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Pincodes of Udhampur

Udhampur Pincodes is your gateway to precise postal codes across the vibrant district of Udhampur. Nestled in the scenic Jammu and Kashmir region, this district boasts strategic importance with its diverse landscape. With a rich cultural heritage and administrative significance, Udhampur serves as a pivotal hub. Our platform offers easy access to accurate postal codes, aiding seamless mail delivery and package logistics within the region’s various locales. Explore Udhampur effortlessly with Udhampur Pincodes, ensuring your correspondence reaches its destination promptly. 

Udhampur Pincodes

Here is a list of Udhampur Pincodes

1Adhkawari182301UdhampurJammu And kashmir
2Aghar Baba jitto182301UdhampurJammu And kashmir
3Allya185203UdhampurJammu And kashmir
4Amroh182122UdhampurJammu And kashmir
5Angrala182315UdhampurJammu And kashmir
6Arnas182313UdhampurJammu And kashmir
7Badhole182122UdhampurJammu And kashmir
8Bagdhar182311UdhampurJammu And kashmir
9Bain182141UdhampurJammu And kashmir
10Bainsta182125UdhampurJammu And kashmir
11Bakkal182311UdhampurJammu And kashmir
12Balamatkot182315UdhampurJammu And kashmir
13Bali182101UdhampurJammu And kashmir
14Bandhole182122UdhampurJammu And kashmir
15Bapp182161UdhampurJammu And kashmir
16Barerian182125UdhampurJammu And kashmir
17Bari182122UdhampurJammu And kashmir
18Barmeen182124UdhampurJammu And kashmir
19Barnara185203UdhampurJammu And kashmir
20Barola182121UdhampurJammu And kashmir
21Basahat182141UdhampurJammu And kashmir
22Basantgarh182128UdhampurJammu And kashmir
23Bathoi182315UdhampurJammu And kashmir
24Battal182117UdhampurJammu And kashmir
25Bhagga182311UdhampurJammu And kashmir
26Bharakh185203UdhampurJammu And kashmir
27Bhatiari182125UdhampurJammu And kashmir
28Bhudara(bhudan)182313UdhampurJammu And kashmir
29Bimblya185203UdhampurJammu And kashmir
30Bland182122UdhampurJammu And kashmir
31Chak Rakhwalan182101UdhampurJammu And kashmir
32Chanunta182124UdhampurJammu And kashmir
33Charat182141UdhampurJammu And kashmir
34Charyari182121UdhampurJammu And kashmir
35Chenani182141UdhampurJammu And kashmir
36Chowki Jandrorh182122UdhampurJammu And kashmir
37Dadoa185203UdhampurJammu And kashmir
38Dalsar182122UdhampurJammu And kashmir
39Damnet182125UdhampurJammu And kashmir
40Darmari182313UdhampurJammu And kashmir
41Dera Baba banda182301UdhampurJammu And kashmir
42Devak185203UdhampurJammu And kashmir
43Deval182315UdhampurJammu And kashmir
44Dhanas182141UdhampurJammu And kashmir
45Dhandal182124UdhampurJammu And kashmir
46Dhanwalt182122UdhampurJammu And kashmir
47Dhanwan185203UdhampurJammu And kashmir
48Dhhannore182313UdhampurJammu And kashmir
49Dhiari182122UdhampurJammu And kashmir
50Dhyangarh182312UdhampurJammu And kashmir
51Dudoo182128UdhampurJammu And kashmir
52Galiote182125UdhampurJammu And kashmir
53Gandala182101UdhampurJammu And kashmir
54Garhi182121UdhampurJammu And kashmir
55Garnai182121UdhampurJammu And kashmir
56Gelhan185203UdhampurJammu And kashmir
57Ghorari182122UdhampurJammu And kashmir
58Gulabgarh182315UdhampurJammu And kashmir
59Hartrian182124UdhampurJammu And kashmir
60Hartriyan182121UdhampurJammu And kashmir
61Jaganoo182124UdhampurJammu And kashmir
62Jakhani182101UdhampurJammu And kashmir
63Jakhed182128UdhampurJammu And kashmir
64Jandrari182122UdhampurJammu And kashmir
65Jangalgali182121UdhampurJammu And kashmir
66Jib182121UdhampurJammu And kashmir
67Jij182313UdhampurJammu And kashmir
68Joffar182128UdhampurJammu And kashmir
69Johnu182124UdhampurJammu And kashmir
70Juda182313UdhampurJammu And kashmir
71Jyotipuram182312UdhampurJammu And kashmir
72Kaghote182125UdhampurJammu And kashmir
73Kainthgali182125UdhampurJammu And kashmir
74Kainthi182313UdhampurJammu And kashmir
75Kakrial182121UdhampurJammu And kashmir
76Kaldi182124UdhampurJammu And kashmir
77Kalsote182125UdhampurJammu And kashmir
78Karlah182142UdhampurJammu And kashmir
79Katra182301UdhampurJammu And kashmir
80Kawa182101UdhampurJammu And kashmir
81Keya182128UdhampurJammu And kashmir
82Khairal182311UdhampurJammu And kashmir
83Khairlarh185203UdhampurJammu And kashmir
84Khaned182128UdhampurJammu And kashmir
85Khoon182117UdhampurJammu And kashmir
86Kithar182141UdhampurJammu And kashmir
87Kotwalt182122UdhampurJammu And kashmir
88Krimchi182101UdhampurJammu And kashmir
89Kud182142UdhampurJammu And kashmir
90Kuddal182125UdhampurJammu And kashmir
91Kuhritti182125UdhampurJammu And kashmir
92Kund Kantari185203UdhampurJammu And kashmir
93Ladha182125UdhampurJammu And kashmir
94Landhar182125UdhampurJammu And kashmir
95Larh182315UdhampurJammu And kashmir
96Madha182142UdhampurJammu And kashmir
97Mahore182315UdhampurJammu And kashmir
98Majalta182117UdhampurJammu And kashmir
99Majouri182128UdhampurJammu And kashmir
100Malhar182121UdhampurJammu And kashmir
101Mand182121UdhampurJammu And kashmir
102Mangal182301UdhampurJammu And kashmir
103Mantalai182161UdhampurJammu And kashmir
104Mari182311UdhampurJammu And kashmir
105Marta182122UdhampurJammu And kashmir
106Matlot182313UdhampurJammu And kashmir
107Mir182125UdhampurJammu And kashmir
108Mj Road nd182101UdhampurJammu And kashmir
109Mongri182125UdhampurJammu And kashmir
110Nagrota Panj garain182122UdhampurJammu And kashmir
111Nagulta182141UdhampurJammu And kashmir
112Nala Ghoria182122UdhampurJammu And kashmir
113Nomain182301UdhampurJammu And kashmir
114Omara Morh182101UdhampurJammu And kashmir
115Ptc Udhampur182104UdhampurJammu And kashmir
116Pts Udhampur182103UdhampurJammu And kashmir
117Pachound182128UdhampurJammu And kashmir
118Pakhlai182141UdhampurJammu And kashmir
119Panasa182313UdhampurJammu And kashmir
120Panjar182125UdhampurJammu And kashmir
121Panthal182121UdhampurJammu And kashmir
122Pattangarh182122UdhampurJammu And kashmir
123Pattian182313UdhampurJammu And kashmir
124Peoni182117UdhampurJammu And kashmir
125Poni185203UdhampurJammu And kashmir
126Porakotla185203UdhampurJammu And kashmir
127Pul Kanthan182313UdhampurJammu And kashmir
128Rambal182121UdhampurJammu And kashmir
129Ramnagar182122UdhampurJammu And kashmir
130Rang182122UdhampurJammu And kashmir
131Ransoo185203UdhampurJammu And kashmir
132Rathian182101UdhampurJammu And kashmir
133Reasi182311UdhampurJammu And kashmir
134Roan182125UdhampurJammu And kashmir
135Salal182312UdhampurJammu And kashmir
136Salmehri182128UdhampurJammu And kashmir
137Salmeri182101UdhampurJammu And kashmir
138Samroli182141UdhampurJammu And kashmir
139Sangote182142UdhampurJammu And kashmir
140Sarh182315UdhampurJammu And kashmir
141Sarhoti185203UdhampurJammu And kashmir
142Sarthalkot182313UdhampurJammu And kashmir
143Sattian182122UdhampurJammu And kashmir
144Satuyalta182141UdhampurJammu And kashmir
145Seen Bhramena182121UdhampurJammu And kashmir
146Seen Thakrian182121UdhampurJammu And kashmir
147Sermanjla182124UdhampurJammu And kashmir
148Shajroo182313UdhampurJammu And kashmir
149Shaktinagar182101UdhampurJammu And kashmir
150Sila182311UdhampurJammu And kashmir
151Sonetar182122UdhampurJammu And kashmir
152Sudhmahadev182141UdhampurJammu And kashmir
153Sukhalghar182311UdhampurJammu And kashmir
154Surjan Dhar182311UdhampurJammu And kashmir
155Talwara Colony182320UdhampurJammu And kashmir
156Taryath185203UdhampurJammu And kashmir
157Thalora182117UdhampurJammu And kashmir
158Thanpal182313UdhampurJammu And kashmir
159Thiloo182313UdhampurJammu And kashmir
160Thub182313UdhampurJammu And kashmir
161Thuru182313UdhampurJammu And kashmir
162Tikri182121UdhampurJammu And kashmir
163Tote182311UdhampurJammu And kashmir
164Udhampur182101UdhampurJammu And kashmir
165Udhampur District court182101UdhampurJammu And kashmir
166Vaishno Devi182301UdhampurJammu And kashmir
167Vijaypur182311UdhampurJammu And kashmir

About Udhampur District

Udhampur, a city and municipal council in Udhampur district within the Indian union territory of Jammu and Kashmir, stands as the district headquarters. Honoring Raja Udham Singh, it assumes the role of the district capital and the Indian Army’s Northern Command headquarters. Additionally, it hosts a Forward Base Support Unit (FBSU) of the Indian Air Force. Its strategic location as a transit point between Jammu and Srinagar along the National Highway 44, formerly known as National Highway 1A, renders Udhampur pivotal for the Armed Forces during road travel, amplifying its significance in regional connectivity and defense operations.


Udhampur is a district located in the Indian union territory of Jammu and Kashmir. The city has a rich and ancient history. It is believed to have been founded in the 9th century AD by Raja Udham Singh, after whom it is named. Udhampur has been ruled by several dynasties, including the Mauryas, the Mughals, and the Dogras. It served as an important center for trade and governance during these periods. During the British colonial era, Udhampur saw developmental initiatives such as the construction of roads and railways. It played a crucial role in the Indian independence movement. It also attracts tourists with its temples, natural attractions, and adventure activities.


As per the 2011 Indian census, Udhampur’s urban region shelters 91,366 individuals, with 35,507 residing within the Udhampur Municipal Council area, 48,508 in its outgrowths, and 5,743 in Rehambal. The male populace comprises 60.2%, attributed notably to the substantial military presence. Udhampur boasts an impressive 91.5% literacy rate. Hinduism prevails as the primary religion in this city. These statistics depict a vibrant urban landscape shaped by a diverse demographic, emphasizing the city’s significance as a hub for culture, education, and the influence of the armed forces on its societal fabric.


Udhampur district resides amidst the Shivalik range of the Himalayas, characterized by predominantly mountainous terrain. Its higher altitudes witness snowfall during winter. Contrarily, the city sits in a comparatively flatter section, standing at 756 meters (2480 feet) above sea level, sparing it from frequent snowfall. This elevation offers a relatively moderate climate, distinct from the snowy landscapes of the district’s higher regions. The district’s diverse topography presents contrasting weather patterns, with the city of Udhampur enjoying milder conditions, providing a unique setting within the encompassing mountainous expanse of the region.


Udhampur district encompasses eight tehsils, including Chenani, Ramnagar Tehsil, Basantgarh, Latti, and Majalta. With seventeen blocks such as Dudu Basantgarh, Gordi, Chenani, Bajalta, Panchari, Ramnagar, and Udhampur, it fosters administrative divisions. These blocks serve as the building blocks of governance, housing various panchayats within each block. This decentralized administrative framework facilitates grassroots-level governance, ensuring effective local representation and development initiatives. Each block within the district accommodates multiple panchayats, forming a structured network that aids in comprehensive administration and community engagement across diverse regions in Udhampur.


Why is Udhampur famous?

Udhampur is renowned for its strategic location, historical significance, cultural heritage, and natural beauty in Jammu and Kashmir.

Which rivers are in Udhampur district ?

The Udhampur district is traversed by the Chenab, Tawi, and Ujh rivers within its geographic expanse.

What is the language of Udhampur district?

The predominant language spoken in Udhampur district is Dogri, along with Hindi and Urdu as widely used languages.

What is special in Udhampur?

Udhampur boasts historical significance, scenic landscapes, and is the birthplace of Sikh General Banda Singh Bahadur.

What is the famous food of Udhampur?

Udhampur is known for its delectable Dogra cuisine, featuring specialties like Rajma Chawal, Ambal, and Phirni.