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Pincodes of Unnao

Located in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, the historic district of Unnao is home to numerous localities. If you’re looking for their postal index numbers (PIN codes), look no further than our Unnao Pincodes directory. Unnao is renowned for its breathtaking scenery, rich cultural legacy, and history. PIN codes are an essential component of the postal system that guarantee timely mail and package delivery and sorting. Every locality in Unnao is given a distinct PIN code, which enables postal services to precisely route and deliver mail to the correct recipients. It is imperative that you use the correct PIN code to guarantee that your mail is delivered promptly and precisely.

unnao pincodes

Here is a list of Unnao Pincodes

1Aakampur229504UnnaoUttar Pradesh
2Achalganj209801UnnaoUttar Pradesh
3Aderuwa209801UnnaoUttar Pradesh
4Ahesa209821UnnaoUttar Pradesh
5Ajgain209831UnnaoUttar Pradesh
6Akbarpur209506UnnaoUttar Pradesh
7Akohari209821UnnaoUttar Pradesh
8Akrampur209862UnnaoUttar Pradesh
9Akwabad209506UnnaoUttar Pradesh
10Alipur209801UnnaoUttar Pradesh
11Aon209827UnnaoUttar Pradesh
12Argoopur241501UnnaoUttar Pradesh
13Arjunamau209859UnnaoUttar Pradesh
14Asawar209859UnnaoUttar Pradesh
15Asha Khera209859UnnaoUttar Pradesh
16Ashayash241501UnnaoUttar Pradesh
17Asoha209859UnnaoUttar Pradesh
18Aterdhani209801UnnaoUttar Pradesh
19Atesuwa209831UnnaoUttar Pradesh
20Atwa241504UnnaoUttar Pradesh
21Atwabaik241501UnnaoUttar Pradesh
22Auras241503UnnaoUttar Pradesh
23Bachhaauli241503UnnaoUttar Pradesh
24Badarka209801UnnaoUttar Pradesh
25Badhwa Kola241503UnnaoUttar Pradesh
26Badora209825UnnaoUttar Pradesh
27Baigaon209825UnnaoUttar Pradesh
28Ballapur241502UnnaoUttar Pradesh
29Band Hamirpur209801UnnaoUttar Pradesh
30Bandakhera241504UnnaoUttar Pradesh
31Bangermau241501UnnaoUttar Pradesh
32Banigaon209821UnnaoUttar Pradesh
33Banther209862UnnaoUttar Pradesh
34Bara209801UnnaoUttar Pradesh
35Bardaha209506UnnaoUttar Pradesh
36Barithana241503UnnaoUttar Pradesh
37Baxer209801UnnaoUttar Pradesh
38Behta Bhawani229503UnnaoUttar Pradesh
39Bether209801UnnaoUttar Pradesh
40Bhadohi209801UnnaoUttar Pradesh
41Bhadsar Nausahra241504UnnaoUttar Pradesh
42Bhagwant Nagar229502UnnaoUttar Pradesh
43Bhatnag209825UnnaoUttar Pradesh
44Bhauli209801UnnaoUttar Pradesh
45Bhikharipur Patsiya241501UnnaoUttar Pradesh
46Bhopatpur209825UnnaoUttar Pradesh
47Bhusandi209821UnnaoUttar Pradesh
48Bichhiya209825UnnaoUttar Pradesh
49Bighapur229503UnnaoUttar Pradesh
50Bihar229504UnnaoUttar Pradesh
51Birsinghpur241503UnnaoUttar Pradesh
52Bisen Mau229503UnnaoUttar Pradesh
53Byohani229841UnnaoUttar Pradesh
54Chainpur229504UnnaoUttar Pradesh
55Chamiyani209827UnnaoUttar Pradesh
56Chamrauli209801UnnaoUttar Pradesh
57Chanden Pur209801UnnaoUttar Pradesh
58Chandpur Jhalaei209801UnnaoUttar Pradesh
59Chauper209859UnnaoUttar Pradesh
60Chetra209825UnnaoUttar Pradesh
61Chharihara229841UnnaoUttar Pradesh
62Collectorate Unnao209801UnnaoUttar Pradesh
63Csa Colony209801UnnaoUttar Pradesh
64Dabauli241504UnnaoUttar Pradesh
65Daldalha241504UnnaoUttar Pradesh
66Darauli241504UnnaoUttar Pradesh
67Darehata209859UnnaoUttar Pradesh
68Deeh209801UnnaoUttar Pradesh
69Dela209825UnnaoUttar Pradesh
70Devgaon241504UnnaoUttar Pradesh
71Devmay209821UnnaoUttar Pradesh
72Devra Kalan209861UnnaoUttar Pradesh
73Dhani Khera209506UnnaoUttar Pradesh
74Dhanikhera209801UnnaoUttar Pradesh
75Dhankoli209801UnnaoUttar Pradesh
76Dhannapur209825UnnaoUttar Pradesh
77Dhaura229881UnnaoUttar Pradesh
78Dipwal209801UnnaoUttar Pradesh
79Dodiya Khera209801UnnaoUttar Pradesh
80Drehata209821UnnaoUttar Pradesh
81Dubeypur209827UnnaoUttar Pradesh
82Dundpur Jhthra209801UnnaoUttar Pradesh
83Faridpur Katter241501UnnaoUttar Pradesh
84Fatehpur Chaurasi241504UnnaoUttar Pradesh
85Ganga Ghat209861UnnaoUttar Pradesh
86Gangadas Pur241504UnnaoUttar Pradesh
87Ganj Jalalabad241502UnnaoUttar Pradesh
88Ganj Moradabad241502UnnaoUttar Pradesh
89Garha Kola229503UnnaoUttar Pradesh
90Gaura229504UnnaoUttar Pradesh
91Gauraiya Kalan209801UnnaoUttar Pradesh
92Ghatampur229503UnnaoUttar Pradesh
93Gulauli209821UnnaoUttar Pradesh
94Gulriha209821UnnaoUttar Pradesh
95Hafizabad241501UnnaoUttar Pradesh
96Haraha209801UnnaoUttar Pradesh
97Hariyapur241502UnnaoUttar Pradesh
98Hasanganj229841UnnaoUttar Pradesh
99Hedrabad241503UnnaoUttar Pradesh
100Indemau209506UnnaoUttar Pradesh
101Itauli209801UnnaoUttar Pradesh
102Jagatnagar241501UnnaoUttar Pradesh
103Jagatpur209801UnnaoUttar Pradesh
104Jaitipur209801UnnaoUttar Pradesh
105Jajamau241504UnnaoUttar Pradesh
106Jamuka209801UnnaoUttar Pradesh
107Jawaher Nager209801UnnaoUttar Pradesh
108Jogo Kot241501UnnaoUttar Pradesh
109Kakehrwa209801UnnaoUttar Pradesh
110Kalwari241502UnnaoUttar Pradesh
111Kanchanpur209821UnnaoUttar Pradesh
112Kanjaura209862UnnaoUttar Pradesh
113Kanta Guljarpur209801UnnaoUttar Pradesh
114Kantha209859UnnaoUttar Pradesh
115Kardaha209821UnnaoUttar Pradesh
116Karowan209801UnnaoUttar Pradesh
117Katehru209859UnnaoUttar Pradesh
118Kesar Ganj209801UnnaoUttar Pradesh
119Khambhauli241501UnnaoUttar Pradesh
120Kharoli229503UnnaoUttar Pradesh
121Kodara Sandana209801UnnaoUttar Pradesh
122Kodra241503UnnaoUttar Pradesh
123Korari Kalan209801UnnaoUttar Pradesh
124Korari Khurd241504UnnaoUttar Pradesh
125Kulaha Bagha229503UnnaoUttar Pradesh
126Kumbhi209101UnnaoUttar Pradesh
127Kundenpur229504UnnaoUttar Pradesh
128Kursath209801UnnaoUttar Pradesh
129Kusumbhi209859UnnaoUttar Pradesh
130Laglesra241503UnnaoUttar Pradesh
131Lawani Kalan241504UnnaoUttar Pradesh
132Lohana209821UnnaoUttar Pradesh
133Lowa Singhan khera209821UnnaoUttar Pradesh
134Madarpur Narainpur209825UnnaoUttar Pradesh
135Magarwara209862UnnaoUttar Pradesh
136Magraiyar209827UnnaoUttar Pradesh
137Mahesh Khera229502UnnaoUttar Pradesh
138Majhgawa209801UnnaoUttar Pradesh
139Majhgawan Sevak209506UnnaoUttar Pradesh
140Makhi209801UnnaoUttar Pradesh
141Malona229504UnnaoUttar Pradesh
142Manjra Bhikhna209801UnnaoUttar Pradesh
143Manjra Piper khera209861UnnaoUttar Pradesh
144Mankapur229504UnnaoUttar Pradesh
145Marhapur241501UnnaoUttar Pradesh
146Maswasi209862UnnaoUttar Pradesh
147Maula Bankipur229841UnnaoUttar Pradesh
148Maurawan209821UnnaoUttar Pradesh
149Mawai209821UnnaoUttar Pradesh
150Mawai Dhamiyan241503UnnaoUttar Pradesh
151Mehramau209827UnnaoUttar Pradesh
152Mirrikalan209859UnnaoUttar Pradesh
153Mirzapur241503UnnaoUttar Pradesh
154Mirzapur Ajgaon241503UnnaoUttar Pradesh
155Mirzapur Sumbhari209825UnnaoUttar Pradesh
156Miyanganj241503UnnaoUttar Pradesh
157Mohan229881UnnaoUttar Pradesh
158Mohmmedpur209825UnnaoUttar Pradesh
159Mouddinpur209821UnnaoUttar Pradesh
160Mraunda Majhwara241504UnnaoUttar Pradesh
161Muktemau209821UnnaoUttar Pradesh
162Munda241504UnnaoUttar Pradesh
163Mundha241504UnnaoUttar Pradesh
164Mustafabad241503UnnaoUttar Pradesh
165Mustafabad Pakhrora241504UnnaoUttar Pradesh
166Narain Das khera209801UnnaoUttar Pradesh
167Nathikhera209825UnnaoUttar Pradesh
168Nawabganj209859UnnaoUttar Pradesh
169Nawai209801UnnaoUttar Pradesh
170Nevalganj229881UnnaoUttar Pradesh
171Nevarna209825UnnaoUttar Pradesh
172Nibai209801UnnaoUttar Pradesh
173Orhar209825UnnaoUttar Pradesh
174Osaina209801UnnaoUttar Pradesh
175Osiya229503UnnaoUttar Pradesh
176Padri Kalan209825UnnaoUttar Pradesh
177Padri Khurd209825UnnaoUttar Pradesh
178Pakrakhurd229504UnnaoUttar Pradesh
179Pali229503UnnaoUttar Pradesh
180Panai Kalan229502UnnaoUttar Pradesh
181Panhan209506UnnaoUttar Pradesh
182Pansariya (e.u.p.9189)209801UnnaoUttar Pradesh
183Para209821UnnaoUttar Pradesh
184Parenda209801UnnaoUttar Pradesh
185Pariyar241504UnnaoUttar Pradesh
186Parsanda209506UnnaoUttar Pradesh
187Pasakhera209827UnnaoUttar Pradesh
188Patan209506UnnaoUttar Pradesh
189Patari209801UnnaoUttar Pradesh
190Patiyara209801UnnaoUttar Pradesh
191Pidna209801UnnaoUttar Pradesh
192Pokhri229504UnnaoUttar Pradesh
193Poora N pansari209801UnnaoUttar Pradesh
194Purthiyawa241503UnnaoUttar Pradesh
195Purwa209825UnnaoUttar Pradesh
196Qila209801UnnaoUttar Pradesh
197Raghurampur241502UnnaoUttar Pradesh
198Rahat Ganj241504UnnaoUttar Pradesh
199Rainapur209801UnnaoUttar Pradesh
200Raipur Garhi (m)209801UnnaoUttar Pradesh
201Raithana229503UnnaoUttar Pradesh
202Rajepur241501UnnaoUttar Pradesh
203Rampur209801UnnaoUttar Pradesh
204Rampur Gaderuwa241503UnnaoUttar Pradesh
205Ranipur209801UnnaoUttar Pradesh
206Rasulabad241503UnnaoUttar Pradesh
207Rasupur Bankiya229881UnnaoUttar Pradesh
208Raukarna209801UnnaoUttar Pradesh
209Rawal Kalan209801UnnaoUttar Pradesh
210Rithnai209801UnnaoUttar Pradesh
211Rujhai229503UnnaoUttar Pradesh
212Rupau209801UnnaoUttar Pradesh
213Ruri Sadikpur241501UnnaoUttar Pradesh
214S.N.c.209801UnnaoUttar Pradesh
215Safipur241504UnnaoUttar Pradesh
216Sagoli209821UnnaoUttar Pradesh
217Sagwar209801UnnaoUttar Pradesh
218Sahjani209862UnnaoUttar Pradesh
219Sahrawa209859UnnaoUttar Pradesh
220Sainta209801UnnaoUttar Pradesh
221Saipur Sagaura241501UnnaoUttar Pradesh
222Samadha209821UnnaoUttar Pradesh
223Samadpur Hardas229881UnnaoUttar Pradesh
224Sandana209821UnnaoUttar Pradesh
225Sarai Sakhan241504UnnaoUttar Pradesh
226Saray Malkaadim241503UnnaoUttar Pradesh
227Sarosi209801UnnaoUttar Pradesh
228Sarwan209821UnnaoUttar Pradesh
229Sawaen229502UnnaoUttar Pradesh
230Shadipur209801UnnaoUttar Pradesh
231Shahpur Tonda229881UnnaoUttar Pradesh
232Shankerpur Sarai209861UnnaoUttar Pradesh
233Shekh Pur nari209862UnnaoUttar Pradesh
234Shukla Khera209506UnnaoUttar Pradesh
235Sijni209506UnnaoUttar Pradesh
236Sikandarpur Karan209801UnnaoUttar Pradesh
237Sikandarpur Sihura209801UnnaoUttar Pradesh
238Singrosi209801UnnaoUttar Pradesh
239Sohramau209859UnnaoUttar Pradesh
240Sonic209801UnnaoUttar Pradesh
241Sorauli Khanpur241503UnnaoUttar Pradesh
242Sumerpur229504UnnaoUttar Pradesh
243Sursaini241501UnnaoUttar Pradesh
244Targaon209825UnnaoUttar Pradesh
245Taura209825UnnaoUttar Pradesh
246Terha209801UnnaoUttar Pradesh
247Thana209801UnnaoUttar Pradesh
248Tikra209801UnnaoUttar Pradesh
249Tisra209821UnnaoUttar Pradesh
250Tiyar241503UnnaoUttar Pradesh
251Tripurarpur209825UnnaoUttar Pradesh
252Udshah241503UnnaoUttar Pradesh
253Udtar241504UnnaoUttar Pradesh
254Ugoo209801UnnaoUttar Pradesh
255Unchgaon Sani209827UnnaoUttar Pradesh
256Unnao209801UnnaoUttar Pradesh
257Unnwa241504UnnaoUttar Pradesh
258Utmaanpur241501UnnaoUttar Pradesh
259Vamhna241504UnnaoUttar Pradesh
260Vazidpur209506UnnaoUttar Pradesh
261Vyoli Islamabad241502UnnaoUttar Pradesh
262Yakoor209801UnnaoUttar Pradesh
263Zamipur229504UnnaoUttar Pradesh
264Zamuniya Kachh241504UnnaoUttar Pradesh
265Zargaon209825UnnaoUttar Pradesh

About Unnao

Unnao district is a region in Uttar Pradesh, a state in the northern part of India. The main city in this district is also called Unnao, and it’s the administrative center. This district is under the jurisdiction of the Lucknow Division.

According to the 2011 census, there are 3,108,367 people living in Unnao, ranking it as the

31st most populated district in Uttar Pradesh. Most of the people, around 80%, live in the countryside rather than in cities.

The district of Unnao is often referred to as “The Land Of Pen and Sword.”


Unnao has a rich history dating back to 636 AD. Originally part of the Kosala Kingdom, it later became a significant region under the Gupta Empire. The medieval period saw it under various rulers, including the Mughals. Its strategic location made it a focal point during the Mughal era. The 18th century brought Maratha influence, followed by the British East India Company’s control in the 19th century.

During the British Raj, Unnao was part of the United Provinces. Post-independence in 1947, it became an integral part of the newly formed state of Uttar Pradesh. The modern era has seen Unnao developing industrially and agriculturally, while still retaining its rich cultural heritage. Its historical monuments, like the Nawabganj Bird Sanctuary, reflect its diverse past. Today, Unnao stands as a testament to India’s evolving history, blending ancient traditions with modern progress.


 Nestled on the banks of the Ganges River, Unnao District spans an area that is a blend of riverine land, fertile plains, and a smattering of urban landscapes. The Ganges, along with its tributaries like the Sai, shapes the district’s topography, contributing to its lush agricultural fields.

The climate in Unnao is typical of the Indo-Gangetic Plain, characterized by hot summers, a monsoon season, and mild winters. This climate supports a variety of crops, making agriculture a vital part of the local economy.

Geographically, Unnao acts as a bridge between the urban sprawl of Lucknow and the industrial city of Kanpur, giving it strategic importance. The district’s terrain, while predominantly flat, is interspersed with small forested areas and patches of grassland, adding to its scenic variety. Overall, Unnao’s geography, with its rich soils and vital waterways, plays a crucial role in supporting both its agricultural and industrial sectors.


Unnao District boasts a diverse economy, primarily driven by agriculture, industry, and tourism. The fertile Gangetic plains make it ideal for agriculture, which is the backbone of Unnao’s economy. Farmers here predominantly grow wheat, rice, sugarcane, and potatoes. Additionally, Unnao is known for its significant leather industry, contributing to both the national and international markets. The district hosts several tanneries and footwear manufacturing units.

Apart from agriculture and industry, Unnao is gradually making a mark in the tourism sector. The district is home to historical sites and natural attractions, drawing visitors from various regions. Key points of interest include the Nawabganj Bird Sanctuary, a paradise for bird watchers, and historical landmarks like the ancient fort of Baksar. These sites not only enrich the cultural fabric of Unnao but also contribute to its economic growth through tourism. Overall, Unnao’s economy reflects a blend of traditional practices and modern industries, creating a dynamic and growing economic landscape.


As of the 2011 census, Unnao District in Uttar Pradesh, India, had a population of about 3.1 million people. Among the districts in Uttar Pradesh, Unnao ranks 31st and it’s 112th in India out of 640 districts. The area has a population density of 682 people per square kilometer, which is less dense than the state average.

Most of the people in Unnao (around 83%) live in rural areas, while about 17% live in urban areas. The district has more men than women, with a sex ratio of 906 females for every 1,000 males. This is the 30th highest ratio in Uttar Pradesh. The literacy rate in Unnao is 66.4%, placing it 47th in the state for education levels.

Most people in Unnao speak Hindi or a related language – about 97.6% of the population. Another 2.25% speak Urdu. A common local language is Awadhi, spoken by over 38 million people, especially in the Awadh region.


Unnao District, a part of Uttar Pradesh, India, is organized into six administrative divisions known as tehsils. These are Unnao, Hasanganj, Safipur, Purwa, Bangarmau, and Bighapur. Each of these tehsils is further divided into smaller units called community development blocks, making a total of 16 blocks in the district.

  1. Safipur Tehsil
  • Safipur Block

2. Hasanganj Tehsil

  • Auras
  • Mianganj
  • Hasanganj
  • Nawabganj

3. Unnao Tehsil

  • Sikandarpur Sarausi,
  • Bichhiya,
  • Sikandarpur Karan

4. Purwa Tehsil

  • Asoha
  • Purwa
  • Hilauli

5. Bangarmau 

  • Ganj Moradabad
  • Bangarmau
  • Fatehpur Chaurasi

6. Bighapur tehsil

  • Bighapur 
  • Sumerpur.


What is Unnao famous for?

Unnao is renowned for its vibrant industries, notably leather production, mosquito net manufacturing, Zardozi embroidery, and chemical factories. It is also a city rich in history, boasting a variety of historical buildings and landmarks.

Which river is in Unnao district?

Located between the Ganga and Sai rivers, Unnao has been a significant part of history since ancient times.

Who are the famous people in Unnao?

Many notable Indian figures, including renowned freedom fighters Rao Ram Bux Singh, Maulana Hasrat Mohani, Vishambhar Dayal Tripathi, and Chandrashekhar Azad (whose ancestral home remains in the area), as well as distinguished politicians like Dwarika Prasad Mishra and Uma Shankar Dixit, have connections to Unnao.

Is Unnao rural or urban?

According to the 2011 census, about 82.9% of Unnao district's population resides in rural villages. This amounts to 2,576,721 people, with 1,351,897 males and 1,224,824 females living in these rural areas.

What is the per capita income of Unnao?

During the fiscal year 2020-21, the district of Unnao had a Per Capita Income (Net District Domestic Product at Factor Cost) of Rs. 56,536 at current prices and Rs. 34,101 at constant prices, based on the year 2011-2012 values. Additionally, Unnao serves as a hub for higher education opportunities.