Sidhi Pincodes

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Pincodes of Sidhi

Sidhi District, situated in the northeastern part of Madhya Pradesh, India, is known for its rich natural resources and cultural heritage. It’s a region with diverse landscapes, including forests and rivers. The district comprises various towns and villages, each with unique Sidhi pincodes, facilitating postal services and easy identification. Sidhi’s identity is marked by a blend of traditional values and natural beauty, with these distinct Sidhi pincodes playing a vital role in its administration and communication.

Sidhi PIncodes

Here is a list of Sidhi Pincodes

No.LocationPincode District State
1Amarpur486661SidhiMadhya Pradesh
2Amarwah486661SidhiMadhya Pradesh
3Amilia486670SidhiMadhya Pradesh
4Amiliha486775SidhiMadhya Pradesh
5Amlai486776SidhiMadhya Pradesh
6Amlori Project486887SidhiMadhya Pradesh
7Badhaura486771SidhiMadhya Pradesh
8Badkhara486771SidhiMadhya Pradesh
9Badkud486882SidhiMadhya Pradesh
10Badokhar486771SidhiMadhya Pradesh
11Bagad486776SidhiMadhya Pradesh
12Baghaun486771SidhiMadhya Pradesh
13Baghor486670SidhiMadhya Pradesh
14Baghwar486776SidhiMadhya Pradesh
15Baghwari486661SidhiMadhya Pradesh
16Bairdah486882SidhiMadhya Pradesh
17Bamhani486661SidhiMadhya Pradesh
18Bamuri486670SidhiMadhya Pradesh
19Bandha486886SidhiMadhya Pradesh
20Banjari486669SidhiMadhya Pradesh
21Barambaba486661SidhiMadhya Pradesh
22Barbandha486661SidhiMadhya Pradesh
23Bardi486882SidhiMadhya Pradesh
24Barka486669SidhiMadhya Pradesh
25Barmani486666SidhiMadhya Pradesh
26Belha486661SidhiMadhya Pradesh
27Bhadaura486669SidhiMadhya Pradesh
28Bhagohar486666SidhiMadhya Pradesh
29Bharatpur486776SidhiMadhya Pradesh
30Bhitri486775SidhiMadhya Pradesh
31Bhuimad486669SidhiMadhya Pradesh
32Bichhi486670SidhiMadhya Pradesh
33Bindul486886SidhiMadhya Pradesh
34Bithauli486670SidhiMadhya Pradesh
35Budgauna486776SidhiMadhya Pradesh
36Chakdaur486771SidhiMadhya Pradesh
37Chamradol486666SidhiMadhya Pradesh
38Chandwahi486661SidhiMadhya Pradesh
39Chandwar486881SidhiMadhya Pradesh
40Chatainiha486881SidhiMadhya Pradesh
41Chaufal486661SidhiMadhya Pradesh
42Chingwah486666SidhiMadhya Pradesh
43Chitrangi486882SidhiMadhya Pradesh
44Chitwaria486670SidhiMadhya Pradesh
45Chorgadhi486776SidhiMadhya Pradesh
46Churhat486771SidhiMadhya Pradesh
47Churkee486889SidhiMadhya Pradesh
48Dadhia486771SidhiMadhya Pradesh
49Daga Bargawan486886SidhiMadhya Pradesh
50Danga486666SidhiMadhya Pradesh
51Darbari486881SidhiMadhya Pradesh
52Deogawan486661SidhiMadhya Pradesh
53Deora486882SidhiMadhya Pradesh
54Dhanha486771SidhiMadhya Pradesh
55Dharauli486882SidhiMadhya Pradesh
56Dhauhani486669SidhiMadhya Pradesh
57Dhonga486881SidhiMadhya Pradesh
58Dihuli486771SidhiMadhya Pradesh
59Dudhichua Project486888SidhiMadhya Pradesh
60Dudhmania486892SidhiMadhya Pradesh
61Gadababan Singh486661SidhiMadhya Pradesh
62Gajri486666SidhiMadhya Pradesh
63Gangi486882SidhiMadhya Pradesh
64Geer486881SidhiMadhya Pradesh
65Ghoghra486670SidhiMadhya Pradesh
66Gijwar486669SidhiMadhya Pradesh
67Gondwali486892SidhiMadhya Pradesh
68Gopla486882SidhiMadhya Pradesh
69Gorbi486892SidhiMadhya Pradesh
70Gordaha486775SidhiMadhya Pradesh
71Gujder486775SidhiMadhya Pradesh
72Hadbado486661SidhiMadhya Pradesh
73Hanumangarh486771SidhiMadhya Pradesh
74Hatwakhas486771SidhiMadhya Pradesh
75Hinauti486670SidhiMadhya Pradesh
76Jamgadhi486886SidhiMadhya Pradesh
77Jamuar486661SidhiMadhya Pradesh
78Jarha486886SidhiMadhya Pradesh
79Jayant Colliery486890SidhiMadhya Pradesh
80Jhagrauha486882SidhiMadhya Pradesh
81Jhakhrawal486881SidhiMadhya Pradesh
82Jhalwar486771SidhiMadhya Pradesh
83Jhanjh486775SidhiMadhya Pradesh
84Jhara486669SidhiMadhya Pradesh
85Jhingurdah486889SidhiMadhya Pradesh
86Jiawan486881SidhiMadhya Pradesh
87Juri486669SidhiMadhya Pradesh
88Kachnimamla486887SidhiMadhya Pradesh
89Kamachh486666SidhiMadhya Pradesh
90Kamarjee486771SidhiMadhya Pradesh
91Kandhwar486775SidhiMadhya Pradesh
92Kapuri486771SidhiMadhya Pradesh
93Karaila486892SidhiMadhya Pradesh
94Karauli Khurd486670SidhiMadhya Pradesh
95Karaundia486771SidhiMadhya Pradesh
96Karda486669SidhiMadhya Pradesh
97Karmai486666SidhiMadhya Pradesh
98Karsualal486886SidhiMadhya Pradesh
99Karthua486882SidhiMadhya Pradesh
100Karwahi486666SidhiMadhya Pradesh
101Keontali486882SidhiMadhya Pradesh
102Khadaura486666SidhiMadhya Pradesh
103Khaddi486775SidhiMadhya Pradesh
104Khaidar486882SidhiMadhya Pradesh
105Khanua486886SidhiMadhya Pradesh
106Khatai486882SidhiMadhya Pradesh
107Khoh Gandhi gram486661SidhiMadhya Pradesh
108Khurmucha486882SidhiMadhya Pradesh
109Khutar486886SidhiMadhya Pradesh
110Khuteli486661SidhiMadhya Pradesh
111Kochila486661SidhiMadhya Pradesh
112Kodaura486670SidhiMadhya Pradesh
113Kolhudih486771SidhiMadhya Pradesh
114Korsar486882SidhiMadhya Pradesh
115Kota486666SidhiMadhya Pradesh
116Kubri486661SidhiMadhya Pradesh
117Kuchwahi486661SidhiMadhya Pradesh
118Kudia486775SidhiMadhya Pradesh
119Kukrijhar486661SidhiMadhya Pradesh
120Kulakwar486670SidhiMadhya Pradesh
121Kushmahar486771SidhiMadhya Pradesh
122Kusmi486669SidhiMadhya Pradesh
123Kuspari486771SidhiMadhya Pradesh
124Lakauda486771SidhiMadhya Pradesh
125Lamsarai486882SidhiMadhya Pradesh
126Laua486661SidhiMadhya Pradesh
127Lurghuti486666SidhiMadhya Pradesh
128Mada486886SidhiMadhya Pradesh
129Madha486775SidhiMadhya Pradesh
130Madwa486661SidhiMadhya Pradesh
131Madwas486669SidhiMadhya Pradesh
132Mahkhor486669SidhiMadhya Pradesh
133Mahrajpur486661SidhiMadhya Pradesh
134Mahuagaon486669SidhiMadhya Pradesh
135Majauli486666SidhiMadhya Pradesh
136Makrohar486886SidhiMadhya Pradesh
137Mamdar486775SidhiMadhya Pradesh
138Maura486775SidhiMadhya Pradesh
139Mawai486771SidhiMadhya Pradesh
140Medra486666SidhiMadhya Pradesh
141Misirgrawan486882SidhiMadhya Pradesh
142Mohania486771SidhiMadhya Pradesh
143Naikahwa486882SidhiMadhya Pradesh
144Naikin486776SidhiMadhya Pradesh
145Nakjhar486661SidhiMadhya Pradesh
146Naudhiya486666SidhiMadhya Pradesh
147Nigahi Project486884SidhiMadhya Pradesh
148Nigri486669SidhiMadhya Pradesh
149Niwas486669SidhiMadhya Pradesh
150Odgadi486886SidhiMadhya Pradesh
151Pachaur486886SidhiMadhya Pradesh
152Pachokhar486771SidhiMadhya Pradesh
153Padainia486661SidhiMadhya Pradesh
154Padkhuri486661SidhiMadhya Pradesh
155Padri486661SidhiMadhya Pradesh
156Pahadi486670SidhiMadhya Pradesh
157Pand486666SidhiMadhya Pradesh
158Panwar486661SidhiMadhya Pradesh
159Paraswar486661SidhiMadhya Pradesh
160Pateri486892SidhiMadhya Pradesh
161Pathraula486669SidhiMadhya Pradesh
162Patna486776SidhiMadhya Pradesh
163Patulkhi486661SidhiMadhya Pradesh
164Pipra486892SidhiMadhya Pradesh
165Piprakhurand486886SidhiMadhya Pradesh
166Piprohar486661SidhiMadhya Pradesh
167Pokhra486661SidhiMadhya Pradesh
168Pondi Bastua486666SidhiMadhya Pradesh
169Pondi Jodauri486669SidhiMadhya Pradesh
170Pondi Naugai486886SidhiMadhya Pradesh
171Purail486881SidhiMadhya Pradesh
172Raghunathpur486776SidhiMadhya Pradesh
173Raiduaria486776SidhiMadhya Pradesh
174Rajabar486882SidhiMadhya Pradesh
175Rajaniya486669SidhiMadhya Pradesh
176Rajmilan486886SidhiMadhya Pradesh
177Rampur Naikin486775SidhiMadhya Pradesh
178Sakaria486882SidhiMadhya Pradesh
179Salaiya486771SidhiMadhya Pradesh
180Saleha486666SidhiMadhya Pradesh
181Sanda486771SidhiMadhya Pradesh
182Sarai486881SidhiMadhya Pradesh
183Saraundha486881SidhiMadhya Pradesh
184Sarda486661SidhiMadhya Pradesh
185Semaria Pondi486771SidhiMadhya Pradesh
186Shahpur486886SidhiMadhya Pradesh
187Sidhi486661SidhiMadhya Pradesh
188Sidhi Bus stand486661SidhiMadhya Pradesh
189Sidhi Collectorate486661SidhiMadhya Pradesh
190Sihawal486670SidhiMadhya Pradesh
191Singrauli Colliery486889SidhiMadhya Pradesh
192Singrauli R.s.486889SidhiMadhya Pradesh
193Sonbarsha486670SidhiMadhya Pradesh
194Suda486882SidhiMadhya Pradesh
195Sudwar486670SidhiMadhya Pradesh
196Supela486670SidhiMadhya Pradesh
197Tala486666SidhiMadhya Pradesh
198Tansar486669SidhiMadhya Pradesh
199Tarka486661SidhiMadhya Pradesh
200Teekar486670SidhiMadhya Pradesh
201Tikatkala486771SidhiMadhya Pradesh
202Tikri486669SidhiMadhya Pradesh
203Tingudi486881SidhiMadhya Pradesh
204Tiyara486886SidhiMadhya Pradesh
205Ukarha486771SidhiMadhya Pradesh
206Umaria486666SidhiMadhya Pradesh
207Upni486661SidhiMadhya Pradesh
208Vindhyanagar486886SidhiMadhya Pradesh
209Waidhan486886SidhiMadhya Pradesh

About Sidhi

Sidhi District, recognized as one of the tribal districts, is located in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. The town of Sidhi serves as the administrative center for the district, which is included in the Rewa Division.


Located in northeastern Madhya Pradesh, Sidhi is celebrated for its natural beauty, historical significance, and rich cultural heritage. The district is rich in natural resources, including coal deposits that are crucial for major industries nationwide. The Son River flows through Sidhi, enhancing its natural landscape.

Sidhi is notably the birthplace of the historical figure Birbal. The region is home to the Sanjay Tiger Reserve, also known as Sanjay National Park, which showcases the splendor of its lion population. Additionally, the district features a park named Parasli.


Sidhi district is situated along the northeastern border of the state, encompassed between 22.475° and 24.4210° North Latitude and 81.1840° and 82.4830° East Longitude. It shares its boundaries with Singrauli district to the northeast, Koriya district of Chhattisgarh in the east, and Rewa district in the west.


The Vindhyachal Super Thermal Power Station serves as a major electricity source for a wide region. On the other side of the spectrum, Sidhi district boasts a diverse and rich flora, cultural heritage, and tribal history. It offers breathtaking vistas of the Kaimur, Kehejua, and Ranimunda hills adorned with vibrant flame of forest flowers and the sweet fragrance of mahua blossoms. Historically, the entire Sidhi district was part of the Rewa state. The local economy primarily revolves around agriculture and related activities.


As per the 2011 census, Sidhi District is home to a population of 1,127,033 people, ranking it 411th among all Indian districts. The district has a population density of 232 individuals per square kilometer. Sidhi exhibits a sex ratio of 952 females for every 1000 males and a literacy rate of 66.09%. Approximately 8.26% of the population resides in urban areas. During the 2011 Census of India, 63.39% of the district’s inhabitants reported Hindi as their primary language, while 35.65% spoke Bagheli, and 0.79% spoke Gondi as their first language.


Sidhi district is divided into seven tehsils, which include Bahari, Churhat, Gopad Banas, Rampur Naikin, Majhauli, Kusmi, and Sihawal. Within this district, there are four Madhya Pradesh Vidhan Sabha constituencies: Churhat, Sidhi, Sihawal, and Dhauhani. All of these constituencies are part of the Sidhi Lok Sabha constituency.



What is the Sidhi district famous for?

Sidhi is renowned for its pristine natural surroundings, historical significance, and deep-rooted cultural heritage. The district boasts abundant natural resources, including the Sone River that flows through the region and coal deposits that supply major industries across the nation.

How many Tehsil are there in Sidhi district?

Sidhi district is made up of seven tehsils: Bahari, Churhat, Gopad Banas, Rampur Naikin, Majhauli, Kusmi, and Sihawal.

What language is spoken in Sidhi MP?

In Sidhi, Madhya Pradesh, the following languages are spoken: 1. Hindi 2. Bagheli 3. Gondi These are the primary languages spoken in the district, with Hindi being the most widely used language.

How many villages are there in Sidhi district?

Sidhi district in Madhya Pradesh has approximately 1,025 villages.