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One well-known neighborhood in Hyderabad, Telangana, India, is Begumpet Pincode 500016. Begumpet offers a blend of residential areas, commercial establishments, and contemporary conveniences. It is well-known for its central position and urban beauty. The area is well-known for its historic Begumpet Airport and is also home to posh hotels, malls, and academic institutions. Professionals and tourists choose it because of its convenient location, which provides quick access to the city’s commercial areas and transportation hubs. Begumpet Pincode 500016 is a desirable location for individuals looking for convenience and a sophisticated, metropolitan lifestyle in Hyderabad since it harmoniously combines modern and traditional elements.

Begumpet Pincode

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About Begumpet

One of Hyderabad’s most important business and residential suburbs, Begumpet is situated north of Hussain Sagar Lake. Begumpet and Panjagutta are connected by the Greenlands flyover. At first, Begumpet was a little suburb located between Secunderabad and Hyderabad. In the 2000 Hyderabad floods, Begumpet was hardest hit, with a recorded 241.5 mm of rain on August 24, 2000. One of the city’s most notable landmarks is Begumpet Airport. Following the opening of the new international airport in Shamshabad, the airport is solely used for training and chartered flights and is no longer open for commercial traffic.

Historical Legacies

Begumpet’s origins may be traced back to the Nizam era, when the nobles, notably the Nizam Begums, preferred to live there. Reminders of this rich past may be found in the old Begumpet Palace, which is now a hotel.

Commercial Vibrancy

Begumpet has had tremendous commercial growth over the years. It is the location of luxury hotels, retail stores, and shopping centers including GVK One Mall. Being home to numerous corporate headquarters and business facilities, the neighborhood is a crucial part of Hyderabad’s economic sector.

Educational Facilities

Begumpet is home to a large number of schools, colleges, and coaching facilities. This guarantees locals access to high-quality education and chances for professional growth.


Because of its central location, the neighborhood has good access to various areas of Hyderabad. Accessibility is improved by its excellent road and public transportation connections, which include the Hyderabad Metro.

Cultural Diversity

Begumpet’s happy coexistence of people from various states and backgrounds is a reflection of Hyderabad’s multiculturalism. The local community is more vibrant as a result of this cultural diversity.

Recreation Opportunities

Parks, sports facilities, and cultural centers are just a few of the leisure possibilities that Begumpet has to offer. There are more options for leisure and relaxation nearby on Necklace Road and Hussain Sagar Lake.


Is Begumpet in Secunderabad or Hyderabad?

Begumpet is located in the district of Hyderabad.

Is Begumpet a good area?

Begumpet is a nice area. It is well-connected to the market, bank, hospital, college, and school. Ameerpet, General Bazar, and Sindhi colony are all within ten minutes away.

Which Metro Station is near to Begumpet?

Prakash Nagar is the closest metro station in Hyderabad to Begumpet. It's a minute's stroll away.

Why is it called Begumpet?

Hyderabad, Telangana, India's affluent neighborhood is called Begumpet, or "Begum's Place". Begumpet gets its name from Basheer Unnisa Begum, daughter of Mahbub Ali Khan, Asaf Jah VI, the sixth Nizam, who got it as part of her dowry when she married Paigah's second Amir, Shams ul Umra Amir e Kabir.

Which city is Begumpet airport in?

Begumpet Airport, sometimes called Hyderabad Old Airport (IATA: BPM, ICAO: VOHY), is a civil enclave situated in Begumpet, Hyderabad. Begumpet Air Force Station, the Telangana State Aviation Academy, and the Rajiv Gandhi Aviation Academy (RGAA) are housed at the airport.