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The town of Siddipet, Telangana, India, is home to Siddipet Pincode 502103. Siddipet is renowned for its significance in agriculture, culture, and administration. Discover famous sites like the ancient Siddipet Church, sample the local food, and take in the town’s colorful festivities. Access to the heart of this area, where agriculture and spirituality dwell together, is made possible by Siddipet Pincode 5021003. This Pincode provides an enthralling tour into the heart of Siddipet, whether you’re exploring the town’s cultural assets or visiting religious places.

Siddipet Pincode

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About Siddipet

Telangana, an Indian state, has the city of Siddipet. It is the district headquarters for Siddipet and is a municipality. It is roughly 92 kilometers (57 miles) from Warangal and 100 kilometers (62 miles) north of Hyderabad, the state capital. Siddipet City is home to the police commissionerate and district headquarters. Siddipet is a center of education and a regional urban hub. The African Siddi people of India, who were historically present in the Hyderabad State, are the source of the city’s name (Siddi + pet (market).

Historical Significance

Due to its rich history, Siddipet is home to several historical sites and structures that honor its past. The Siddipet Church, an old Christian church with architectural and historical value, is located in the town. The town’s colonial past is symbolized by this church.


Siddipet is home to numerous temples and religious institutions in addition to its Christian past. Notable religious sites that attract both devotees and tourists are the Sri Venkateshwara Swamy Temple and the Siddipet Durgam Cheruvu Temple.

Agricultural Hub

The area around Siddipet is primarily used for agriculture, with rich soils yielding crops including vegetables, cotton, and paddy. The town’s economy is heavily reliant on agriculture, and it is essential to the state’s farming industry.

Culture and Festivals

Siddipet displays its rich cultural traditions by jubilantly celebrating a number of festivals. The enthusiasm with which festivals like Bathukamma, Bonalu, and Christmas are observed livens up the town’s cultural calender.

Administrative Importance

Siddipet is a key hub for local government and public services, acting as an administrative center for the areas around it. It is essential to the administration of the town’s affairs and those of the surrounding districts.

Healthcare and Education

The local populace is served by a number of healthcare facilities and educational establishments in Siddipet town and its environs. These facilities guarantee that locals may get high-quality healthcare and education.


Good connectivity to neighboring towns and cities is ensured by Siddipet’s advantageous position. The town is easily accessible for commuters and tourists because to its road system and public transportation options.


What is Siddipet famous for?

The town of Siddipet, which is part of the Siddipet District, is well known for its historical landmarks like the Burj and Lal Kaman, as well as its old religious sites like churches, mosques, and temples. The area is traversed by the Yerra and Komati Cheruvus, which are tributaries of the Manjira River.

What is the old name of Siddipet district?

A portion of the Karimnagar and Warangal districts are annexed, creating the Siddipet district from the former Medak district. The districts of Karimnagar, Sircilla, Medak, Medchal, Hanamkonda, Yadadri, Kamareddy, and Jangaon are all bordered by the district.

What is the state of Siddipet?

The Indian state of Telangana has the city of Siddipet in its Siddipet district. It is both the municipality and the Siddipet revenue division headquarters for the Siddipet mandal.

What is the famous temple in Siddipet?

The most well-known Saraswati temple in the state after Basara is the one at Wargal village, Siddipet District, Telangana, which is perched atop a hill. For kids, this temple is well-known for Aksharaabyasa.

What is the capital of Siddipet?

Siddipet district is a district located in the northern region of the Indian state of Telangana. Its headquarters is Siddipet.