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Tirupati Pincode 515701 is an integral part of the auspicious town Tirupati in Andhra Pradesh, India. It includes the well-known Tirumala Hills, where the holy Tirumala Venkateswara Temple is located. Come here to seek blessings, pilgrims from all over the world. The neighbouring locations, which offer a blend of natural beauty and spiritual significance, are also covered by the pincode. Tirupati’s 515701 pincode, representing the centre of religious devotion and cultural legacy, combines a distinctive blend of spirituality and picturesque surroundings, making it a highly sought-after destination for both tourists and devotees.

Tirupati Pincode

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1Tirupati517501ChittoorAndhra Pradesh

About Tirupati

In the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh sits the city of Tirupati. It serves as the Tirupati district’s administrative centre. The city is home to several ancient temples, including the significant Hindu shrine known as Tirumala Venkateshwara Temple. It is situated 406 km from Amaravati, 250 km from Bangalore, and 150 km from Chennai. It is one of the eight Self-Manifested Temples (also known as Svayam vyakta kshetras) devoted to Vishnu. The administrative centre of the Tirupati revenue division, the Tirupati mandal (rural), and the Tirupati urban mandal is located at Tirupati, a municipal corporation.


The Varaha Purana states that after Rama returned from Lankapuri during the Treta Yuga, he lived here with Sita and Lakshmana. According to the Purana, Balaji asked Kubera for a loan of one crore and eleven million gold coins so that he might marry Padmavathi. Devotees from all across India visit the temple and make financial contributions to repay the loan.

The TTD Act of 1932 transferred ownership of Tirumala Venkateswara Temple to Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams. The “Tirupati Utsavam” event, organised in 2006 by the Tirupati Urban Development Authority (TUDA) and TTD, centred on the development of Tirupati town over time, as well as the monarchs who visited Tirumala and their role in the temple’s growth. The fourth World Telugu Conference, a three-day event aimed at advancing the Telugu language, took place in Tirupati in December 2012. The 104th Indian Science Congress (ISCA) meeting took place in Tirupati in January 2017.


In the Tirupati district of the southern Indian state of Andhra Pradesh, Tirupati is situated at 13.65°N 79.42°E. At the base of the Precambrian-era Seshachalam Hills in the Eastern Ghats is Tirupati. Within the hills lies also Tirumala, one of its suburbs and the location of Sri Venkateshvara Temple. Tirupati (City), Renigunta, Chandragiri, and census towns Akkarampalle, Avilala, Cherlopalle, Mangalam, Peruru, Settipalle, Thummala gunta (part), Timminaidupalle, Tiruchanur, and Tirupati (NMA) are all included in the Tirupati Urban Development Authority.

Srikalahasti to the east, Puttur to the south, Puthalapattu to the west, and the Seshachalam hills (Tirumala) to the north encircle Tirupati. Originating in the Chandragiri Hills, the Swarnamukhi River flows through Tirupati City and ends up at Srikalahasti in the east.


Tirupati’s climate is classified as tropical wet and dry by Köppen, with a dry “winter” (Aw) temperature. The average minimum temperature during the dry season, which spans from January to May, is between 18 and 28 °C (64.4 and 82.4 °F). The rainy season, which begins in June and ends until the end of December, comes after the dry season.

During the northeast monsoon season in November, the city receives a lot of rain. On November 16, 2015, during the 2015 South India floods, there was the most rainfall in a 24-hour period (219 millimetres, or 8.62 inches). The Coast of Nellore is frequently affected by cyclones, which dump a lot of rain on the city.


There were 287,035 people living in the Tirupati city municipal corporation as of the 2011 Census of India. With 145,977 males and 141,058 females, the population as a whole has a sex ratio of 966 females per 1000 males, which is higher than the 940 per 1000 national average. There are 24,643 kids between the ages of 0 and 6. Its effective literacy rate was 87.55% (7+ copulation).

There were 459,985 people living in the urban agglomeration, with 231,456 men and 228,529 women. The sex ratio is 987 females for every 1000 males, and 41,589 of the children are between the ages of 0 and 6. With 356,558 litres overall, the effective literacy rate (7+ population) is 85.22%.


What is Tirupati famous for?

Andhra Pradesh's Tirupati town is well-known for its temples, the most well-known and visited of which is Sri Venkateswara Temple, perched atop one of the seven peaks of Tirumala Hills. The town is well-known for the number of pilgrims that visit there from all over the nation and the world.

Is Tirumala and Tirupati same?

At the base of the hill where Tirumala is situated is the town of Tirupati. Compared to Tirumala, it is a significantly bigger town with many hotels, eateries, and other tourist-oriented enterprises. There are numerous temples in Tirupati.

Is Tirupati closed for 6 months?

Next year, the main sanctum sanctorum of the Tirumala temple in Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh, is probably going to stay closed for six to eight months. This will be done in order to replace the dome-shaped tower that sits atop the sanctum sanctorum's gold plating.

Why is Tirupati powerful?

The two impressions on his chest stand in for the locations on his body set aside for Lakshmi and Padmavathi. Given that the Lord changed into a stone, the idol is thought to be incredibly strong. Often called the wealthiest deity, Srinivasa, also known as Balaji, grants the wishes of his followers.

When Tirupati is not crowded?

Tirupati experiences a revitalising transformation throughout the monsoon season. There's something special about the cooler weather and verdant surrounds. Even if there may occasionally be rain, there are still comparatively fewer people around than at the busiest times of the year.