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Pincodes of Sonbhadra

Welcome to our directory of Sonbhadra Pincodes, your go-to source for learning the postal index numbers (PIN codes) of different places in the fascinating district of Sonbhadra, which is found in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. Sonbhadra is renowned for its varied topography, vibrant culture, and important historical background. PIN codes are an essential part of the postal system that guarantee timely delivery and sorting of letters and packages. Every locality in Sonbhadra has a distinct PIN code, which enables postal services to precisely route and deliver mail to the correct recipients. It’s essential to use the right PIN code to guarantee that your mail is delivered quickly.

Sonbhadra Pincodes

Here is a list of Sonbhadra Pincodes

1Adalganj231205SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
2Akchhor231216SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
3Amilaudha231210SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
4Amwar231212SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
5Anpara Tps231225SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
6Arangpani231208SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
7Asanahar231223SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
8Babhani231208SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
9Bachara231223SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
10Badgaon231215SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
11Bagesoti232221SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
12Bagharu231212SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
13Bahuar231216SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
14Bahuara231216SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
15Bairpan231225SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
16Bairpur231208SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
17Banki231213SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
18Banvasi Seva ashram231221SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
19Beej Pur231223SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
20Beena Project231220SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
21Belhatthi231217SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
22Bharahari231215SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
23Bichchhi231216SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
24Billi Markundi231219SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
25Chachikalan232221SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
26Chapki231223SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
27Chatarvar231215SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
28Cherui231206SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
29Chopan231205SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
30Churk231206SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
31Dalla231207SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
32Dharnipur231216SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
33Dharti Dand231223SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
34Dhuma232221SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
35Dibulgani231225SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
36Dohari231215SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
37Dudhi231208SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
38Ekdari231208SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
39Gadia231208SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
40Ghaghara231212SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
41Ghaghari231223SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
42Ghiwahi232221SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
43Ghorawal231210SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
44Ghorpa232221SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
45Gurma Markundi231209SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
46Gurmura231207SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
47Hathwani231208SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
48Hinauta231216SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
49Jamgaon231215SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
50Jarhan231223SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
51Jharo Khurd231208SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
52Jugail231215SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
53Kachnarwa232221SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
54Kaithi231216SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
55Kakarahi231216SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
56Kakari Project231220SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
57Kalwari Mafi231210SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
58Kanachh231205SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
59Kandhaura231225SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
60Kanethi231210SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
61Karahia231208SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
62Kargara231205SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
63Karma231216SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
64Kasyakala231216SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
65Kewal232221SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
66Khadia Project231222SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
67Khairahi231216SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
68Khairpur231216SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
69Khajura231218SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
70Kharhara231205SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
71Khokha Karahia231208SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
72Kirbil231208SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
73Kone232221SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
74Kota231207SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
75Kudari231215SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
76Kudwan232221SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
77Lilasikala231212SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
78Lohadi231210SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
79Maachi231213SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
80Madhupura231216SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
81Mahuaria231212SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
82Mahuli231208SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
83Majhi dand231213SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
84Mokarsim231216SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
85Mudiladeeh231215SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
86Myorpur231208SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
87Nadhira231223SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
88Nai Bazar231216SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
89Nandana231213SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
90Narokhar231216SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
91Naudiha231212SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
92Naudiha ramgarh232221SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
93Naudiha Mishri232221SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
94Newari231215SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
95Obra231219SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
96Obra Thermal231219SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
97Oeni Mishra231216SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
98Padarachh231207SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
99Padwania231210SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
100Pakarhat231213SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
101Pakari231208SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
102Panari231219SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
103Panauli231215SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
104Pannuganj231213SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
105Parasi Dubey231216SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
106Parsoi231219SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
107Parsona231210SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
108Pauni231213SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
109Pindari231223SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
110Radhore231225SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
111Raipur231213SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
112Rajkhad231208SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
113Rajpur231215SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
114Ram Garh231213SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
115Rampur231213SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
116Renukoot231217SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
117Renusagar231218SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
118Retikala231213SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
119Rizul231215SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
120Robertsganj231216SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
121Robertsganj Hydle colony231216SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
122Sabha Lilwahi231210SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
123Sagobandh231212SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
124Sahijankala231216SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
125Salkhan231205SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
126Sandi231213SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
127Sarvat231215SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
128Satbahani231208SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
129Shahganj231215SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
130Shaktinagar231222SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
131Shaktinagar Thermal power stat231222SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
132Sherwan232221SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
133Shivdwar231210SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
134Shivpur231213SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
135Siddhi Kala231216SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
136Siltham231213SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
137Sindoor231223SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
138Sinduria231205SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
139Sukhdevanand Ashram231217SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
140Sukrut231216SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
141Sundari231212SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
142Tarawan231216SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
143Tendu231216SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
144Turra231221SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
145Wyndhamganj232221SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
146Yogichaura231222SonbhadraUttar Pradesh

About Sonbhadra

Sonbhadra, also known as Sonebhadra or Sonanchal, stands as Uttar Pradesh’s second-largest district after Lakhimpur Kheri. Uniquely, it shares borders with four states: Madhya Pradesh to the west, Chhattishgarh to the south, Jharkhand to the south-east, and Bihar to the north-east. Encompassing 6,788 km2 and a population of 1,862,559 (2011 census), it boasts a density of 270 inhabitants per square kilometre. Nestled in the state’s extreme south-east, it adjoins Mirzapur and Chandauli districts to the northwest and north respectively, while serving as an industrial hub renowned for bauxite, limestone, coal, gold, and numerous power plants, earning the title “Energy Capital of India.”


Sonbhadra, originally known as Gramputra or Gupt Kashi, was founded by King Putrak for Queen Paatali. From the Bhars, Chero, Searis, and Kharwar settlements to the reign of the Chandel Rajput kings at Vijaygarh Fort, its history spans centuries. Renowned as the ‘second Kashi’ from the 11th to 13th centuries, it saw Brahmadutt’s dynasty division by Nagas in the 9th century B.C. Kushans and Nagas held sway before the Gupta era. Later, Gurjara-Pratihars ruled until 1025, succeeded by Mahmud of Ghazni. Mughal governors oversaw this region, with forts like Agori Fort controlled by Madan Shah.


As per the 2011 census, Sonbhadra district houses 1,862,559 people, with 971,344 males and 891,215 females, akin to Kosovo’s or West Virginia’s population. Ranked 254th in India out of 640, it holds a population density of 270 individuals per square kilometer (700/sq mi). The district observed a 27.27% population growth from 2001-2011, with 16.88% residing in urban areas. Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes constitute 22.64% and 20.67% respectively.


The district’s northern section rests on the Vindhya Range plateau, drained by Ganges tributaries like Belan and Karmanasha rivers. Southward, beyond the Kaimur Range’s steep slopes, lies the Son River valley, coursing eastward. The southern expanse comprises hills and rich stream valleys. The Rihand River, originating in Surguja’s Chhattisgarh highlands, flows north to meet the Son in the district’s heart. The Govind Ballabh Pant Sagar, a reservoir on the Rihand, spans parts of this district and Madhya Pradesh. Further east, the Kanhar River from Chhattisgarh joins the Son’s flow heading northward.


The district surrounding Govind Ballabh Pant Sagar hosts multiple electrical power stations. Notably, NTPC operates two coal-based thermal plants: Singrauli Super Thermal Power Station in Shaktinagar and Rihand Thermal Power Station in Rihand Nagar. Additional stations include Anpara and Obra managed by UPRVUNL, Renusagar by Hindalco, and Pipri-Hydro by UPRVUNL. Northern Coalfields, a Coal India Limited branch, oversees headquarters and numerous coal mines here. Hindalco runs a significant aluminum plant in Renukut. Cement factories emerged due to limestone hills: Churk in 1956, Dala in 1971, with a subsidiary in Chunar since 1980. The region boasts the Rihand Dam in Pipri (1961) and a smaller one in Obra (1968).


Why is Sonbhadra famous?

Sonbhadra, an industrial hub abundant in bauxite, limestone, coal, and gold, earns its title "Energy Capital of India" due to numerous power plants.

What is the old name of Sonbhadra?

Sonbhadra, once known as Gramputra or Gupt Kashi, was established by King Putrak for Queen Paatali in ancient times.

How many states touch Sonbhadra?

Sonbhadra uniquely touches four Indian states: Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, and Bihar, distinguishing itself as the sole district with such extensive border connections.

What is the climate of Sonbhadra district?

Sonbhadra's low hits 10°C, peaking at 21°C later. Expect a steady 19°C throughout the day in this temperature forecast.

What is the geology of Sonbhadra District?

Sonbhadra district boasts abundant mineral wealth, famed for cement-grade Limestone, Dolomite production, alongside Clay, Calcite, Silimanite, and base metals for over three decades.