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Whitefield Pincode 560066 is a thriving locality in Bangalore, Karnataka, renowned for its IT parks, residential communities, and vibrant lifestyle. This area is a hub for tech professionals due to its proximity to IT companies, making it a favored destination for the tech-savvy workforce. Whitefield boasts upscale residential options, shopping malls, and entertainment centers, offering a well-rounded urban experience. The locality is also known for its green spaces and recreational facilities. Whitefield Pincode 560066 epitomizes modernity and convenience, making it an attractive choice for those seeking a dynamic and well-connected lifestyle in Bangalore.

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About Whitefield

Bangalore’s Whitefield neighborhood is located in the Indian state of Karnataka. Originally built in 1882 as a community for Bangalore’s Eurasians and Anglo Indians, Whitefield was a sleepy small community on the eastern edge of the city until the late 1990s, when the city’s IT boom transformed it into a significant suburb. It now makes up a sizable portion of Bangalore. The first IT corridor in Bengaluru to be connected by Namma Metro is Whitefield.

The area bears the name David Emmanuel Starkenburgh White, the founder of the European and Anglo Indian Association, which in the 1800s was granted 4,000 acres of land by the Maharaja of Mysore, Chamaraja Wodeyar.


The Eurasian and Anglo-Indian Association received a land grant of 3,900 acres (16 km2) from King Chamaraja Wodeyar X, the Maharaja of the Mysore State, in 1882 for the purpose of establishing agricultural communities at Whitefield, which was located inside his domain. At that time, the association had 170 members, including 30 on the committee. They participated in the establishment of the sole community that Europeans and Eurasians could claim as their own in India. It was initially an uphill job, but Mr. White, the E&AI Association’s president at the time, took a keen interest in it and assisted in its growth.


Residential development in Whitefield has been booming from the later part of the 1990s, particularly in 2002 and beyond. Bangalore City and Whitefield are connected by two main four-lane roads: Varthur Road (HAL Old Airport Road) via Marathahalli and Whitefield Road via Mahadevapura. Karnataka State Highway 35 (SH 35), which travels north-south, intersects both roads.

Approximately 3 km to the north of the Whitefield bus stop is the Whitefield railway station. It is double and electrified and runs along the Bangalore–Chennai route; the Krishnarajapuram–Whitefield railway station stretch will eventually be upgraded to a quadruple line.

IT Hub

Because of the abundance of IT parks and tech enterprises, Whitefield is frequently referred to as Bangalore’s Silicon Valley. It draws a diversified and highly trained workforce since it houses offices of significant international firms, startups, and software giants.

Residential Diversity

There are many different types of housing available in the area, ranging from autonomous villas to gated communities and upscale flats. Whitefield is a popular destination for both families and professionals due to its diverse range of home options that suit different lifestyles and interests.

Education and Medical Facilities

Whitefield is home to a number of esteemed educational establishments and medical facilities. Residents are guaranteed accessibility and convenience by the nearby schools, colleges, and hospitals.


Why is Whitefield famous?

Whitefield is well-known for its amazing past, IT firms, real estate sector, and incredibly diversified culture. In addition, there are a ton of job openings.

Why is Whitefield so expensive?

Many young people drawn to the neighborhood by its excellent quality of life are drawn to its proximity to the city's many IT centers. The area's need for real estate has expanded as a result. The social development of the area has improved significantly, as seen by the opening of new hospitals and schools.

Which area is near to Whitefield?

Among the important communities that surround Whitefield are Marathahalli, Chansandra, Kadugodi, and Valepura.

In which part of Bangalore is Whitefield located?

Whitefield is located in the eastern suburbs of Bangalore. It is a well-known part of the city because of the abundance of residential, commercial, and business buildings there.

What are the negatives of Whitefield Bangalore?

First and foremost, a major issue in many places, including Whitefield, Bangalore East, is traffic congestion. Intense traffic can cause lengthy commutes, elevated stress levels, and a general decline in life quality. Noise pollution represents a noteworthy concern as well.