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The town of Patancheru, Telangana, India, is home to Patancheru Pincode 502319. Patancheru, a city renowned for both its industrial development and cultural legacy, offers a blend of residential neighborhoods, industrial zones, and contemporary conveniences. Professionals favor the neighborhood because of its advantageous location close to industrial districts like IDA Bollaram and Jeedimetla. Patancheru offers its citizens a well-rounded metropolitan experience with its commercial malls, educational institutions, and recreational facilities. The accessibility is improved by its proximity to important roads and highways. A burgeoning and well connected community in Telangana, Patancheru Pincode 502319 offers a fusion of urban and industrial lives.

Patancheru Pincode

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About Patancheru

Patancheruvu is situated in Hyderabad’s northwest corner. On the Hyderabad-Solapur highway, it is an industrial zone roughly 32 km from the city center and 18 km from HITEC City. It used to be the main office for the revenue divisions in Gulshanabad and Bidar. The Patancheru Division’s chosen corporator is Mettu Kumar Yadav. There are several temples there that date back to the 12th and 15th centuries. Because of ICRISAT and other pharmaceutical companies based in Patancheru, the local river water is the most drug-polluted in the world.


The coordinates of Patancheru are 17.53°N 78.27°E. An average of 522 meters (1712 feet) is its elevation. Saki Lake and the Patancheru Bus Terminus are located relatively near each other.


There were 40,332 people living in Patancheruvu as of the 2001 India census. 53% of the population is male, and 47% is female. The average literacy rate in Patancheru is 65%, which is higher than the 59.5% national average. 73% of men and 57% of women are literate. One-fourth of the people in Patancheru are younger than six.


Telangana’s principal industrial center is Patancheru. This region is home to businesses like Asian Paints, Aurobindo Pharma, Paragon Polymer Products Pvt Ltd, Hindware, Fenner, Pennar, Kirby Building Systems, Rotec Transmissions, and Biological.E, Ankit Packaging, Sandvik Asia, Agarwal Rubber Limited (manufacturers of the ARL & MARUTI brand of tires & butyl tubes). When Indira Gandhi founded the Patancheru Industrial Park while she was the MP for the Medak constituency, it gained a significant boost.

Residential Communities

There are several different types of housing available in the town, such as independent homes, gated communities, and apartments. This varied housing environment serves a wide range of people, such as families, professionals, and industrial workers.

IT Hubs

Patancheru’s advantageous location in relation to IT hubs like as HITEC City and Gachibowli has rendered it a desirable option for tech professionals employed in these regions. For inhabitants, the comparatively short commutes improve work-life balance.

Educational Facilities

Patancheru is home to a number of schools, colleges, and facilities for vocational training. This guarantees the local population’s access to high-quality education and chances for skill development.


What is the Patancheru famous for?

Because of ICRISAT and other pharmaceutical companies based in Patancheru, the local river water is the most drug-polluted in the world.

Is Patancheru polluted area?

With a CEPI score of 70.07—a score between 60 and 70 designates a severely polluted area—Patancheru-Bollaram was deemed by MoEF, GOI to be a critically polluted area.

Is there any water problem in Patancheru?

Patancheru's groundwater is extremely contaminated. The municipal organization has been providing Patancheru residents with clean drinking water without requiring monthly payments. The water board has chosen to begin billing customers on a monthly basis since taking control of the area.

Is it good to invest in Patancheru?

Because of its reputation as a sustainable locale, this area is in higher demand among real estate investors. Patancheru is a desirable place to invest in residential real estate due to the advancement of its infrastructure.

What is the old name of Patancheru?

In the past, the historical town of Patancheru was known as Potlacheruvu or Pothalakere. During the Rashtra Kutas and Kalayana Chalukya periods, it was a well-known Jain center.