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Pincodes of Umaria

Umaria Pincodes: Discover the Zip Codes of Umaria with Ease! Welcome to ‘Pincodes of My Location,’ your one-stop destination to find precise postal codes in Umaria. Located in Madhya Pradesh, Umaria is a district known for its natural beauty and historical significance. Whether you’re sending mail, ordering online, or just exploring the area, knowing the correct pincode is essential. We provide an up-to-date list of Umaria pincodes to ensure your parcels reach their destination without a hitch. From bustling urban areas to serene rural corners, we’ve got you covered. Trust us for accurate and reliable Umaria pincodes, making your postal experience hassle-free!”

Umaria Pincodes

Here is a list of Umaria Pincodes

No.LocationPincode District State
1Akhdar484660UmariaMadhya Pradesh
2Amarpur484661UmariaMadhya Pradesh
3Amiliha484001UmariaMadhya Pradesh
4Badchhad484661UmariaMadhya Pradesh
5Baderi484661UmariaMadhya Pradesh
6Badwar484661UmariaMadhya Pradesh
7Bakeli484001UmariaMadhya Pradesh
8Balhaud484665UmariaMadhya Pradesh
9Bandhwatola484552UmariaMadhya Pradesh
10Banka484660UmariaMadhya Pradesh
11Baroda484660UmariaMadhya Pradesh
12Baskuta484555UmariaMadhya Pradesh
13Bharaula484661UmariaMadhya Pradesh
14Bharewa484661UmariaMadhya Pradesh
15Bhundi484661UmariaMadhya Pradesh
16Bijauri484665UmariaMadhya Pradesh
17Bilaspur484660UmariaMadhya Pradesh
18Birsinghpur Pali484551UmariaMadhya Pradesh
19Chandia484660UmariaMadhya Pradesh
20Chansura484661UmariaMadhya Pradesh
21Chauri484001UmariaMadhya Pradesh
22Checheria484551UmariaMadhya Pradesh
23Chhatwai484001UmariaMadhya Pradesh
24Chilhari484661UmariaMadhya Pradesh
25Dhamokhar484661UmariaMadhya Pradesh
26Dhanwar484661UmariaMadhya Pradesh
27Ghunghuti484551UmariaMadhya Pradesh
28Gobarde484665UmariaMadhya Pradesh
29Gopalpur484555UmariaMadhya Pradesh
30Harrwah484660UmariaMadhya Pradesh
31Indwar484661UmariaMadhya Pradesh
32Jarha484555UmariaMadhya Pradesh
33Jhall484661UmariaMadhya Pradesh
34Jobi484661UmariaMadhya Pradesh
35Kachharwar484661UmariaMadhya Pradesh
36Kanchanpur484555UmariaMadhya Pradesh
37Karkeli484661UmariaMadhya Pradesh
38Kathar484665UmariaMadhya Pradesh
39Kaudiya484660UmariaMadhya Pradesh
40Khalaundh484661UmariaMadhya Pradesh
41Kohka484555UmariaMadhya Pradesh
42Kothari484661UmariaMadhya Pradesh
43Kudri484555UmariaMadhya Pradesh
44Lorha484660UmariaMadhya Pradesh
45Mahroi484661UmariaMadhya Pradesh
46Majmanikala484661UmariaMadhya Pradesh
47Manpur484665UmariaMadhya Pradesh
48Mudgudi484661UmariaMadhya Pradesh
49Narwar484660UmariaMadhya Pradesh
50Naugawan484665UmariaMadhya Pradesh
51Nigahri484661UmariaMadhya Pradesh
52Nowrozabad484555UmariaMadhya Pradesh
53Nowrrozabad r. s.484555UmariaMadhya Pradesh
54Obra484660UmariaMadhya Pradesh
55Padkhuri484661UmariaMadhya Pradesh
56Padwar484661UmariaMadhya Pradesh
57Panpatha484661UmariaMadhya Pradesh
58Parsel484555UmariaMadhya Pradesh
59Pathari484555UmariaMadhya Pradesh
60Pathrahta484660UmariaMadhya Pradesh
61Pinaura484555UmariaMadhya Pradesh
62Rahta484555UmariaMadhya Pradesh
63Raipur484551UmariaMadhya Pradesh
64Salaiya484001UmariaMadhya Pradesh
65Saraswahi484661UmariaMadhya Pradesh
66Semra484665UmariaMadhya Pradesh
67Sgtps Pali484552UmariaMadhya Pradesh
68Shahpur484001UmariaMadhya Pradesh
69Sundardadar484552UmariaMadhya Pradesh
70Tala484661UmariaMadhya Pradesh
71Tikuri484661UmariaMadhya Pradesh
72Umaria484661UmariaMadhya Pradesh
73Umaria Bakeli484661UmariaMadhya Pradesh

About Umaria

Umaria district, situated in Madhya Pradesh, has its administrative center in the town of Umaria and falls within the jurisdiction of Shahdol Division. Spanning an expansive 4548 square kilometers, the district is home to a population of 644,758 residents. Umaria boasts abundant natural wealth in the form of extensive forests and valuable mineral deposits. Notably, the coal mines within the district serve as a reliable and significant source of revenue, contributing to its economic stability. This combination of natural resources and strategic location underscores Umaria’s importance in the region and its potential for sustainable development.


Umaria was once under the dominion of the Lodhi Rajputs, a prominent ruling family. They commissioned the construction of the Lakshmi Narayan temple on the southern banks of Narbada Barman ghat. Additionally, on the northern bank, they erected the impressive Hathi Darwaza, a grand gateway designed to accommodate the passage of their elephants. The historic Bandhavgarh fort was bestowed as a dowry to Karan Deo, son of Maharaja Vyaghradev, upon his marriage to Padamkuwari, daughter of Somdutt Karchuli of Mandla. Bandhogarh, situated within these fortifications, served as the initial capital of the Baghel dynasty, and even witnessed the formative years of Emperor Akbar.


As per the 2011 census, Umaria District boasts a population of 644,758, approximately on par with the nation of Montenegro or the US state of Vermont. This positions it at the 513th rank among Indian districts, out of a total of 640. The district exhibits a population density of 158 individuals per square kilometer (410 per square mile) and experienced a population growth rate of 24.73% during the period from 2001 to 2011. The sex ratio in Umaria stands at 953 females for every 1000 males, with a literacy rate of 67.34%. Around 17.15% of the population resides in urban areas, while Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes constitute 9.02% and 46.64% of the populace, respectively. The Gonds represent the largest tribal group, comprising 40% of the total ST population, along with other significant tribes such as the Baigas and Kols.


In 2006, the Ministry of Panchayati Raj designated Umaria as one of India’s 250 most underprivileged districts out of a total of 640. Presently, it is among the 24 districts in Madhya Pradesh that are beneficiaries of the Backward Regions Grant Fund Programme (BRGF). This initiative channels funds towards addressing the developmental needs and challenges faced by these regions, aiming to uplift their socio-economic status and improve living conditions. Umaria’s inclusion in this program underscores the commitment to bridging the development gap and fostering progress in the district, in alignment with broader efforts to enhance the well-being of its residents.


What is Umaria famous for?

Umaria is renowned for its rich coal mines, which serve as a major source of revenue for the district. Additionally, it boasts abundant forests and natural resources.

What are the minerals in Umaria district?

Umaria district in Madhya Pradesh is primarily known for its coal deposits. While coal is the most significant mineral resource, the district may also have other minerals like limestone and clay.

Which national park is in Umaria district?

The Umaria district is home to the Bandhavgarh National Park, a renowned wildlife sanctuary in Madhya Pradesh, known for its population of Bengal tigers and diverse flora and fauna.