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The busy Indian town of Shamshabad, Telangana, is home to Shamshabad Pincode 501218. Situated in close proximity to the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, this location is highly advantageous for transportation. Because of the area’s close proximity to the airport, hotels, logistics hubs, and commercial buildings have sprouted up. Travelers and businesspeople will find Shamshabad Pincode 501218 to be convenient for accessing this vibrant town. Its convenient access to the airport and main highways makes it a great place for people working in tourism, logistics, and aviation.

Shamshabad Pincode

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About Shamshabad

Telangana, an Indian state, has the city of Shamshabad. It is situated in the Rajendranagar revenue division’s Shamshabad mandal. In Shamshabad mandal, on Siddulagutta Road, is the Sri Vendikonda Siddalingeshwara Devastanam temple. This is the location of Hyderabad’s international airport.


Sedanti village was the previous name of the area. Later on, Shams-ul-Umra the title given to “Abul Fateh Khan,” Tegh Jung, Shams-ud-Daula, Shams-ul-Mulk, and Shams-ul-Umrah or “The Sun among the Nobles” was established in the Paigah during the reign of Nizam II, Mir Nizam Ali Khan (1762-1803). The entire Shamsabad hamlet was given to Nawab Shams-ul-Umara Bahadur as a prize during the period when Paigah held direct control over the entire Shamsabad area, including the location where the new airport was constructed. Leading Paigah nobleman Nawab Moin-Ud-Dowlah Bahadur Asman Jah constructed a country house and racetrack for himself in Shamsabad on a hillside.

Strategic Location

Shamshabad’s main selling point is its advantageous location close to Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, one of the busiest airports in India. Because of its proximity, the town is becoming a center for logistics and transportation. It is an essential connection in the aviation industry of the region, housing hotels, freight terminals, and other aviation-related enterprises.


Shamshabad’s well-maintained roads and highways provide for good connection. The town is traversed by the Hyderabad-Bangalore Highway and the Outer Ring Road (ORR), which offer easy access to Hyderabad and the surrounding districts. The neighborhood has drawn commuters and businesses due to its connection.

Business Development

Shamshabad’s business development has been boosted by the airport’s expansion. In addition to hotels, the town has seen the construction of shopping centers, stores, and restaurants that serve both locals and visitors.

Healthcare and Educational services

Shamshabad is a suitable spot for families to live because it has access to both healthcare and educational services. Access to necessary services is guaranteed by schools, colleges, and health facilities.

Real estate

With the construction of independent homes, gated communities, and residential apartments, the town’s real estate market has experienced significant expansion. Because of its close proximity to the airport and other job centers, housing is in higher demand.


Shamshabad, like many other fast developing regions, has problems with waste management, traffic congestion, and infrastructure development. The municipal government is proactively tackling these concerns to guarantee an improved standard of living for the populace.


Which is the name of the airport in Shamshabad?

Hyderabad's Shamshabad Airport (HYD) is also known as Rajiv Gandhi Intl Airport.

How far is Shamshabad from Hyderabad?

Hyderabad and Shamshabad are 15 kilometers apart. 17.7 km is the distance via road. Without a car, how can I go from Hyderabad to Shamshabad? Without a car, the best way to go from Hyderabad to Shamshabad is via bus, which costs between ₹400 and ₹550 and takes 19 minutes.

Is Rajiv Gandhi airport and Shamshabad are same?

Hyderabad's international airport is called Rajiv Gandhi International Airport. About 20 kilometers south of Hyderabad, near Shamshabad, is where you may find it. It took the position of Begumpet Airport as Hyderabad's main commercial airport when it opened in March 2008.

Is Metro available to Shamshabad?

Along its path, the Airport Metro connects a number of residential communities, including Shamshabad, TS Police Academy, Rajendranagar, Budwel, Narsingi, and Kismatpur.

Who is the owner of Shamshabad airport?

A joint venture led by the GMR Group (63%) and supported by the Airports Authority of India (13%), the Government of Telangana (13%), and Malaysia Airports Holdings Berhad (MAHB) (11%), is GMR Hyderabad International Airport Limited ("GHIAL").