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Pincodes of Sonapur Subarnapur

Welcome to our comprehensive pincode directory for Sonapur Subarnapur (Sonepur), an Indian district in the state of Odisha that is renowned for its colorful festivals, peaceful surroundings, and rich cultural legacy. For residents, companies, and visitors alike, our comprehensive list of Sonapur Subarnapur pincodes is a priceless tool that makes navigating through this vibrant and historically significant area easier. Pincodes are vital in India’s vast postal system, particularly in a district as culturally and historically diverse as Sonapur Subarnapur (Sonepur). These unique numbers are essential for many online activities as well as administrative tasks; they are used for more than just mail delivery.

Sonapur Subarnapur Pincodes

Here is a list of Sonapur Subarnapur Pincodes

No.LocationPincode District State
1Amarpali767018Sonapur SubarnapurOrissa
2B.Sibtala767016Sonapur SubarnapurOrissa
3Babupali767045Sonapur SubarnapurOrissa
4Badbhainro767016Sonapur SubarnapurOrissa
5Badkarle767045Sonapur SubarnapurOrissa
6Bagbar767018Sonapur SubarnapurOrissa
7Baidyanath767017Sonapur SubarnapurOrissa
8Bankigirdi767045Sonapur SubarnapurOrissa
9Bankipali767023Sonapur SubarnapurOrissa
10Bausuni767019Sonapur SubarnapurOrissa
11Beheramal767023Sonapur SubarnapurOrissa
12Bhandar767019Sonapur SubarnapurOrissa
13Bhimtikra767019Sonapur SubarnapurOrissa
14Binka767019Sonapur SubarnapurOrissa
15Birmaharajpur767018Sonapur SubarnapurOrissa
16Bisimunda767017Sonapur SubarnapurOrissa
17Brahmani767016Sonapur SubarnapurOrissa
18Chadeipank767062Sonapur SubarnapurOrissa
19Charbhata767016Sonapur SubarnapurOrissa
20Cherupali767023Sonapur SubarnapurOrissa
21Chinajuri767023Sonapur SubarnapurOrissa
22Deulpadar767020Sonapur SubarnapurOrissa
23Dharamsala767062Sonapur SubarnapurOrissa
24Digsira767023Sonapur SubarnapurOrissa
25Dubula767016Sonapur SubarnapurOrissa
26Gajbandh767019Sonapur SubarnapurOrissa
27Ghodaghatpara767017Sonapur SubarnapurOrissa
28Harinapali767062Sonapur SubarnapurOrissa
29Hikudi767062Sonapur SubarnapurOrissa
30Hillung767018Sonapur SubarnapurOrissa
31Ichhapur767023Sonapur SubarnapurOrissa
32Jaloi767018Sonapur SubarnapurOrissa
33Jatesingha767018Sonapur SubarnapurOrissa
34Jhartarbha767016Sonapur SubarnapurOrissa
35Jullunda767019Sonapur SubarnapurOrissa
36Kadodar767018Sonapur SubarnapurOrissa
37Kalapathar767018Sonapur SubarnapurOrissa
38Kamalpur767018Sonapur SubarnapurOrissa
39Kamsara767016Sonapur SubarnapurOrissa
40Karlajuri767023Sonapur SubarnapurOrissa
41Kartang767019Sonapur SubarnapurOrissa
42Kenghriapali767018Sonapur SubarnapurOrissa
43Khaliapali767017Sonapur SubarnapurOrissa
44Khambeswaripali767017Sonapur SubarnapurOrissa
45Khandahata767018Sonapur SubarnapurOrissa
46Khari767016Sonapur SubarnapurOrissa
47Kotsamalai767018Sonapur SubarnapurOrissa
48Kumarkeli767018Sonapur SubarnapurOrissa
49Lachhipur767068Sonapur SubarnapurOrissa
50Lingamani767045Sonapur SubarnapurOrissa
51Lupursingha767068Sonapur SubarnapurOrissa
52Luthurpank767018Sonapur SubarnapurOrissa
53Mahada767019Sonapur SubarnapurOrissa
54Mahadevpali767019Sonapur SubarnapurOrissa
55Maradoguchha767016Sonapur SubarnapurOrissa
56Matiapali767068Sonapur SubarnapurOrissa
57Mayurudan767017Sonapur SubarnapurOrissa
58Meghla767019Sonapur SubarnapurOrissa
59Menda767016Sonapur SubarnapurOrissa
60Mursundhi767018Sonapur SubarnapurOrissa
61Naikpada767062Sonapur SubarnapurOrissa
62Nakdei767062Sonapur SubarnapurOrissa
63Narayanpur767016Sonapur SubarnapurOrissa
64Panchamahala767062Sonapur SubarnapurOrissa
65Pitamahul767018Sonapur SubarnapurOrissa
66Pua767016Sonapur SubarnapurOrissa
67R. mayabarha767045Sonapur SubarnapurOrissa
68Raksa767062Sonapur SubarnapurOrissa
69Ranisarda767020Sonapur SubarnapurOrissa
70Rengali767068Sonapur SubarnapurOrissa
71S. kalapathar767017Sonapur SubarnapurOrissa
72S.Mahada767018Sonapur SubarnapurOrissa
73S.Patrapali767062Sonapur SubarnapurOrissa
74Samaleichuan767023Sonapur SubarnapurOrissa
75Sankara767019Sonapur SubarnapurOrissa
76Sarasmal767045Sonapur SubarnapurOrissa
77Sargaj767016Sonapur SubarnapurOrissa
78Sargul767023Sonapur SubarnapurOrissa
79Seledi767019Sonapur SubarnapurOrissa
80Silati767019Sonapur SubarnapurOrissa
81Sindhol767062Sonapur SubarnapurOrissa
82Sindurpur767019Sonapur SubarnapurOrissa
83Singhari767016Sonapur SubarnapurOrissa
84Singhijuba767045Sonapur SubarnapurOrissa
85Sohela767023Sonapur SubarnapurOrissa
86Sonepur767017Sonapur SubarnapurOrissa
87Sonepur Badbazar767017Sonapur SubarnapurOrissa
88Sonepur Rampur767045Sonapur SubarnapurOrissa
89Spinning Mills767017Sonapur SubarnapurOrissa
90Subalaya767018Sonapur SubarnapurOrissa
91Sukha767023Sonapur SubarnapurOrissa
92Tamamura767023Sonapur SubarnapurOrissa
93Tarbha767016Sonapur SubarnapurOrissa
94Tarbha Bazar767016Sonapur SubarnapurOrissa
95Tullunda767016Sonapur SubarnapurOrissa
96Ullunda767062Sonapur SubarnapurOrissa

About Sonapur Subarnapur

The town of Subarnapur, often called Sonepur, is the administrative center of the Odisha district Subarnapur. The district occupies an area of 2284.89 square kilometers. It is also referred to as the “second Allahabad” because to the Sangam (meeting point) of the Mahanadi and Tel rivers, which is located in the same location as Allahabad, and its cluster of temples with significant architectural value and a tantric influence. In addition, Subarnapur is well-known for its terracotta, silk, and handloom products.


Known as Swarnapur, the area was ruled by Bhaumkaras of Tosali’s vassal lords in the eighth century CE. After then, the area came under Somavamsis dominion, and one of their two capitals eventually emerged. In the tenth and eleventh century, the area was referred to as Western Lanka, or Pashima Lanka. The names are supported by a copper plate charter issued in the late 10th century by Kumara Someswaradeva, a Somavamsi monarch of the region who claimed to be the king of Paschima Lanka. In the past, the goddess Lankeswari was the dominant deity of the area. The area was renamed Subarnapur at some point during the Somavamsi era. In 1993, it became a district officially.


One of the 250 most backward districts in the nation, according to the Ministry of Panchayati Raj, is Subarnapur. It’s one of the 19 districts in Odisha that the Backward Regions Grant Fund Program (BRGF) is currently funding.


The population of the Subarnapur district, as per the 2011 census, is 610,183, almost equivalent to the population of the US state of Vermont or the nation of Montenegro. There are 260 people living in the district per square kilometer (670/sq mi). From 2001 to 2011, the population grew at a pace of 20.35%. Subarnapur has a 74.42% literacy rate and a sex ratio of 959 females for every 1000 males. The population’s urban density is 8.18%.


Numerous forms of art, crafts, and cultural heritage can be found in Subarnapur. The Sonepur region is known for its terracotta and textiles, Tarbha and Binka for their brass metal crafts, Ullunda for its stone cutting heritage, and Dunguripali for its paddy crafts. Mahima Dharma is a prophet and poet from Subarnapur. The district is particularly well-known for its indigenous “Danda-nata,” a religious folk tradition.


In Subarnapur, what are pincodes and why are they significant?

Pincodes, sometimes referred to as postal index numbers, are distinct numerical codes linked to particular regions. They are necessary for effective mail delivery, location determination, and administrative tasks in Subarnapur, making sure that your mail and packages get to their destinations on time.

How can I locate the Subarnapur pincode for a specific location?

Use the easy-to-use search function on the Subarnapur Pincodes page to locate the pincode for a certain location in Subarnapur. All you have to do is type in the name of the town, village, or area, and the associated pincode will appear.

Is it possible to look up pincodes in the Subarnapur district by neighbourhood or specific areas?

Yes, you can search for pincodes by localities, cities, villages, and particular districts inside our Subarnapur Pincodes directory. This tool makes it simple for you to find pincode information for the location you're looking for.

Do postal services and courier firms in Subarnapur use the same pincodes?

Yes, all courier services and postal agencies in Subarnapur use the same, standardized pincodes. Regardless of the service provider, proper and timely delivery is ensured by using the correct pincode.

What are the advantages for businesses of using the Subarnapur Pincodes directory?

Accurate pincodes are crucial for Subarnapur businesses' shipping, addressing, and logistics. For companies in the district, our directory is an invaluable tool for maintaining smooth operations and happy clients.