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Pincodes of Vidisha

Vidisha Pincodes : Explore the Postal Network of Vidisha Welcome to ‘Pincodes of My Location,’ your one-stop destination for all Vidisha pincodes. Vidisha, a historical city in Madhya Pradesh, boasts a diverse range of pincodes that help streamline postal deliveries and location identification. Whether you’re sending a package or searching for an address, our comprehensive Vidisha pincode directory simplifies your search. From the bustling city center to the serene outskirts, we’ve got you covered. Discover the unique pincodes of Vidisha and navigate this vibrant city with ease. Your postal convenience begins here, so start exploring the Vidisha pincodes that define your locality today!”

Here is a list of Vidisha Pincodes

No.LocationPincode District State
1Agrabarkheda464111VidishaMadhya Pradesh
2Ahemadnagar464113VidishaMadhya Pradesh
3Ahmedpur464001VidishaMadhya Pradesh
4Ambanagar464221VidishaMadhya Pradesh
5Ambar464001VidishaMadhya Pradesh
6Amkhedasukha464221VidishaMadhya Pradesh
7Ancheda464221VidishaMadhya Pradesh
8Andiakala464220VidishaMadhya Pradesh
9Atarikhejda464001VidishaMadhya Pradesh
10Attasemra464220VidishaMadhya Pradesh
11Balabarkheda464226VidishaMadhya Pradesh
12Bandraotha464337VidishaMadhya Pradesh
13Banshkhedia.464228VidishaMadhya Pradesh
14Baoli464337VidishaMadhya Pradesh
15Bareth464221VidishaMadhya Pradesh
16Barkhedajagir464111VidishaMadhya Pradesh
17Barrighat464220VidishaMadhya Pradesh
18Barwai464224VidishaMadhya Pradesh
19Beenjh464113VidishaMadhya Pradesh
20Bhadarbadagaon464001VidishaMadhya Pradesh
21Bhagwantpur464228VidishaMadhya Pradesh
22Bhalbamora464337VidishaMadhya Pradesh
23Bharro464226VidishaMadhya Pradesh
24Bhonriya464228VidishaMadhya Pradesh
25Bhorasa464224VidishaMadhya Pradesh
26Bichhiya464111VidishaMadhya Pradesh
27Bidhwasan464221VidishaMadhya Pradesh
28Biladhana464221VidishaMadhya Pradesh
29Bishanpur464224VidishaMadhya Pradesh
30Budhigagrod464331VidishaMadhya Pradesh
31Chatholi464228VidishaMadhya Pradesh
32Cherkheda464226VidishaMadhya Pradesh
33Chirodia464001VidishaMadhya Pradesh
34Chitawar464228VidishaMadhya Pradesh
35Dangarwada464111VidishaMadhya Pradesh
36Danwas464114VidishaMadhya Pradesh
37Deepankheda464228VidishaMadhya Pradesh
38Dehri464228VidishaMadhya Pradesh
39Deokhajuri464001VidishaMadhya Pradesh
40Dhamnod464331VidishaMadhya Pradesh
41Dhua464224VidishaMadhya Pradesh
42Dudhawari464224VidishaMadhya Pradesh
43Gadla464001VidishaMadhya Pradesh
44Gamkhar464221VidishaMadhya Pradesh
45Ganjbasoda464221VidishaMadhya Pradesh
46Garantha464228VidishaMadhya Pradesh
47Ghatera464221VidishaMadhya Pradesh
48Ghatwar464228VidishaMadhya Pradesh
49Ghuuletha464221VidishaMadhya Pradesh
50Gulabganj464220VidishaMadhya Pradesh
51Gunnotha464331VidishaMadhya Pradesh
52Gyraspur464331VidishaMadhya Pradesh
53Hansua464001VidishaMadhya Pradesh
54Hinotia464001VidishaMadhya Pradesh
55Hydergarh464331VidishaMadhya Pradesh
56Imalia464001VidishaMadhya Pradesh
57Inderwas464331VidishaMadhya Pradesh
58Jaitpur464228VidishaMadhya Pradesh
59Javti464114VidishaMadhya Pradesh
60Jhandwa464228VidishaMadhya Pradesh
61Jhukarhoj464228VidishaMadhya Pradesh
62Johad464221VidishaMadhya Pradesh
63Kacchikheda464114VidishaMadhya Pradesh
64Kakrada464221VidishaMadhya Pradesh
65Karaiyahat464228VidishaMadhya Pradesh
66Karela464226VidishaMadhya Pradesh
67Khader464221VidishaMadhya Pradesh
68Khamkheda464226VidishaMadhya Pradesh
69Khamtala464226VidishaMadhya Pradesh
70Khari464001VidishaMadhya Pradesh
71Kharpari464221VidishaMadhya Pradesh
72Kirwaya464221VidishaMadhya Pradesh
73Kothicharkalan464113VidishaMadhya Pradesh
74Kulhar464221VidishaMadhya Pradesh
75Kurwai464224VidishaMadhya Pradesh
76Kurwaikathora464224VidishaMadhya Pradesh
77Lachayara464224VidishaMadhya Pradesh
78Lashkarpur464001VidishaMadhya Pradesh
79Lateri464114VidishaMadhya Pradesh
80Layara464224VidishaMadhya Pradesh
81Mahelua464224VidishaMadhya Pradesh
82Mahoo464221VidishaMadhya Pradesh
83Mahoti464114VidishaMadhya Pradesh
84Mainwada464331VidishaMadhya Pradesh
85Manora464331VidishaMadhya Pradesh
86Markheda464221VidishaMadhya Pradesh
87Masoodpur464221VidishaMadhya Pradesh
88Mirzapur464001VidishaMadhya Pradesh
89Mohammadgarh464331VidishaMadhya Pradesh
90Mohnakhejda464001VidishaMadhya Pradesh
91Mugalsarai464228VidishaMadhya Pradesh
92Mundela464114VidishaMadhya Pradesh
93Mungwara464220VidishaMadhya Pradesh
94Muradpur464221VidishaMadhya Pradesh
95Murahar464337VidishaMadhya Pradesh
96Muraria464114VidishaMadhya Pradesh
97Murwas464114VidishaMadhya Pradesh
98Nagore464001VidishaMadhya Pradesh
99Nateran464258VidishaMadhya Pradesh
100Naukund464224VidishaMadhya Pradesh
101Naulas464001VidishaMadhya Pradesh
102Okhlikheda464114VidishaMadhya Pradesh
103Parsora464228VidishaMadhya Pradesh
104Pathari464337VidishaMadhya Pradesh
105Pauanala464226VidishaMadhya Pradesh
106Pawai464220VidishaMadhya Pradesh
107Phupher464221VidishaMadhya Pradesh
108Pilone464224VidishaMadhya Pradesh
109Pipaldhar464113VidishaMadhya Pradesh
110Pipalkheda464113VidishaMadhya Pradesh
111Pipraha464331VidishaMadhya Pradesh
112Ravan464001VidishaMadhya Pradesh
113Roshanpiparia464224VidishaMadhya Pradesh
114Rusalidama464228VidishaMadhya Pradesh
115Russallishahu464114VidishaMadhya Pradesh
116Sader464111VidishaMadhya Pradesh
117Sangeul464111VidishaMadhya Pradesh
118Sankalkheda464113VidishaMadhya Pradesh
119Satpada464113VidishaMadhya Pradesh
120Satpadahat464221VidishaMadhya Pradesh
121Sehod464001VidishaMadhya Pradesh
122Semalkhedi(s)464228VidishaMadhya Pradesh
123Seo464001VidishaMadhya Pradesh
124Serwasa464224VidishaMadhya Pradesh
125Shamshabad464111VidishaMadhya Pradesh
126Sheharkheda464114VidishaMadhya Pradesh
127Shekhpur464224VidishaMadhya Pradesh
128Simarhar464001VidishaMadhya Pradesh
129Sirnota464221VidishaMadhya Pradesh
130Sironj464228VidishaMadhya Pradesh
131Siyalpur464228VidishaMadhya Pradesh
132Sojna464220VidishaMadhya Pradesh
133Sonther464001VidishaMadhya Pradesh
134Sumerr S464220VidishaMadhya Pradesh
135Sunkher464114VidishaMadhya Pradesh
136Tal464228VidishaMadhya Pradesh
137Teonda464331VidishaMadhya Pradesh
138Thanner464113VidishaMadhya Pradesh
139Tharr464001VidishaMadhya Pradesh
140Toribagrod464228VidishaMadhya Pradesh
141Uadigiri464001VidishaMadhya Pradesh
142Udaipur464221VidishaMadhya Pradesh
143Uhar464221VidishaMadhya Pradesh
144Unarshikala464114VidishaMadhya Pradesh
145Unarsikhurd464228VidishaMadhya Pradesh
146Vidisha464001VidishaMadhya Pradesh
147Wardha464111VidishaMadhya Pradesh

About Vidisha 

Vidisha District, located in the heart of Madhya Pradesh, India, is the focus of this article. It encompasses an area of 7,371 square kilometers and is home to a population of 1,458,875 people, with a population density of 200 per square kilometer. The district, part of the Bhopal division, boasts a rich cultural heritage, with notable landmarks such as the Dashavatara temple at Badoh-Pathari, Udayeshwara Temple in Udaipur, Udayagiri Caves, and the Maladevi Temple in Gyaraspur. Vidisha city serves as the district’s administrative hub. To learn more about Vidisha District, visit the official website at


Vidisha, historically significant as the second capital of the Shunga Empire, witnessed transformations in its administrative boundaries. In 1904, the district emerged as “Bhilsa District” by amalgamating Vidisha (also known as Bhilsa) and Basoda tehsils, excluding Basoda State, which was under Gwalior state’s jurisdiction. Following India’s independence in 1947, Gwalior’s princely state merged into Madhya Bharat state in 1948. Subsequently, the Bhilsa District expanded in 1949 with the inclusion of the small princely state of Kurwai. This narrative reflects the historical evolution of Vidisha’s administrative regions, shaping its contemporary identity.


As per the 2011 census, Vidisha District accommodates a population of 1,458,875, a figure akin to the entire nation of Eswatini or the US state of Hawaii. This positions it at 341st among Indian districts (out of 640 in total). The district experiences a population density of 198 individuals per square kilometer (510 per square mile), and its population witnessed a growth rate of 20.03% during the period from 2001 to 2011. Vidisha exhibits a sex ratio of 897 females per 1,000 males, accompanied by a literacy rate of 72.08%. Additionally, 23.28% of the population resides in urban areas.


The Vidisha district is geographically demarcated by its adjacent districts. It is bordered by Ashoknagar to the northeast, Sagar to the east, Raisen to the south, Bhopal to the southwest, and Guna to the northwest[1]. This district is situated on the Vindhyachal Plateau, which is an extension of the main Vindhyachal Range. The terrain gently slopes from the south to the north, and it is intersected by several rivers, including the Betwa, Bina, and Sindh. These rivers meander through the foothills of the Vindhyachal Range, forming picturesque landscapes across the Malwa Plateau.


On which river is Vidisha?

Vidisha is situated on the banks of the Betwa River in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh.

Who was Vidisha named after?

Vidisha is believed to have been named after the legendary sage Vedasira or Vedashastra, who is associated with its ancient history and founding mythology.

Why is Vidisha famous?

Vidisha is famous for its historical and archaeological significance. It is home to ancient Buddhist and Jain monuments, including the famous Heliodorus Pillar, reflecting its rich cultural heritage and heritage.

Which language is spoken in Vidisha?

The primary language spoken in Vidisha, a city in Madhya Pradesh, India, is Hindi. Additionally, Marathi, English, and other regional languages are also spoken by a minority of the population.