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Pincodes of Theni

Theni Pincodes cover a range of locations within the quaint district of Theni, Tamil Nadu, India. Theni, well-known for its scenic surroundings, agricultural importance, and rich cultural legacy, presents a lovely fusion of rustic charm and history. Discover pure rivers, verdant hills, and ancient temples situated amidst stunning scenery. Access to the center of this area, where farming, spirituality, and the peaceful natural surroundings coexist peacefully, is made possible by Theni Pincodes. These pincodes offer an insightful journey into the heart of Theni’s rustic beauty, whether you’re trekking in the Western Ghats, touring historic shrines, or taking in the local way of life.

Theni Pincodes

Here is a list of Theni Pincodes

No.LocationPincode District State
1A.Vadipatti625602TheniTamil Nadu
2Agamalai625605TheniTamil Nadu
3Alagapuri625523TheniTamil Nadu
4Allinagaram625531TheniTamil Nadu
5Ammapatti625512TheniTamil Nadu
6Ammatchiapuram625531TheniTamil Nadu
7Anaikaraipatti625582TheniTamil Nadu
8Anamalayanpatti625526TheniTamil Nadu
9Annanji625531TheniTamil Nadu
10Appipatti625515TheniTamil Nadu
11Athankaraipatti625517TheniTamil Nadu
12Aundipatti625512TheniTamil Nadu
13B.Ammapatti625528TheniTamil Nadu
14B.Meenakshipuram625582TheniTamil Nadu
15Bangalamedu625531TheniTamil Nadu
16Bodidasanpatti625536TheniTamil Nadu
17Bodimettu625582TheniTamil Nadu
18Bodinayakanur625513TheniTamil Nadu
19Bodinayakanur Bazar625513TheniTamil Nadu
20Bodinayakanur North625513TheniTamil Nadu
21Bodinayakanur R.s.625513TheniTamil Nadu
22Bomminayakanpatti625602TheniTamil Nadu
23Buthipuram625531TheniTamil Nadu
24C.Pudupatti625556TheniTamil Nadu
25Central Station625582TheniTamil Nadu
26Chinnakattalai625527TheniTamil Nadu
27Chinnamanur625515TheniTamil Nadu
28Chinnamanur Bazar625515TheniTamil Nadu
29Chinnaovalapuram625515TheniTamil Nadu
30Cumbum625516TheniTamil Nadu
31Cumbum West625516TheniTamil Nadu
32Devadanapatti625602TheniTamil Nadu
33Dharmapuri625520TheniTamil Nadu
34Endapuli625604TheniTamil Nadu
35Erasakkanayakanur625515TheniTamil Nadu
36Erumalainayakanpatti625602TheniTamil Nadu
37Ethakovil625536TheniTamil Nadu
38G.Kallupatti625203TheniTamil Nadu
39G.Usilampatti625517TheniTamil Nadu
40Gandamanayakanur625517TheniTamil Nadu
41Gandhinagar (cumbum)625516TheniTamil Nadu
42Genguvarpatti625203TheniTamil Nadu
43Gokilapuram625526TheniTamil Nadu
44Gopalapuram625534TheniTamil Nadu
45Govindagaram625517TheniTamil Nadu
46Gudalur625518TheniTamil Nadu
47Gullapuram625562TheniTamil Nadu
48Hanumanthanpatti625533TheniTamil Nadu
49Highwavys625519TheniTamil Nadu
50Jangalpatti625520TheniTamil Nadu
51Jeevanagar625513TheniTamil Nadu
52Jeyamangalam625603TheniTamil Nadu
53Kadamalaikundu625579TheniTamil Nadu
54Kamarajapuram625582TheniTamil Nadu
55Kamatchipuram625520TheniTamil Nadu
56Kamayakoundanpatti625521TheniTamil Nadu
57Kanniappapillaipatti625512TheniTamil Nadu
58Kanniservaipatti625515TheniTamil Nadu
59Karunagamuthanpatti625516TheniTamil Nadu
60Keelagudalur625518TheniTamil Nadu
61Kodangipatti625547TheniTamil Nadu
62Koduvilarpatti625534TheniTamil Nadu
63Koilpatti625562TheniTamil Nadu
64Kombai625522TheniTamil Nadu
65Kombaitholu625579TheniTamil Nadu
66Koolayanur625515TheniTamil Nadu
67Kothaloothu625512TheniTamil Nadu
68Kothapatti625512TheniTamil Nadu
69Kottagudi625582TheniTamil Nadu
70Kottur625534TheniTamil Nadu
71Kovilparai625579TheniTamil Nadu
72Krishnampatti625530TheniTamil Nadu
73Kujjanur625515TheniTamil Nadu
74Kullappagoundanpatti625516TheniTamil Nadu
75Kumizhantholu625579TheniTamil Nadu
76Kunnur625531TheniTamil Nadu
77Kuppinayakanpatti625520TheniTamil Nadu
78Kurangani625582TheniTamil Nadu
79Lakshminayakanpatti625530TheniTamil Nadu
80Lakshmipuram625523TheniTamil Nadu
81Manalar625519TheniTamil Nadu
82Manjalar Dam625602TheniTamil Nadu
83Marikundu625517TheniTamil Nadu
84Markeyankottai625552TheniTamil Nadu
85Mayiladumparai625579TheniTamil Nadu
86Megamalai625515TheniTamil Nadu
87Melachokkanathapuram625582TheniTamil Nadu
88Melasindalachery625524TheniTamil Nadu
89Melmangalam625603TheniTamil Nadu
90Moolakadai625579TheniTamil Nadu
91Mottanuthu625512TheniTamil Nadu
92Murugamalainagar625605TheniTamil Nadu
93Muthulapuram625515TheniTamil Nadu
94Nagalapuram625528TheniTamil Nadu
95Nallakaruppanpatti625604TheniTamil Nadu
96Narayanathevanpatti625521TheniTamil Nadu
97Odaipatti625540TheniTamil Nadu
98Okkaraipatti625517TheniTamil Nadu
99P.Dharmathupatti625536TheniTamil Nadu
100Palacombai625512TheniTamil Nadu
101Palanichettipatti625531TheniTamil Nadu
102Pallavarayanpatti625524TheniTamil Nadu
103Pannaipuram625524TheniTamil Nadu
104Periyakulam625601TheniTamil Nadu
105Periyakulam Bazaar625601TheniTamil Nadu
106Periyakulam East625604TheniTamil Nadu
107Periyakulam Public office625601TheniTamil Nadu
108Periyar Project625525TheniTamil Nadu
109Poomalaikundu625520TheniTamil Nadu
110Poosanuthu625579TheniTamil Nadu
111Pottipuram625528TheniTamil Nadu
112Pulikuthi625524TheniTamil Nadu
113Pullimankombai625536TheniTamil Nadu
114Rajadhani625512TheniTamil Nadu
115Rajagopalanpatti625536TheniTamil Nadu
116Rasingapuram625528TheniTamil Nadu
117Rengasamudram625562TheniTamil Nadu
118Rosanampatti625512TheniTamil Nadu
119Royappanpatti625526TheniTamil Nadu
120Sankarapuram625530TheniTamil Nadu
121Saruthupatti625523TheniTamil Nadu
122Sathakoilpatti625602TheniTamil Nadu
123Seelayampatti625515TheniTamil Nadu
124Seepalakottai625540TheniTamil Nadu
125Shunmugasundarapuram625512TheniTamil Nadu
126Silamalai625528TheniTamil Nadu
127Sillamarathupatti625528TheniTamil Nadu
128Silvarpatti625602TheniTamil Nadu
129Sindalacherry625530TheniTamil Nadu
130Siraparai625579TheniTamil Nadu
131Srirengapuram625534TheniTamil Nadu
132Subburajnagar625582TheniTamil Nadu
133Sukkangalpatti625540TheniTamil Nadu
134Surulipatti625516TheniTamil Nadu
135Suruliyar Lower camp625525TheniTamil Nadu
136T.Kallipatti625605TheniTamil Nadu
137T.Meenatchipuram625530TheniTamil Nadu
138T.Nagar (theni)625531TheniTamil Nadu
139T.Subbulapuram625536TheniTamil Nadu
140T.V.renganathapuram625536TheniTamil Nadu
141Tadichery625534TheniTamil Nadu
142Tamarakulam625605TheniTamil Nadu
143Thamminayakanpatti625530TheniTamil Nadu
144Thangammalpuram625579TheniTamil Nadu
145Thekkampatti625517TheniTamil Nadu
146Theni625531TheniTamil Nadu
147Theni East625531TheniTamil Nadu
148Theppampatti625512TheniTamil Nadu
149Thevaram625530TheniTamil Nadu
150Thimmarasanayakanur625536TheniTamil Nadu
151Thullukuttinayakanur625705TheniTamil Nadu
152Thummagundu625579TheniTamil Nadu
153U.Ammapatti625533TheniTamil Nadu
154Upparpatti625534TheniTamil Nadu
155Uppukottai625534TheniTamil Nadu
156Uthamapalayam625533TheniTamil Nadu
157Uthamapalayam Bazar625533TheniTamil Nadu
158Uthamapalayam West625533TheniTamil Nadu
159Vadagarai625601TheniTamil Nadu
160Vadugapatti625603TheniTamil Nadu
161Vaigaidamsite625562TheniTamil Nadu
162Vaigaiproject625562TheniTamil Nadu
163Varadharajnagar625562TheniTamil Nadu
164Varushanadu625579TheniTamil Nadu
165Veerapandi625534TheniTamil Nadu
166Vellaiyammalpuram625540TheniTamil Nadu
167Venkatachalapuram625572TheniTamil Nadu
168Venniar Estate625538TheniTamil Nadu

About Theni

There are 38 districts in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, including Theni District. The area is next to the Madurai district and is well-protected by the picturesque hill locks. The district office is located in the town of Theni. The district is naturally divided into two sections: the hilly areas, which include parts of Theni, Bodinayakanur, Periyakulam, Uthamapalayam, and Andipatti taluks, and the Cumbum valley, which is located in Uthamapalayam taluk. The hilly areas are characterized by dense vegetation and perennial streams that emerge from the hills on the western side.


According to G.O. Ms. No. 679 Revenue Department dated July 7, 1996, the former Madurai District was divided to form the Theni District. Following the split, two new Taluks Theni and Bodinayakanur and a new Revenue Division with its headquarters located in Uthamapalayam were established, effective January 1, 1997. Up until December 31, 1996, Theni Municipal Town served only as the headquarters of Firka. On January 1, 1997, Theni Municipal Town became the Taluk and District headquarters following the creation of the new District.


At the base of the Western Ghats, the 2,889 km2 (1,115 sq mi) district is located between 9′ 39′ and 10′ 30′ North latitude and between 77′ 00′ and 78′ 30′ East longitude. Location center: 10°04′N 77°45′E. The district is bordered to the north by the Dindigul District, to the east by the Madurai District, to the southwest by the Virudhunagar District, and to the west by the Idukki district of Kerala State.


The plains see minimum temperatures of 15 °C (59 °F) and highest temperatures of 40 °C (104 °F). Temperatures in the hills can vary from 4-5 °C (39–41 °F) to 25 °C (77 °F). The region is renowned for its lakes, hills, and pleasant weather.


Theni district’s economy is primarily based on agriculture. The district’s land area utilised for agriculture is 40.33%. Sugarcane (1,201,221), cotton 95,360 (561 bales of 170 kg lint each), rice (paddy) 66,093, millets and other cereals 57,081, pulses 6,677, groundnut 4,021 and gingelly 325 were the main crops produced (in tonnes) in 2005–2006. Other major produce of the district includes silk, bananas, coconuts, tea, coffee, cardamom, grapes, and mangoes. despite the fact that this area has a strong economy. The world’s highest tea plantation is in Kolukkumalai, which is situated in the Theni district at the summit of the Western Ghats.


53.81% of the 1,245,899 people living in the Theni district were urban dwellers, and the district had a sex ratio of 991 females for every 1,000 males, which was much higher than the 929 national average. There were 59,661 children under the age of six in all, made up of 57,788 girls and 61,873 boys. Scheduled Tribes made up 0.15% and 20.72% of the population, respectively, of Scheduled Castes. The district’s average literacy rate was 69.84%, while the national average was 72.99%. In all, there were 338,112 households in the district.


What is Theni district famous for?

One of the most significant festivals in Tamil Nadu, Pongal is celebrated with style in the Theni district. During the Pongal festival, Pallavarayanpatti, Ayyampatti, and Pudupatti are renowned for their Jallikattu.

Which rivers are in Theni?

The Vaigai River Sub watershed includes portions of the Theni district. A system of rivers, including the Vaigai, Suruli Ar, Periyar, and Kottagudi rivers, drains the region. This district drains the Koothantchi Ar, Kottagudi Ar, Theni Ar, and a few more local streams that are tributaries of the Vaigai River.

What is the name of the falls in Theni?

Nestled in the Western Ghats range, close to the Theni district in Tamil Nadu, India, Suruli Waterfalls is a truly remarkable natural wonder.

What food is special in Theni?

People in this area like eating a variety of foods such as vada curry, coconut bunsthalapakatti biriyani, varkey, kongunadu, vada curry, jigarthanda and kari dosa, chettinadu, border parotta, panchamrutham, palkova, and many more. The environment surrounding Theni has a wealth of information. Cardumum derived from body. Cumbum grapes.

What is the old name of Theni district?

Following the division of the former Madurai District, the Theni Revenue District was established.