contribute to its unique and welcoming atmosphere.


In 1871–72, the disruptive actions of Khalkom, a Mizo Chief, prompted the British to establish an outpost, later evolving into Aizawl Village. Suakpuilala, Chief of Reiek, founded this post, situated just 14 kilometers away from Sairang, accessible via flat-bottomed boats. In 1890, Officer Dally from the Assam Police, along with 400 men, arrived in Aizawl to support Colonel Skinner’s forces during a British military operation against the Mizo tribals. Aizawl was chosen as the site for a fortified post ordered by Colonel Skinner, leading to the construction of stockades and buildings. In March 1966, during the Mizo National Front uprising, the Indian Air Force conducted air strikes on the town, causing the MNF to withdraw to Lunglei.


In 1910, Aizawl housed a contingent of 777 army personnel hailing from various regions in North India and Nepal. Notably, the Gurkhas among these soldiers found a lasting home in Aizawl. Over time, these Gurkha soldiers integrated into the local community, contributing to the city’s diverse cultural fabric. Their settlement in Aizawl not only enriched the region’s cultural heritage but also fostered lasting bonds between the Gurkha community and the people of Aizawl, creating a unique and harmonious coexistence that endures to this day.


Aizawl, nestled in the northern region of Mizoram, lies north of the Tropic of Cancer. Perched atop a ridge at an impressive elevation of 1,132 meters (3,715 feet) above sea level, this picturesque city offers breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape. To the west, it overlooks the Tlawng river valley, while to the east, the Tuirial river valley unfolds majestically. Aizawl’s elevated position not only grants it a stunning vantage point but also adds to its unique charm, making it a city that stands tall amidst the natural beauty of the region.


Established in 2010, the Aizawl Municipal Council governs Aizawl city. Comprising 19 members, it emerged during the Congress-ZNP party coalition’s tenure in the state legislative assembly. The council is led by a chairman, vice-chairman, and three executive members. Nineteen elected members represent city wards, while others are appointed by the Governor of Mizoram. Notably, one-third of seats are reserved for women, subject to rotation every five years. The council serves a five-year term.


Why is Aizwal famous?

Aizawl, the capital city of Mizoram, is renowned for its picturesque hill station setting, rich Mizo culture, and vibrant tribal traditions. It is also known for its natural beauty, unique bamboo handicrafts, and as a gateway to exploring the scenic state of Mizoram.

What is the capital of Mizoram in 2023?

As of my last knowledge update in January 2022, Aizawl was the capital of Mizoram. I do not have information on events or changes that may have occurred in 2023. Please verify from a current source.

What is Mizoram most famous food?

One of Mizoram's most famous foods is "Bamboo Shoot Curry" (Bamboo Shoot and Pork Curry), a traditional and beloved dish made with locally harvested bamboo shoots and pork, seasoned with aromatic herbs and spices.

What language is spoken in Mizoram?

The primary language spoken in Mizoram is Mizo, which belongs to the Tibeto-Burman language family. English is also widely used and serves as an official language for administration and education.

Which river flows in Aizwal?

The Tlawng River flows to the west of Aizawl, while the Tuirial River flows to the east of the city, making these two rivers significant geographical features in the Aizawl area.