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Pincodes of The Dangs

The Dangs, a district in Gujarat, is distinguished by its serene natural beauty and rich tribal culture. Known for its dense forests and scenic landscapes, it’s a haven for nature lovers and adventurers. The Dangs is particularly famous for its vibrant tribal festivals and traditional dances. The district is well-organized with a system of pincodes, known as the Dangs pincodes, which help in efficient postal services and easy navigation. This system plays a crucial role in connecting the remote areas of the district with the rest of the region, making communication and administration more effective.

The dangs pincodes

Here is a list of The Dangs Pincodes

1Ahwadangs394710The DangsGujarat
2Barkhandhia394720The DangsGujarat
3Bhavandgad394710The DangsGujarat
4Borkhal394710The DangsGujarat
5Chankhal394710The DangsGujarat
6Chikar394720The DangsGujarat
7Chikatia394710The DangsGujarat
8Chikhali Dangs394720The DangsGujarat
9Chinchli394710The DangsGujarat
10Dagadiamba394720The DangsGujarat
11Dagunia394720The DangsGujarat
12Dhavlidhod394710The DangsGujarat
13Galkund394710The DangsGujarat
14Garakhadi394710The DangsGujarat
15Ghadvi394710The DangsGujarat
16Gondalvihir394710The DangsGujarat
17Gotiamal394720The DangsGujarat
18Jakhana394710The DangsGujarat
19Jhavda394720The DangsGujarat
20Kadmal394716The DangsGujarat
21Keshbandh394716The DangsGujarat
22Khambhala394716The DangsGujarat
23Lavchali394716The DangsGujarat
24Linga394710The DangsGujarat
25Mahal394716The DangsGujarat
26Mahalpada394710The DangsGujarat
27Malegaon394720The DangsGujarat
28Manmodi394720The DangsGujarat
29Morzira394710The DangsGujarat
30Nadagchond394720The DangsGujarat
31Nakatia Hanvant394710The DangsGujarat
32Nanapada394720The DangsGujarat
33Nishana394716The DangsGujarat
34Pandva394710The DangsGujarat
35Pimpri394715The DangsGujarat
36Piplaidevi394716The DangsGujarat
37Rambhas394720The DangsGujarat
38Sakarpatal394720The DangsGujarat
39Samgahan394720The DangsGujarat
40Saputara394720The DangsGujarat
41Singana394716The DangsGujarat
42Subir394716The DangsGujarat
43Tanklipada394716The DangsGujarat
44Vasurna394720The DangsGujarat
45Waghai394720The DangsGujarat
46Zaridungarda394720The DangsGujarat

About The Dangs

Dang is a district in the southeast part of Gujarat, India, with Ahwa as its administrative center. Covering an area of 1,764 km2, it had a population of 228,291 in 2011, making it the least populous district in Gujarat. According to the Planning Commission, Dang is among the most economically challenged of India’s 640 districts. A significant 94% of its residents belong to scheduled tribes. Unique to Dang are its five Kings, who are the only hereditary royals in India with titles still recognized by the government, stemming from an agreement made with the Indian government in 1842.


The five Royal Bhil Kings of Dangs, unique as India’s only remaining hereditary monarchs, historically fought against the British Company. After their biggest battle at ‘Lashkaria Amba’, a 1842 treaty allowed the British to use forest resources in exchange for a payment to the kings. Today, these kings still receive a government pension, a tradition maintained since privy purses were abolished in 1970. Annually during Holi, they gather in Ahwa for a ceremony to receive this payment, marked by cultural festivities. The Dangs, historically known as ‘Danda Aranyaka’ or ‘Bamboo forest’, now face challenges with illegal logging, prompting the kings to seek government intervention.


Dang District includes part of a forest area that extends to the Purna Wildlife Sanctuary, spanning both Dang and Tapi districts in Gujarat and Nandurbar District in Maharashtra. It also connects to Vansda National Park in Navsari District, which shares forest land with Valsad district.

In 1991, the rusty-spotted cat was spotted for the first time in Shoolpaneshwar Wildlife Sanctuary. In the Purna and Ratanmahal Wildlife Sanctuaries, eight bird species, such as the Indian grey hornbill and jungle bush quail, are now locally extinct. Additionally, the Bengal tiger, Indian giant squirrel, and gaur are considered extinct in Gujarat.

The rivers in the dangs are

  • Purna River
  • Ambika River
  • Gira River
  • Khapri River
  • Dhodad River


In 2006, the Ministry of Panchayati Raj identified Dang District as one of India’s economically distressed areas, being one of 250 out of 640 districts. It is among the six districts in Gujarat that are receiving financial support from the Backward Regions Grant Fund Programme (BRGF).


As per the 2011 census, the Dang district has a population of 228,291, placing it 587th among India’s 640 districts. It has a low population density of 129 people per square kilometer. The sex ratio in Dang is 1007 females for every 1000 males, and its literacy rate is 76.8%. Only about 10.81% of the population resides in urban areas.

 During the 2011 Census, the most spoken language in the district was Dangi, used by 59.55% of the population, followed by Gujarati at 32.53%, Gamit at 3.18%, Marathi at 1.99%, and Hindi at 1.21%.



What are the tribes in Dang?

The primary tribes living in the area are the Bhil, Varli, Kunbi, and Kotwaliya. Dang Collector NK Damor mentioned that the local administration does not maintain detailed records of the population demographics.

Which state is Dang in?

The Dang District in Gujarat, India, is home to the natural attraction of Saputara Hill Station, a site managed by the Government of Gujarat.

Where is Dang Forest?

Dang is the district in Gujarat with the most extensive forests, and some of its protected areas have not experienced tree cutting for over seventy years.

What is the religion of the Dangs?

In The Dangs, 89.16% of the population practices Hinduism, while Christians, forming a significant minority, account for 8.77% of the total population.