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Pincodes of South Tripura

Welcome to the South Tripura Pincodes directory, your trustworthy resource for current and accurate pincode information in the picturesque South Tripura area. Postal Index Numbers (PINs), also referred to as pincodes, are a crucial component of the postal system that guarantee effective letter delivery, accurate location determination, and smooth communication. Sending and receiving mail, packages, and deliveries is made easier with the use of pincodes, which are unique codes assigned to certain geographic areas. You can easily locate the pincode for any location in South Tripura using our user-friendly search tool.

South Tripura Pincodes

Here is a list of South Tripura Pincodes

No.LocationPincode District State
1Amarpur799101South TripuraTripura
2Ampinagar799108South TripuraTripura
3Anandapur799157South TripuraTripura
4Bagma799179South TripuraTripura
5Beloniya799155South TripuraTripura
6Gakulpur799114South TripuraTripura
7Garjee799125South TripuraTripura
8Gomti Project799104South TripuraTripura
9Hrishyamukh799156South TripuraTripura
10Jolaibari799141South TripuraTripura
11Kakraban799105South TripuraTripura
12Manubazar799143South TripuraTripura
13Matai799159South TripuraTripura
14Muhuripur799142South TripuraTripura
15Radhakishorepur799120South TripuraTripura
16Radhanagar799153South TripuraTripura
17Rajnagar799150South TripuraTripura
18Sabroom799145South TripuraTripura
19Santirbazar799144South TripuraTripura
20Satchand799149South TripuraTripura
21Tripureswari Colony799013South TripuraTripura
22Udaipur Court799116South TripuraTripura

About South Tripura

The former South Tripura District was split in 2011 into the Gomati District, which has its headquarters in Udaipur, and the South Tripura District, which has its headquarters in Belonia, with the goal of administrative decentralization to bring government services closer to the people. The District’s total area in square kilometers is 1514.322. The District has a total population of 4,30,499 according to data from the 2011 Census.

Three subdivisions, eight rural development blocks, two municipal councils, and one nagar panchayat make up the district. The District’s international boundary with Bangladesh is 204.487 kilometers. People who live in the District are from many communities. The district is 2,152 sq km (831 sq mi) in size. The district office is situated in Belonia. The majority of the District’s workforce is employed in agriculture.


On September 1, 1970, the state was split up into three districts, and that is when the district was created. Udaipur was home to the district’s undivided headquarters. Manik Sarkar, the previous chief minister of Tripura, officially opened the recently established South Tripura District on January 6, 2012. Belonia, South Tripura is home to the district headquarters. Belonia, Sabroom, and Santirbazar are the three subdivisions of the district.The district is divided into two Lok Sabha constituencies: Tripura East, which is shared with Dhalai and North Tripura district, and Tripura West, which is shared with West Tripura district.


The South Tripura district has 876,001 residents, about the same as the US state of Delaware or the nation of Fiji, according to the 2011 census. As a result, it is ranked 471st in India. The population density of the district is 286 people per square kilometer, or 740 people per square mile. Between 2001 and 2011, the population growth rate was 14.03%. South Tripura has an 85.41% literacy rate and a sex ratio of 957 females for every 1000 males.

Flora and Fauna

The 195 square kilometre (75 sq mi) Trishna Wildlife Sanctuary was established in the South Tripura district in 1987. The Gumti Wildlife Sanctuary, which spans 390 square kilometers (150 sq mi) and was founded in 1988, is also located there.


South Tripura district’s economy is mostly focused on fisheries, agriculture, and the development of animal resources. Here, the main crops grown are rice, pineapple, jackfruit, bananas, almonds, mangoes, etc. One of the primary sources of income in this district is the fishing industry. The South Tripura District has a large number of small and medium-sized fish ponds that are used for subsistence. There are also tea gardens in the South Tripura District, which gives many people jobs. In South Tripura, rubber and bamboo plantations are additional sources of income.


Why are pincodes significant in South Tripura, and what do they mean?

Pincodes, which are distinct number codes linked to certain geographic locations, are also referred to as Postal Index Numbers (PIN). They are essential for effective postal delivery, location tracking, and smooth communication in South Tripura, making sure that your mail and packages get to their destinations on time.

How can I locate the pincode in South Tripura for a specific location?

Use the easy-to-use search function on the South Tripura Pincodes page to locate the pincode for a certain location in South Tripura. All you have to do is type in the name of the town, village, or area, and the associated pincode will appear.

Is it possible to look up pincodes in South Tripura by neighborhood or other specific areas?

Indeed, you can look up pincodes by locales, cities, villages, and certain regions within the region using our South Tripura Pincodes directory. This tool makes it simple for you to find pincode information for the location you're looking for.

Do postal services and courier firms in South Tripura use the same pincodes?

Yes, all courier services and postal providers in South Tripura use the same, standardized pincodes. Regardless of the service provider, proper and timely delivery is ensured by using the correct pincode.

What are the advantages for businesses using the South Tripura Pincodes directory?

In South Tripura, businesses frequently depend on precise pincodes for shipping, mailing, and logistics. For companies in the area, our directory is an invaluable tool that guarantees smooth operations and happy clients.