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Chennai, Tamil Nadu’s Velacheri Pincode 600042 is a busy neighborhood. It is well-known for its advantageous position, providing quick access to the city’s main hubs. Velacheri is a well-rounded metropolitan destination with a blend of residential neighborhoods, educational institutions, and commercial centers. The neighborhood’s restaurants, retail centers, and leisure centers all contribute to the lively metropolitan vibe. Families and professionals find Velacheri to be a desirable option because of its close proximity to employment centers and IT parks. Velacheri Pincode 600042 is a highly sought-after location for individuals looking for a vibrant and connected lifestyle in Chennai since it embodies modernism and convenience.

Velacheri Pincode

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NoLocationPincode District State
1Velacheri600042ChennaiTamil Nadu

About Velacheri

Chennai’s Velachery is a neighborhood and suburb. Adjacent to Guindy in the north, Taramani in the east, Perungudi in the south-east, Pallikaranai in the south, Madipakkam in the south-west, and Adambakkam in the west and north-west, it is situated in the southern section of the city. It lies on the border of the districts of Kancheepuram and Chennai and serves as the headquarters of Velachery Taluk.


Velachery was a little community in the ninth century CE, according to its history. According to epigraphs, the place was contemporaneous with other historical townships in Tamilakam’s Tondaimandalam region. The oldest kalvettus in Velachery date back to the periods of Parthivendravarman and Parakesarivarman/Parantaka Chola (9th century) and are housed in the historic Selliamman temple. Numerous epigraphs from the eras of Gandaraditya Chola (10th century) and the monarchs Raja Raja Chola I and Rajendra Chola I may be found at the Dhandeeswaram temple.


There are mostly clay and hard rock locations in Velachery. Historically, the ancient Selliamman and Narasimhar temples were located on the southern edge of the 250-acre Velachery Lake. There were hundreds of acres of marshland known as Kazhuveli, south of Velachery, consisting of wetlands and coarse elephant grass known as Kazhu Pul. Because of its ability to catch and discharge rainwater, the location was also known as Kazhiveli.

Its six naturally occurring spring aquifers allowed the groundwater table to be replenished. Additionally, the marshes served as a refuge for both local and migratory birds. The wetlands virtually vanished in the final decades of the 20th century as a result of encroaching development. The Pallikaranai wetland is made composed of the marshland’s remaining southern sections.


Velachery is now home to a number of IT/ITES enterprises. Among the more notable ones are AllSec Technologies, ZOHO Corp., and Tata Consultancy Services (TCS). Sutherland Global Services, TeleData, Fyndus, and Laptopstore. Due to its proximity to Chennai’s central business districts and the rise of further IT parks along the Old Mahabalipuram Road, Velachery is a preferred place for working-class and IT professionals to settle. A decade ago, this region of Chennai was thought to be socio-economically poor, but since a number of significant residential projects, the area has changed quickly. The level of life in Velachery and its environs has significantly improved.


One of the main worries is that these recent, fast growth have also brought about certain negative effects, like a lack of water, traffic jams, and wetland degradation. It is feared that all of the marshlands would be turned into residential and commercial properties in a few years if nothing significant is done. Every November, cyclonic rains inundate Velachery. The low-lying areas surrounding Velachery Lake are the main areas that flood frequently. A floodwater drainage canal was built alongside the 100-foot Velachery road. A portion of the canal on the Velachery-Tambaram high road remains incomplete due to encroachments.


Which district is Velachery?

Velachery Taluk is a taluk located in Chennai's city district in the Tamil Nadu state of India. It was created in December 2013 by combining elements of the Mylapore-Triplicane and Mambalam-Guindy taluks.

How did Velachery get its name?

The word "velachery" comes from the Tamil words "ஙேளர்" (Velar), which means farmers, or "வேளிர்" (Velir), which is the name of an earlier Tamilakam clan, and "சேரி" (Cheri), which means community. An inscription from the Chola era at Selliamman Temple bears the name Veli Cheri.

What is the pin code of Velacheri?

600042 is the Velacheri pin code. The district of Chennai includes Velacheri.