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Hyderabad, Telangana’s Miyapur Pincode 500049 is a thriving neighborhood. It is renowned for its quick urban development and provides a mix of residential neighborhoods, business districts, and educational facilities. Professionals and students alike now choose to travel to Miyapur because of its great access to the city’s main areas. The neighborhood’s restaurants, retail centers, and leisure centers all contribute to the lively urban atmosphere. Miyapur Pincode 500049 is a desirable option for individuals looking for a vibrant and well-rounded lifestyle in Hyderabad because it harmoniously blends modern conveniences with traditional living.

Miyapur Pincode

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About Miyapur

Miyapur is a part of Greater Hyderabad, developed by HMDA and administered by GHMC. It is situated 22.5 km (14.0 mi) northwest of Hyderabad. The UMTA is in charge of managing transit. Miyapur features a large number of lakes as well as luxurious residences. Not far away is the Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University.

Situated at the head of the Miyapur L.B. Nagar metro rail corridor, Miyapur is one of Hyderabad’s busiest areas. IT, pharmaceutical, clothing, and industrial development areas are examples of industrial facilities. Properly situated on the Pune-Hyderabad-Machilipatnam highway (NH65). The Miyapur-Gachibowli and Miyapur-Kompally intermediate ring roads, as well as other developments like the Hyderabad Metro and ICBT, are contributing factors to the growth.


The history of Hyderabad is largely responsible for the ancient history of Miyapur, a significant village near Hyderabad. This region was ruled by the Chalukyas, Kakatiyas, Bahmanis, Qutb Shahis, Mughals, and Asaf Jahis. It was frequently described as the Bachupally village’s expansion.

Miyapur is currently a part of Ranga Reddy (RR) district, formerly known as “Hyderabad (Rural)” district. Ranga Reddy district was named for the late Sri K. V. Ranga Reddy, the deputy chief minister of the then-united Andhra Pradesh, and was created on August 15, 1978, by slicing and deleting the twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad, as well as a few surrounding urban settlements that made up the urban core, from the former Hyderabad district in the former Indian state of Hyderabad.


Miyapur, with geo coordinates of 17.4968°N 78.3614°E close to Kukatpally, is situated in South Asia, in the center of the Deccan Plateau of the Indian subcontinent. Minerals that can be mined include limestone, quartz, and felspar. Quarrying for sand is also done. Miyapur is in the “tropical rainy climatic” group; specifically, it has a savanna or tropical wet and dry climate.


Prior to Miyapur’s urbanization, agriculture was the main industry. Cotton, maize, sugar cane, ground nuts, red gram, etc. were the principal crops. In addition, the farmers engaged in vegetable, dairy, and floral cultivation. Another job is in sand quarrying. For a while now, Miyapur’s economy has been shifting away from agriculture and toward an increasingly urban one where residents work for big corporations.


Is Miyapur a good area to live?

Public transportation in Miyapur connects it to the rest of the city via buses, the Hyderabad Metro Rail, and the MMTS (Multi-Modal Transport System). The region is renowned for its exciting nightlife, which consists of a wide range of eateries, pubs, and bars.

Which new district Miyapur comes under?

Hyderabad district includes Miyapur.

Is Metro there in Miyapur?

The Hyderabad Metro's Red Line passes through the Miyapur Metro Station.

Is Miyapur urban or rural?

Miyapur is a fast-growing suburb of Hyderabad, situated 70 kilometers to the south of the city. It features several shopping centers as well as a large number of eateries and cafes geared toward city people.

Which zone is Miyapur in?

Now, Miyapur is a part of the west zone of GHMC.