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In Telangana, India, the thriving town of Suryapet is represented by the pincode 508213. Suryapet, well-known for its rich cultural legacy, booming economy, and historical significance, presents a vibrant fusion of the old and the new. Discover historic temples, lively marketplaces, and educational facilities that showcase the town’s multicultural nature. The Suryapet Pincode 508213 gives you access to the center of this busy city, where daily living, education, and business coexist together. Whether you are taking in the local celebrations, studying, or trading, these pincodes provide an insight into the dynamic spirit of Suryapet’s urban and cultural way of life.

Suryapet Pincode

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About Suryapet

The district of Suryapet is located in the Telangana state of India. The district office is located in the city of Suryapet. Suryapet, Kodad, and Huzurnagar are the three revenue divisions of the district. It is separated into twenty-three mandals. The district is bordered by the states of Andhra Pradesh and Nalgonda, Khammam, Yadadri, Jangaon, and Mahabubabad.


3,374.41 square kilometers (or 1,302.87 square miles) make up the district. This district is bordered to the northeast by Jangaon, to the east by Khammam, to the south by Andhra Pradesh, to the west by Nalgonda, and to the northwest by Yadadri Bhuvanagiri.


There are 1,099,560 people living in the district as of the 2011 Indian Census. Suryapet has a 64.11% literacy rate and a sex ratio of 996 females for every 1000 males. 110,136 people (10.02%) were younger than six. A total of 171,039 (15.56%) were city dwellers. The population was composed of 208,326 (18.95%) Scheduled Castes and 141,271 (12.85%) Scheduled Tribes. 83.28% of people spoke Telugu, 11.24% spoke Lambadi, and 4.97% spoke Urdu at the time of the 2011 census.


The district is divided into three revenue divisions: Huzurnagar, Kodad, and Suryapet. There are twenty-three mandals within it. The district’s collector at the moment is Amoy Kumar. Five municipalities make up the district. The five municipalities are Neredcherla, Thirumalagiri, Huzurnagar, Kodad, and Suryapet.

Historical Significance

Suryapet has a long and colorful past that spans several centuries. For a number of dynasties, notably the Kakatiya and Bahmani Sultanates, it served as a major hub for trade and commerce. The town’s antique inscriptions, old temples, and remaining buildings all attest to its past.

Economic Development

Suryapet has had notable economic growth in recent times. With its booming marketplaces, industries, and businesses, it acts as a focus for trade and commerce for the surrounding area. The town’s economic development has been aided by its advantageous placement along important transportation lines.

Educational Institutions

Schools, colleges, and vocational training facilities are among the several educational establishments in Suryapet. These educational establishments offer top-notch instruction and facilitate the local populace’s intellectual advancement.

Cultural Heritage

The town is proud of its rich cultural history, which includes festivals, customs, and cultural events that are very important to the town’s citizens. Important cultural landmarks are temples like the Chaya Someswara Swamy Temple and the Vemulawada Bheemakka Temple.

Infrastructure Development

Suryapet’s infrastructure has seen notable advancements. Improvements to roads, public transit, and connectivity to neighboring cities have all made it simpler for locals to live and work.

Natural Beauty

Suryapet is encircled by gorgeous scenery, including lakes, rolling hills, and verdant fields. The town’s scenic surroundings offer chances for leisurely strolls, outdoor games, and picnics.


What is Suryapet famous for?

Suryapet has a long history of being a center of the Telangana Armed Struggle's anti-Razakar struggle. These days, Suryapet is a rapidly expanding area with thriving cement industries.

Is Suryapet telangana or andhra pradesh?

It is situated in the Suryapet District, Telangana state's Durajpally village, a suburb of Suryapet Municipality.

What is the old name of Suryapet district?

The former Nalgonda district was divided to become Suryapet district. The districts of Nalgonda, Yadadri, Khammam, Hanamkonda, Mahabubabad, and the state of Andhra Pradesh are all bordered by the district.

Which river flows in Suryapet?

The Suryapet district is traversed by the Krishna and Musi rivers.

How many divisions are there in Suryapet district?

For administrative convenience, the District is separated into three revenue divisions.