Tikamgarh Pincodes

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Pincodes of Tikamgarh

Tikamgarh District, located in the heart of Madhya Pradesh, India, is known for its historical significance and cultural heritage. It encompasses a variety of landscapes, including lush green fields and historical monuments. Tikamgarh Pincodes play a crucial role in postal services and communication within the district. This region is marked by its rich history and the presence of several ancient temples and forts, reflecting its glorious past. With its diverse culture and natural beauty, Tikamgarh is a noteworthy district in Madhya Pradesh.

Tikamgarh Pincodes

Here is a list of Tikamgarh Pincodes

No.LocationPincode District State
1Acharra472101TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
2Ahar471001TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
3Airora472111TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
4Ajnore471001TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
5Alampura472221TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
6Amarpur472010TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
7Asati472442TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
8Astari472447TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
9Aston472005TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
10Bachhoda472339TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
11Badagaon472010TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
12Bahera472447TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
13Baisa472111TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
14Baldeogarh472111TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
15Bamhori Bar472331TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
16Bamhorikala472118TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
17Bandha472101TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
18Bangain472246TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
19Banjaripura472338TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
20Banne Bujraj472115TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
21Barana472221TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
22Barethi Kala472101TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
23Barethikhas472101TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
24Bari472331TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
25Barmadang472339TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
26Barsoba472246TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
27Berwarkhas472118TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
28Bhadurpur471001TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
29Bhanpura472115TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
30Bhelsa472246TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
31Bhelsi471001TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
32Bhitari472446TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
33Bhopalpur472337TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
34Bijore472445TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
35Bijron472339TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
36Binwara472442TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
37Birorakhet472338TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
38Birsagar472337TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
39Budera471001TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
40Budore472221TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
41Chakarpur472246TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
42Chandera472118TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
43Chandpura472115TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
44Chaubara472115TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
45Chhidari472115TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
46Chomokhas472338TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
47Daretha472338TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
48Darguwan472010TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
49Deoraha472221TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
50Deri472115TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
51Dewarda472111TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
52Dhajrai472001TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
53Dhamanakha472339TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
54Dhilla472246TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
55Digoda472339TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
56Dikoli Chowk472111TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
57Dohochak472115TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
58Dumduma472338TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
59Dunda472010TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
60Future472115TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
61Ghoogsi472447TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
62Ghoorakhas472221TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
63Gidkhini472442TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
64Gona472221TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
65Gor472101TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
66Gora472115TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
67Guawali472447TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
68Gukhrai472111TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
69Gurha472221TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
70Harsmau472442TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
71Hatta472111TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
72Hiranagar472001TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
73Hirapur472115TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
74Iqbal Pura472101TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
75J.M. khargapur472115TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
76Jarua472118TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
77Jatara472118TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
78Jeoramora472338TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
79Jer472338TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
80Jerakhas472337TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
81Jeron472337TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
82Jewaha472338TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
83Jikhanguwan472447TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
84Judawan472005TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
85Jugiyai472246TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
86Kachhiyaguda472331TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
87Kachhora472221TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
88Kailpura472111TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
89Kakarwaha472010TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
90Kakwni472337TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
91Kalera472118TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
92Kanera472118TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
93Karikhas472001TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
94Karmora472118TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
95Khargapur472115TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
96Khera472001TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
97Kheron472331TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
98Khiriya Naka472005TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
99Khiston472338TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
100Kudar472446TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
101Kudila472115TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
102Kulua472442TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
103Kumarra472246TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
104Kundshwer472005TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
105Ladwari472338TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
106Lar472010TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
107Laron472221TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
108Lidhora472331TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
109Loharguwn472337TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
110Mabai472001TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
111Madia472338TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
112Madore472246TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
113Magrai472221TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
114Maharajpur472001TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
115Mahobachak472331TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
116Majna471001TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
117Malguwn472115TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
118Marguwna472331TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
119Master Mogna472101TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
120Matol472115TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
121Mawai472221TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
122Mogna472101TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
123Mohangarh472101TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
124Mohanpura472246TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
125Mudara472442TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
126Muhara472118TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
127Naguwan472338TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
128Nandanwara472101TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
129Nanhitehtri472111TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
130Narayanpura472111TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
131Narguda472001TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
132Nayagaon472111TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
133Nibora472118TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
134Niwari472442TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
135Nuna472331TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
136Orchha472246TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
137Pahadi Tilwalran472005TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
138Pahadibujurg472118TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
139Paitpura472118TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
140Palera472221TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
141Pali472221TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
142Papawani472337TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
143Papora472001TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
144Para472221TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
145Patha472001TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
146Patharam472445TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
147Pathrguwa472115TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
148Pohakhas472442TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
149Pratappura472246TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
150Prithvipur472338TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
151Puchikarguwan472445TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
152Purenia472115TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
153Ramgarh472118TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
154Ramnagar472115TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
155Ranipura472111TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
156Sagarwara472118TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
157Sakerabhadaran472338TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
158Saktibheron472446TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
159Samarra472010TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
160Sapon472010TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
161Sarkanpur472115TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
162Satguwa472331TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
163Sendri472446TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
164Shah472118TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
165Sijora472115TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
166Simra472337TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
167Siyawanikha472331TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
168Smarakhurd472221TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
169Sujanpura472111TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
170Sunderpur472001TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
171Sunoniya472246TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
172Tahanga472221TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
173Taricharkala472445TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
174Teharka472447TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
175Thona472445TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
176Tikamgarh472001TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
177Tikamgarh City472001TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
178Tikamgarh Coll472001TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
179Tikamgarh P.t472001TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
180Toriya472221TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
181Ubora472445TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
182Umari472010TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
183Uparakhas472447TikamgarhMadhya Pradesh

About Tikamgarh

Tikamgarh district, situated in central India, is one of Madhya Pradesh’s 52 districts. Serving as the district headquarters, Tikamgarh town is at the heart of the region. This district falls under the jurisdiction of Sagar Division.

To its east and southeast, Tikamgarh is bordered by Chhatarpur District in Madhya Pradesh, while its western boundary is shared with Lalitpur District in Uttar Pradesh. In the north, it adjoins Niwari District, also in Uttar Pradesh.


Tikamgarh District in Madhya Pradesh has a rich history dating back centuries. It was once part of the princely state of Orchha, known for its splendid architecture. In 1783, it came under British influence. After India gained independence in 1947, Tikamgarh became part of Madhya Pradesh.

The district has witnessed the rule of various dynasties, including the Bundelas and Marathas. It has seen significant events during the freedom struggle. Today, Tikamgarh is known for its historical sites, including ancient temples and forts, which stand as a testament to its vibrant past.


Tikamgarh District in Madhya Pradesh, India, is characterized by its diverse geography. It features fertile plains with agricultural fields and dense forests, making it a region of natural beauty. The district is bordered by Chhatarpur District to the east and southeast, Lalitpur District in Uttar Pradesh to the west, and Niwari District in Uttar Pradesh to the north. Its topography varies from flatlands to rolling hills, providing a mix of landscapes. The district’s geographical diversity contributes to its agricultural productivity and scenic charm.


In 2006, Tikamgarh was recognized by the Ministry of Panchayati Raj as one of the country’s 250 most economically disadvantaged districts out of a total of 640. As a result, it is one of the 24 districts in Madhya Pradesh that receives financial support from the Backward Regions Grant Fund Programme (BRGF).

The district’s economy is primarily based on agriculture and related activities. Tikamgarh is also a significant producer of pyrophyllite, with numerous mining sites extracting high-quality pyrophyllite stone that is exported to various parts of India. This contributes to the district’s economic development.


Tikamgarh District in Madhya Pradesh has a diverse population. As of the 2011 census, it had a population of approximately 1.45 million people. The majority of the population practices Hinduism, which is the dominant religion in the district. Other religions like Islam, Jainism, and Christianity are also followed by smaller communities.

Hindi is the most widely spoken language in Tikamgarh, serving as the primary means of communication for the majority of residents. Bundeli, a regional language, is also spoken by some of the locals. This linguistic diversity reflects the cultural richness of the district, where people from various backgrounds coexist harmoniously.



Why is Tikamgarh famous?

The town is famous for its betel-leaf farming and is renowned for the 'Vindhya Vasini Devi' temple. Every year, in the month of Chaitra, a seven-day Vindhyavasani fair is organized here, attracting approximately 10,000 attendees.

How many tehsil are there in Tikamgarh district?

Tikamgarh District in Madhya Pradesh is divided into 7 tehsils. Here are their names: 1. Tikamgarh Tehsil 2. Prithvipur Tehsil 3. Jatara Tehsil 4. Palera Tehsil 5. Baldeogarh Tehsil 6. Niwari Tehsil 7. Khargapur Tehsil

How many blocks are there in Tikamgarh district?

Tikamgarh district is organized into six blocks, namely Niwari, Prithvipur, Baldeogarh, Palera, Jatara, and Tikamgarh. It includes 1003 villages and 459 Gram Panchayats. The total land area is approximately 5.04 lakh hectares, with a net sown area of about 2.56 lakh hectares, constituting 50.07% of the total geographical area.

What is the old name of Tikamgarh?

The town was originally called Tehri, but in 1780, the ruler of Orchha, Vikramajit (1776–1817), relocated his capital from Orchha to Tehri and gave it the new name Tikamgarh. The name Tikam is associated with Lord Krishna.