West Singhbum Pincodes

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Pincodes of West Singhbum

West Singhbhum pincodes encompass a diverse range of areas in Jharkhand, India. Ranging from the bustling towns to serene rural locales, the pincode series in West Singhbhum ensures precise navigation and delivery services. With codes like 833101 (Chaibasa), 833102 (Chakradharpur), and more, each pincode delineates specific regions, aiding in efficient mail sorting and location identification. These unique codes are crucial for facilitating seamless communication and logistics across the district, catering to the varied needs of residents, businesses, and governmental services.

West Singhbum Pincodes

Here is a list of West Singhbum Pincodes

No.LocationPincode District State
1Andhari833214West SinghbhumJharkhand
2Asura833201West SinghbhumJharkhand
3Bagabilla833201West SinghbhumJharkhand
4Baikera833104West SinghbhumJharkhand
5Baipee833102West SinghbhumJharkhand
6Balandia833214West SinghbhumJharkhand
7Balibandh833214West SinghbhumJharkhand
8Bandgaon835216West SinghbhumJharkhand
9Barabamboo833102West SinghbhumJharkhand
10Barachiru833201West SinghbhumJharkhand
11Baraiburu833221West SinghbhumJharkhand
12Barajamda833221West SinghbhumJharkhand
13Barajamni833214West SinghbhumJharkhand
14Barajhinkpani833215West SinghbhumJharkhand
15Baralagia833201West SinghbhumJharkhand
16Baralagra833201West SinghbhumJharkhand
17Bari833103West SinghbhumJharkhand
18Bari Bazar833201West SinghbhumJharkhand
19Barkella833201West SinghbhumJharkhand
20Barkundia833201West SinghbhumJharkhand
21Barposh833104West SinghbhumJharkhand
22Benisagar833214West SinghbhumJharkhand
23Bensakaranjia833214West SinghbhumJharkhand
24Bhalupani833102West SinghbhumJharkhand
25Bharbaria833201West SinghbhumJharkhand
26Bharbharia833201West SinghbhumJharkhand
27Bhoya833201West SinghbhumJharkhand
28Chaibasa833201West SinghbhumJharkhand
29Chainpur Khas833102West SinghbhumJharkhand
30Chhota Bandi833216West SinghbhumJharkhand
31Chiria833106West SinghbhumJharkhand
32Chirubera833102West SinghbhumJharkhand
33Chittimitti833201West SinghbhumJharkhand
34Chotanagra833106West SinghbhumJharkhand
35D.S.e chaibasa833201West SinghbhumJharkhand
36Dalki833215West SinghbhumJharkhand
37Danguaposi833212West SinghbhumJharkhand
38Dhobadhobin833214West SinghbhumJharkhand
39Dholadih833201West SinghbhumJharkhand
40Dumrita833104West SinghbhumJharkhand
41Dumuria833214West SinghbhumJharkhand
42Galudih833101West SinghbhumJharkhand
43Ghagri833201West SinghbhumJharkhand
44Gitilipi833201West SinghbhumJharkhand
45Goilkera833103West SinghbhumJharkhand
46Gopidih833101West SinghbhumJharkhand
47Gopinathpur833102West SinghbhumJharkhand
48Gua833213West SinghbhumJharkhand
49Guira833201West SinghbhumJharkhand
50Gulia833201West SinghbhumJharkhand
51Hatgamaria833214West SinghbhumJharkhand
52Hathia833102West SinghbhumJharkhand
53Hesadih835216West SinghbhumJharkhand
54Hesalkuti833102West SinghbhumJharkhand
55Icha833201West SinghbhumJharkhand
56Jagannathpur833203West SinghbhumJharkhand
57Jaintgarh833214West SinghbhumJharkhand
58Jamdih833203West SinghbhumJharkhand
59Jamid833102West SinghbhumJharkhand
60Jhalak833201West SinghbhumJharkhand
61Jharjharia833102West SinghbhumJharkhand
62Jhinkpani833215West SinghbhumJharkhand
63Jojo Camp833217West SinghbhumJharkhand
64Jojokurma833102West SinghbhumJharkhand
65Joteya833218West SinghbhumJharkhand
66Kairam833103West SinghbhumJharkhand
67Karanjia833214West SinghbhumJharkhand
68Kathbari833201West SinghbhumJharkhand
69Kera833102West SinghbhumJharkhand
70Keraikela833102West SinghbhumJharkhand
71Keshargaria833201West SinghbhumJharkhand
72Khairbandh833214West SinghbhumJharkhand
73Khairpal833214West SinghbhumJharkhand
74Khedchalan833201West SinghbhumJharkhand
75Kheriatangar833201West SinghbhumJharkhand
76Khuntpani833201West SinghbhumJharkhand
77Khurpose833214West SinghbhumJharkhand
78Kiriburu Base camp833222West SinghbhumJharkhand
79Kochang835216West SinghbhumJharkhand
80Kochra833203West SinghbhumJharkhand
81Kokcho833201West SinghbhumJharkhand
82Kotgarh833218West SinghbhumJharkhand
83Kuira833105West SinghbhumJharkhand
84Kumardungi833214West SinghbhumJharkhand
85Kundidhar833214West SinghbhumJharkhand
86Leyangi835216West SinghbhumJharkhand
87Lonjo833105West SinghbhumJharkhand
88Lotapahar833102West SinghbhumJharkhand
89Mahil835216West SinghbhumJharkhand
90Mahulpani833102West SinghbhumJharkhand
91Majhgaon833214West SinghbhumJharkhand
92Maluka833203West SinghbhumJharkhand
93Manoharpur833104West SinghbhumJharkhand
94Meghahatuburu833223West SinghbhumJharkhand
95N.Ashram833214West SinghbhumJharkhand
96Nakahasa833201West SinghbhumJharkhand
97Nakti833102West SinghbhumJharkhand
98Naogaon833215West SinghbhumJharkhand
99Narsanda833201West SinghbhumJharkhand
100Noamundi833217West SinghbhumJharkhand
101Noamundi Bazar833218West SinghbhumJharkhand
102Otar833102West SinghbhumJharkhand
103Padampur833101West SinghbhumJharkhand
104Pandrasali833201West SinghbhumJharkhand
105Parsagar Keshna833214West SinghbhumJharkhand
106Patherbasa833104West SinghbhumJharkhand
107Pilka833201West SinghbhumJharkhand
108Posiata833104West SinghbhumJharkhand
109Pronger835216West SinghbhumJharkhand
110Punga833214West SinghbhumJharkhand
111Purnapani833215West SinghbhumJharkhand
112Purunia833201West SinghbhumJharkhand
113Rajanand Pur833104West SinghbhumJharkhand
114Rajnagar832113West SinghbhumJharkhand
115Robkera833104West SinghbhumJharkhand
116Roladih833102West SinghbhumJharkhand
117Roro833201West SinghbhumJharkhand
118Runia833214West SinghbhumJharkhand
119Salai833106West SinghbhumJharkhand
120Sarda833201West SinghbhumJharkhand
121Sarjamhatu833102West SinghbhumJharkhand
122Selda835216West SinghbhumJharkhand
123Sindri Guiya833214West SinghbhumJharkhand
124Sindriguia833214West SinghbhumJharkhand
125Singhpokharia833201West SinghbhumJharkhand
126Siyaljora833214West SinghbhumJharkhand
127Sonua833105West SinghbhumJharkhand
128Sringgesia833215West SinghbhumJharkhand
129Surjabasa833215West SinghbhumJharkhand
130Swania835216West SinghbhumJharkhand
131T.B.dumuria833214West SinghbhumJharkhand
132Tantnagar833201West SinghbhumJharkhand
133Tata College chaibasa833201West SinghbhumJharkhand
134Tebo835216West SinghbhumJharkhand
135Toklo833102West SinghbhumJharkhand
136Tonto833201West SinghbhumJharkhand
137Tuniagajpur833103West SinghbhumJharkhand
138Unchibita833102West SinghbhumJharkhand
139Urkia833104West SinghbhumJharkhand

About West Singhbum

Pashchimi Singhbhum, also known as West Singhbhum, emerged as a distinct district within Jharkhand, India, on January 16, 1990, following the division of the former Singhbhum district in Bihar. Chaibasa serves as its administrative hub. This district shares borders: to the north with Khunti district, east with Saraikela Kharsawan district, southeast with Mayurbhanj district in Odisha, south with Kendujhar district in Odisha, and west with Simdega district in Jharkhand and Sundergarh district in Odisha. Its geographical positioning fosters a unique blend of cultures and landscapes, shaping the district’s rich tapestry within the region’s diverse terrain.


Archaeological excavations in Singhbhum district unearthed Iron slags, microliths, and Potsherds dating back to 1400 BCE. Benisagar village revealed remnants of a sizable ancient city, affirming continuous settlement from the 5th to the 16th-17th century, per the Archaeological Survey of India. This district, depicted on James Rennell’s 18th-century map, is among Jharkhand’s oldest. Post-British conquest in 1837, Singhbhum emerged as a distinct district with Chaibasa as its center. Over time, it split into East Singhbhum, West Singhbhum, and Seraikela Kharsawan, delineating a rich historical legacy within this evolving region.


According to the 2011 census, West Singhbhum district in Jharkhand, India, hosts a populace of 1,502,338, akin to Gabon or Hawaii in size. Ranking 335th in India, it embraces a density of 209 individuals per square kilometer, with a growth rate of 21.69% from 2001-2011. The sex ratio stands at 1004 females per 1000 males, accompanied by a 58.63% literacy rate. Around 14.51% dwell in urban areas, and Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes represent 3.8% and 67.3% respectively. Predominantly, Ho speakers comprise 54.37%, followed by Odia (18.74%) and Mundari (9.16%). The district predominantly comprises Ho tribals, defining its cultural fabric.


West Singhbhum, Jharkhand’s largest district, spans 21.97°N to 23.60°N and 85.00°E to 86.90°E, boasting an expanse of 7629.679 km². Embraced by hills, valleys, and lush forests, it thrives at an average elevation of 244 meters. Renowned for Sal tree and Saranda forests, it hosts diverse wildlife—elephants, bison, tigers, leopards, bears, wild dogs, and boars. Amidst cascading waterfalls, Sambar and spotted deer inhabit this natural haven, though their numbers dwindle in areas near human habitation. Priyadarshi Chowdhury’s groundbreaking discovery suggests this region as possibly Earth’s earliest exposed continental land, amplifying the district’s geological significance.



West Singhbhum district in Jharkhand is delineated into 18 Blocks, each representing a distinct administrative unit. These Blocks include Chaibasa, Chakradharpur, Khuntipani, Jhinkpani, Tonto, Kumardungi, Tantnagar, Jagannathpur, Manjhari, Manjhgaon, Noamundi, Bandgaon, Manoharpur, Goilkera, Sonua, Gudri, Anandpur, and Hatgamharia. Each Block encapsulates unique cultural nuances, geographic features, and communities, contributing to the diverse fabric of the district. These administrative divisions serve as essential frameworks for governance, resource allocation, and developmental initiatives, catering to the specific needs and aspirations of the populace dwelling within their precincts.


When was West Singhbhum established?

In 1990, the division of Singhbhum formed West Singhbhum with 23 CD blocks, while the eastern part became East Singhbhum, centered in Jamshedpur, comprising 9 CD blocks.

How many districts are there in West Singhbhum?

In 2001, West Singhbhum split into Seraikela-Kharsawan with 8 blocks and West Singhbhum district with 15 blocks and 2 sub-divisions.

What is the capital of West Singhbhum?

Following the British conquest of Kolhan in 1837, Singhbhum emerged, with Chaibasa as its headquarters, becoming one of Jharkhand's earliest districts.

How many blocks are there in West Singhbhum?

In division, East Singhbhum formed with 9 blocks, centered at Jamshedpur. West Singhbhum, initially with 23 blocks, later split in 2001, birthing Seraikela-Kharsawan district with 8 blocks."

What is the population of West Singhbhum?

West Singhbhum's population stands at 1,501,619, comprising 749,314 men and 752,305 women. The district hosts 4.56% of Jharkhand's total populace.