Ujjain Pincodes

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Pincodes of Ujjain

Ujjain district, located in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, is known for its cultural and historical significance. It is home to the holy city of Ujjain, a prominent pilgrimage destination for Hindus. Ujjain district encompasses a rich heritage, including temples, ghats, and festivals. The district is identified by various pincodes. Ujjain pincodes help in postal services and location identification.

Ujjain Pincodes

Here is a list of Ujjain Pincodes

No.LocationPincode District State
1Aajdawada456776UjjainMadhya Pradesh
2Aajmabad456441UjjainMadhya Pradesh
3Akasoda456222UjjainMadhya Pradesh
4Akya jagir456224UjjainMadhya Pradesh
5Alot Jagir456221UjjainMadhya Pradesh
6Amla456771UjjainMadhya Pradesh
7Amodiya456006UjjainMadhya Pradesh
8Asawata456771UjjainMadhya Pradesh
9Aslavada456337UjjainMadhya Pradesh
10Badagaon456776UjjainMadhya Pradesh
11Badkummed456661UjjainMadhya Pradesh
12Baghera456770UjjainMadhya Pradesh
13Baledi456222UjjainMadhya Pradesh
14Baloda Lakkha456776UjjainMadhya Pradesh
15Bamnapati456222UjjainMadhya Pradesh
16Banbana456335UjjainMadhya Pradesh
17Bangred456771UjjainMadhya Pradesh
18Bappiya456440UjjainMadhya Pradesh
19Barkheda buzurg456443UjjainMadhya Pradesh
20Barkheda pitramal456335UjjainMadhya Pradesh
21Barkheda Madan456221UjjainMadhya Pradesh
22Barnagar456771UjjainMadhya Pradesh
23Barnagar bunglow456771UjjainMadhya Pradesh
24Barnagar Town456771UjjainMadhya Pradesh
25Batlawdi456224UjjainMadhya Pradesh
26Bedavan456221UjjainMadhya Pradesh
27Berchha456440UjjainMadhya Pradesh
28Bhainsoda456224UjjainMadhya Pradesh
29Bhatisuda456331UjjainMadhya Pradesh
30Bhatkhedi456224UjjainMadhya Pradesh
31Bhatpachlana456313UjjainMadhya Pradesh
32Bhikampur456313UjjainMadhya Pradesh
33Bichrod456665UjjainMadhya Pradesh
34Birakhedi456771UjjainMadhya Pradesh
35Birlagram nagda456331UjjainMadhya Pradesh
36Bolasa456664UjjainMadhya Pradesh
37Buranabad456224UjjainMadhya Pradesh
38Chadawad456665UjjainMadhya Pradesh
39Chandesara456664UjjainMadhya Pradesh
40Chapakhedi456224UjjainMadhya Pradesh
41Chapaner456224UjjainMadhya Pradesh
42Chikli456222UjjainMadhya Pradesh
43Chintaman Jawasia456006UjjainMadhya Pradesh
44Chirola456313UjjainMadhya Pradesh
45Chirola chhota456313UjjainMadhya Pradesh
46Chitavad456443UjjainMadhya Pradesh
47Dangwada456222UjjainMadhya Pradesh
48Delchi buzurg456440UjjainMadhya Pradesh
49Dhabla hardu456550UjjainMadhya Pradesh
50Dharakheda456443UjjainMadhya Pradesh
51Dungarkheda456550UjjainMadhya Pradesh
52Durgapura456331UjjainMadhya Pradesh
53Etawa456668UjjainMadhya Pradesh
54Ghattia456550UjjainMadhya Pradesh
55Ghinoda456224UjjainMadhya Pradesh
56Ghonsla456550UjjainMadhya Pradesh
57Ghudawan456222UjjainMadhya Pradesh
58Gogakheda456441UjjainMadhya Pradesh
59Goyalabujurg456006UjjainMadhya Pradesh
60Harnawada456222UjjainMadhya Pradesh
61Harsodhan456661UjjainMadhya Pradesh
62Hatai456335UjjainMadhya Pradesh
63Indokh456441UjjainMadhya Pradesh
64Ingoria456222UjjainMadhya Pradesh
65Jagoti456550UjjainMadhya Pradesh
66Jahagirpur456337UjjainMadhya Pradesh
67Jalodia456771UjjainMadhya Pradesh
68Jalwa456550UjjainMadhya Pradesh
69Jawasia Kumar456770UjjainMadhya Pradesh
70Jethal456006UjjainMadhya Pradesh
71Jharda456441UjjainMadhya Pradesh
72Jhitarkhedi456550UjjainMadhya Pradesh
73Jhutawad456440UjjainMadhya Pradesh
74Kachnariya456664UjjainMadhya Pradesh
75Kachria456441UjjainMadhya Pradesh
76Kadoudiya456668UjjainMadhya Pradesh
77Kagdikaradia456006UjjainMadhya Pradesh
78Kaliadeh456006UjjainMadhya Pradesh
79Kaluheda456006UjjainMadhya Pradesh
80Kamthana456313UjjainMadhya Pradesh
81Kanardi456770UjjainMadhya Pradesh
82Kanasia456770UjjainMadhya Pradesh
83Kanwas456224UjjainMadhya Pradesh
84Kapeli456668UjjainMadhya Pradesh
85Karedimataji456770UjjainMadhya Pradesh
86Karohan456006UjjainMadhya Pradesh
87Kathbarode456770UjjainMadhya Pradesh
88Kaytha456665UjjainMadhya Pradesh
89Kesaria456224UjjainMadhya Pradesh
90Keson456550UjjainMadhya Pradesh
91Khachraud456224UjjainMadhya Pradesh
92Khachraud Rs456224UjjainMadhya Pradesh
93Khajuria456770UjjainMadhya Pradesh
94Khandoda456222UjjainMadhya Pradesh
95Kharsod Khurd456222UjjainMadhya Pradesh
96Kharsodkalan456313UjjainMadhya Pradesh
97Khedakhajuria456443UjjainMadhya Pradesh
98Khedavada456776UjjainMadhya Pradesh
99Kundikheda456441UjjainMadhya Pradesh
100Lalgarh456441UjjainMadhya Pradesh
101Lekoda456006UjjainMadhya Pradesh
102Lekoda Anjana456337UjjainMadhya Pradesh
103Lohana456771UjjainMadhya Pradesh
104Lotiyajunarda456441UjjainMadhya Pradesh
105Madawda456313UjjainMadhya Pradesh
106Mahu456443UjjainMadhya Pradesh
107Mahudi456550UjjainMadhya Pradesh
108Makdavan456337UjjainMadhya Pradesh
109Makdone456668UjjainMadhya Pradesh
110Makla456441UjjainMadhya Pradesh
111Malikhedi456550UjjainMadhya Pradesh
112Matana kalan456664UjjainMadhya Pradesh
113Mehatvas456331UjjainMadhya Pradesh
114Mehidpur456443UjjainMadhya Pradesh
115Mehidpur bazar456443UjjainMadhya Pradesh
116Mehidpur road456440UjjainMadhya Pradesh
117Molana456771UjjainMadhya Pradesh
118Nagda456335UjjainMadhya Pradesh
119Nagda town456335UjjainMadhya Pradesh
120Nainawad456770UjjainMadhya Pradesh
121Nalva456222UjjainMadhya Pradesh
122Nanded456668UjjainMadhya Pradesh
123Nandiyasi456313UjjainMadhya Pradesh
124Narsingarh456313UjjainMadhya Pradesh
125Narwar456664UjjainMadhya Pradesh
126Nauganwa456664UjjainMadhya Pradesh
127Navakheda456006UjjainMadhya Pradesh
128Nayapura456006UjjainMadhya Pradesh
129Nazarpur456550UjjainMadhya Pradesh
130Nimboda456222UjjainMadhya Pradesh
131Nogaova456665UjjainMadhya Pradesh
132Pachlasi456224UjjainMadhya Pradesh
133Palduna456771UjjainMadhya Pradesh
134Palsoda Makdavan456337UjjainMadhya Pradesh
135Panbihar456006UjjainMadhya Pradesh
136Panthpiplai456006UjjainMadhya Pradesh
137Parsoli456550UjjainMadhya Pradesh
138Paslod456221UjjainMadhya Pradesh
139Pat456550UjjainMadhya Pradesh
140Peerjhalar456771UjjainMadhya Pradesh
141Pipliahama456006UjjainMadhya Pradesh
142Piploda baghla456337UjjainMadhya Pradesh
143Piploda dwarkadhish456664UjjainMadhya Pradesh
144Piplu456771UjjainMadhya Pradesh
145Ratadia456006UjjainMadhya Pradesh
146Rnayarapeer456441UjjainMadhya Pradesh
147Rohil khurd456335UjjainMadhya Pradesh
148Roopakhedi456668UjjainMadhya Pradesh
149Rui456006UjjainMadhya Pradesh
150Run Kheda456224UjjainMadhya Pradesh
151Runija456776UjjainMadhya Pradesh
152Rupeta456335UjjainMadhya Pradesh
153Sagwali456440UjjainMadhya Pradesh
154Samgi456770UjjainMadhya Pradesh
155Sandla456337UjjainMadhya Pradesh
156Semliya456443UjjainMadhya Pradesh
157Shakkar khedi456443UjjainMadhya Pradesh
158Shrivatsa456224UjjainMadhya Pradesh
159Sijavta456222UjjainMadhya Pradesh
160Sodang456006UjjainMadhya Pradesh
161Sumrakheda456665UjjainMadhya Pradesh
162Sundarabad456776UjjainMadhya Pradesh
163Suwasa456337UjjainMadhya Pradesh
164Tajpur456661UjjainMadhya Pradesh
165Takwasa456006UjjainMadhya Pradesh
166Talod456006UjjainMadhya Pradesh
167Tarana456665UjjainMadhya Pradesh
168Tarana town456665UjjainMadhya Pradesh
169Tilawad456668UjjainMadhya Pradesh
170Tulaheda456550UjjainMadhya Pradesh
171Tutiya khedi456440UjjainMadhya Pradesh
172Ujjain456001UjjainMadhya Pradesh
173Ujjain bherugarh456003UjjainMadhya Pradesh
174Ujjain chhota sarafa456006UjjainMadhya Pradesh
175Ujjain city456006UjjainMadhya Pradesh
176Ujjain danigate456006UjjainMadhya Pradesh
177Ujjain desai nagar456010UjjainMadhya Pradesh
178Ujjain factory456001UjjainMadhya Pradesh
179Ujjain govt. engg. college456010UjjainMadhya Pradesh
180Ujjain gujrati samaj456006UjjainMadhya Pradesh
181Ujjain kothi456010UjjainMadhya Pradesh
182Ujjain m.l.nagar456010UjjainMadhya Pradesh
183Ujjain madhonagar456010UjjainMadhya Pradesh
184Ujjain pandariba456006UjjainMadhya Pradesh
185Ujjain qumri marg456006UjjainMadhya Pradesh
186Ujjain rishi nagar456010UjjainMadhya Pradesh
187Ujjain shri mahakal456006UjjainMadhya Pradesh
188Ujjain sindhi colony456010UjjainMadhya Pradesh
189Ujjain Daulatganj456001UjjainMadhya Pradesh
190Ujjain Vikram university456010UjjainMadhya Pradesh
191Ujjainiya456550UjjainMadhya Pradesh
192Undasa456006UjjainMadhya Pradesh
193Unhel456221UjjainMadhya Pradesh

About Ujjain

Ujjain district, situated in central India, is a part of Madhya Pradesh. The district is known for its historic city, Ujjain, which serves as the district headquarters. Covering an area of 6,091 square kilometers, it had a population of 19,86,864 as per the 2011 census, marking a 16.12% growth from its 2001 population of 17,10,982.


Ujjain district in Madhya Pradesh has a rich history dating back centuries. It’s most famous for its association with ancient Indian culture, spirituality, and learning. Ujjain, the district’s center, has been a hub of religious and scholarly activities.

In ancient times, it was known as Avanti and was a significant center for trade and culture. It’s mentioned in Hindu scriptures and was a prominent place for pilgrimage.

During the Mauryan and Gupta empires, Ujjain flourished as a center of learning and astronomy. It’s also known for the Kumbh Mela, a massive religious gathering held every 12 years.

In more recent history, Ujjain was under the rule of various dynasties and empires, including the Marathas and the British. Today, it stands as a blend of its rich past and modern development.


Ujjain district is situated in the heart of India, in the state of Madhya Pradesh. It covers an area of approximately 6,091 square kilometers. The district’s geography is characterized by its relatively flat terrain with the Malwa Plateau gently sloping towards the south.

Forests are limited in this district, and the landscape mainly consists of agricultural fields, urban areas, and small hills. The district is intersected by the Kshipra River, which is considered holy and plays a significant role in the religious life of the region. The river flows through Ujjain city and is known for the grand Kumbh Mela held on its banks.

Ujjain district is part of the Malwa region and is known for its fertile agricultural land. The climate is generally hot and dry in the summer, with a monsoon season bringing rainfall from June to September. This district’s geography reflects its historical and cultural importance, especially as a center of Hindu pilgrimage and tradition.


In 2011, Ujjain District had a total population of 1,986,864 people, making it the 233rd most populous district in India. The district is relatively dense, with 326 people living in every square kilometer of land. In terms of gender, there were 954 females for every 1000 males.

The literacy rate in Ujjain was 73.55%, indicating that a significant portion of the population can read and write. About 39.22% of the people lived in urban areas, while the rest resided in rural regions.

Regarding languages spoken, Malvi was the most commonly used language, spoken by 47.58% of the population. Hindi was also widely spoken, with 47.30% of the people using it as their primary language. Other languages like Urdu, Gujarati, Marathi, and Sindhi were spoken by smaller percentages of the population.


Following the 2008 delimitation of parliamentary and legislative assembly constituencies, Ujjain district is now divided into eight Vidhan Sabha constituencies: Nagada-Khachrod, Mahidpur, Tarana, Ghatiya, Ujjain Dakshin, Ujjain Uttar, and Badnagar, with some parts coming from Ratlam District. It has been reserved for candidates belonging to the Scheduled Castes since 1966.



Which district is Ujjain in?

Ujjain, a tier 2 city, is the most populous city in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. It serves as the administrative center for both Ujjain District and Ujjain Division.

How many villages are there in Ujjain district?

Ujjain district has a total of 1,343 villages. Here are the names of a few villages in Ujjain district. Some of the names of villages are : Barnagar, Badnagar, Mahidnagar, Tarana, Unhel, etc.

Why is Ujjain famous?

The main highlight of Ujjain is the Mahakaleshwar Jyotirlinga Temple, one of the 12 sacred jyotirlingas. A must-see daily ritual here is the Bhasma aarti, which is a famous tradition that defines Ujjain's fame.

What is the famous food of Ujjain?

Dal Bafla is a well-known culinary delight in Ujjain, with Bafla being a highly sought-after dish. Additionally, Aalu Bada is a renowned street food favorite in the area.

Which sweet is famous in Ujjain?

Gulab Jamun, a renowned dessert in Ujjain, is crafted from milk solids, also known as khoya. To create khoya, milk is simmered over low heat for an extended period until much of its water content has evaporated.