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Pincodes of West Tripura

Greetings and welcome to the West Tripura Pincodes directory, your reliable resource for precise and current pincode data in the thriving West Tripura area. Postal Index Numbers (PINs), sometimes referred to as pincodes, are essential for accurate location identification, effective mail delivery, and smooth communication. Postal codes, or pincodes, are distinct codes that are linked to a particular region and make mail, shipments, and parcel delivery easier. You can quickly and easily get the pincode for any location in West Tripura using our easy-to-use search engine. Our database is made to help you find the right pincode for your needs.

West Tripura Pincodes

Here is a list of West Tripura Pincodes

No.LocationPincode District State
1Abhoynagar799005West TripuraTripura
2Agagartilla799201West TripuraTripura
3Agartala799001West TripuraTripura
4Agartala Aerodrome799009West TripuraTripura
5Agartala College799004West TripuraTripura
6Agartala Ongc799014West TripuraTripura
7Arundhutinagar799003West TripuraTripura
8Asharambari799201West TripuraTripura
9Ataromura799205West TripuraTripura
10Bachaibari799201West TripuraTripura
11Baijalbari799207West TripuraTripura
12Banbazar799201West TripuraTripura
13Barmaidan Bazar799203West TripuraTripura
14Barmura Project799205West TripuraTripura
15Bdelchedrra799201West TripuraTripura
16Behalabari799201West TripuraTripura
17Bharatsardarbari799207West TripuraTripura
18Bimangarh799015West TripuraTripura
19Birendranagar799045West TripuraTripura
20Bishalgarh799102West TripuraTripura
21Bishramganj799103West TripuraTripura
22Boxonagar799106West TripuraTripura
23Brahmacherra799205West TripuraTripura
24Chakmaghat799205West TripuraTripura
25Champahaor799201West TripuraTripura
26Chankhala799207West TripuraTripura
27Chebri799207West TripuraTripura
28Dakshin Promode l. l.colony799203West TripuraTripura
29Dhaleswar799007West TripuraTripura
30Durgapur799203West TripuraTripura
31Dwarikapur799203West TripuraTripura
32East Bachaibari799201West TripuraTripura
33Gakulbari799201West TripuraTripura
34Ganki799201West TripuraTripura
35Ghilatali799203West TripuraTripura
36Golabari799205West TripuraTripura
37Gouranga Tilla799207West TripuraTripura
38Hadrai799205West TripuraTripura
39Harishnagar Camp799100West TripuraTripura
40Howaibari799205West TripuraTripura
41Jogendranagar799010West TripuraTripura
42Kalitilla799205West TripuraTripura
43Kalyanpur799203West TripuraTripura
44Kalyanpur T. e799203West TripuraTripura
45Kamalghat799210West TripuraTripura
46Karailong799205West TripuraTripura
47Karingicherra799201West TripuraTripura
48Kathalia799132West TripuraTripura
49Khasiamangal799205West TripuraTripura
50Khayerpur799008West TripuraTripura
51Khowai799201West TripuraTripura
52Khowai Court799202West TripuraTripura
53Khowai T. e799201West TripuraTripura
54Kunjaban799006West TripuraTripura
55Maharanipur799205West TripuraTripura
56Maigonga799205West TripuraTripura
57Melaghar799115West TripuraTripura
58Mohanpur799211West TripuraTripura
59Moharcherra799203West TripuraTripura
60Mongtukupara799205West TripuraTripura
61Nabakumar Rankhal para799205West TripuraTripura
62Netajinagar799205West TripuraTripura
63Nunacherra799205West TripuraTripura
64Paglabari799207West TripuraTripura
65Paharmora799201West TripuraTripura
66Paschim Belcherra799201West TripuraTripura
67Paschim Kalyanpur799203West TripuraTripura
68Paschim Kunjaban799203West TripuraTripura
69Paschim Laxmicherra799201West TripuraTripura
70Paschim Santinagar799203West TripuraTripura
71Rajnagar Khowai799207West TripuraTripura
72Ramchandraghat799207West TripuraTripura
73Ramdayal Lendless colony799203West TripuraTripura
74Ramnagar799002West TripuraTripura
75Ranirbazar799035West TripuraTripura
76Ratanpurbazar799201West TripuraTripura
77Ratia799203West TripuraTripura
78Rupacherra799205West TripuraTripura
79Salbagan799012West TripuraTripura
80Samatal Padmabil799201West TripuraTripura
81Sekerkote799130West TripuraTripura
82Sidhai799212West TripuraTripura
83Simna799213West TripuraTripura
84Singicherra799201West TripuraTripura
85Sonamura799181West TripuraTripura
86Sonatala799207West TripuraTripura
87Subashpark799201West TripuraTripura
88Tablabari799203West TripuraTripura
89Teliamura799205West TripuraTripura
90Tripura Engineering college799055West TripuraTripura
91Uttar Gakulnagar799205West TripuraTripura
92Uttarchebri799207West TripuraTripura
93Uttat Pulinpur799203West TripuraTripura

About West Tripura

An administrative district in the Indian state of Tripura is called West Tripura. The state capital and location of the district headquarters is Agartala. It is the most populated district in Tripura as of 2012. The districts of Khowai in the east, Sepahijala in the south, and Bangladesh in the north and west encircle the West Tripura District. Following the establishment of four additional new districts in the state of Tripura, the district’s total area shrank to 983.63 sq. km.


The state capital of Tripura, Agartala, is home to the West Tripura District headquarters. The district is bordered to the north and west by Bangladesh, to the east by Khowai District, and to the south by Sepahijala District. West Tripura District covers 983.63 square kilometers in total. 9.18 lakh people lived in the district as per the 2011 census, with a population density of about 933 people per square kilometer. With a 97.43% literacy rate in 2016, West Tripura District has one of the highest rates in the nation.


One of the main economic sectors of Tripura is agriculture. The agricultural sector provides employment for over 75% of the state’s workforce. Approximately 24.3% of the state’s net area is set aside for agriculture, with over 2.5 lakh hectares classified as net cultivated area. In Tripura, paddy is the main crop that is harvested. The northeast Indian state also boasts abundant crops of coconut, turmeric, oil seeds, jute, wheat, and sugarcane. To improve the infrastructure for agriculture, the state implements complex initiatives. To maintain the state’s agriculture in peak condition, new technologies, fertilizers, better seeds, and protective chemicals have been introduced.


The state’s principal unit is the district. The district’s administrator is the District Collector & Magistrate. The District Collector’s primary responsibilities include upholding law and order, following regulations, and carrying out various government initiatives. As the district’s senior administrator, he gives the police department direct commands when needed. He is also in charge of upholding the district’s justice and tranquility.


The population of West Tripura district, as of the 2011 census, is 1,725,739, or about the same as that of the US state of Nebraska or the nation of The Gambia. As a result, it is ranked 281st in India. The population density of the district is 576 people per square kilometer, or 1,490 people per square mile. From 2001 to 2011, the population grew at a pace of 12.5%. West Tripura has an 88.91% literacy rate and a sex ratio of 964 females for every 1000 males. 918,200 people lived in the remaining district following reorganization.


What are pincodes, and what makes West Tripura's use of them significant?

Pincodes, which are distinct number codes linked to certain geographic locations, are also referred to as Postal Index Numbers (PIN). They are essential for effective postal delivery, location tracking, and smooth communication in West Tripura, making sure that your mail and packages get to their destinations on time.

How can I locate the pincode of a specific West Tripura location?

Use the easy-to-use search function on the West Tripura Pincodes page to locate the pincode for a certain location in West Tripura. All you have to do is type in the name of the town, village, or area, and the associated pincode will appear.

Is it possible to look up pincodes in West Tripura by area or locality?

Yes, you may search for pincodes by localities, towns, villages, and certain areas within the region using our West Tripura Pincodes directory. This tool makes it simple for you to find pincode information for the location you're looking for.

Do postal services and courier firms in West Tripura use the same pincodes?

Yes, all courier services and postal providers in West Tripura use the same, standardized pincodes. Regardless of the service provider, proper and timely delivery is ensured by using the correct pincode.

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Appropriate pincodes are essential for logistics, shipping, and addressing for businesses in West Tripura. For companies in the area, our directory is an invaluable tool that guarantees smooth operations and happy clients.